The Original Gospel of Christ

The Original Gospel of Christ
Part One

Authentic spiritual practice and discipline is founded and grounded in responsibility, not beliefs or metaphysics, which are way downstream from What is always already the case: seamless unity between matter and consciousness, self and God, part and whole. Our emotional recoil, our collapse from Reality, from Love, our assumption of separation from Truth, creates the stressful search for unity and meaning, which cannot be found because we are pushing it away. Endlessly repeating this creates the structure and mechanisms of egoity, a farce that we plaster on to the Beauty and Innocence of Life.

Truly, there is no discrete entity living inside my head or heart, there is only Reality fractalizing into versions of Itself that I call “me”. Failure to understand this results in a confusion that prevents me from being intimate with That which lives Itself as me and everything else. The part is lived by the Whole and there exists a deep and passionate intimacy between the Two.

Thus, to “repent” means to turn back from our foray into identification with one side of the equation (matter/body), and, to “sin no more”, becomes a sacred commitment to face and embrace Reality’s descent into the body, that which I actually am. That’s right. I am the living, embodied Presence of Reality and so are you. We are embodied consciousness, intelligent Light that creates appropriate forms for its expression.

You, for example.

Waking up to this already existing Fact is crushing and humbling and illuminating because it outshines my assumption of separateness, (egoity) and relieves me of the burden of being a searcher, a somebody. Yes, I am a “somebody”, an individuated being, a self, a personality, but it’s not separate from God any more than a whirlpool is separate from the River.

We are the whirlpool and the River, human and divine, intimate with each other, lovers that are simultaneously “separate” and one. We are only apparently separate, which is the way Reality incarnates, making endless distinctions and variations of Itself, playful themes and modifications of its own intense Dynamic. To assume that organic distinctions in Nature, such as the leaf on the tree, is evidence that the leaf is separate from the Tree is what creates egoity and suffering and the search for God. However, it is not God who is lost and must be found. It is we who are lost and must step back from the ludicrous and arrogant assumption of our separation from Truth (Reality), which is Love and Unity of all Life. There is only One Life living Itself as all beings and worlds. Only God exists and your it.

All techniques and remedies and solutions to our imaginary, self created problem, spiritual, religious, psychological, political or otherwise, are doomed to not only fail, but to guarantee our endless enslavement. It hurts to be an ego and going to the doctor or priest only hurts more because he, like us, assumes our problem to be real. Instead of telling us to take our hands off our throats and our fingers out of our eyes, he gives us a prescription for the pain and sets up another appointment. This is like waking up in prison and asking the warden for a better pillow as a solution to feeling despair and longing. Break out of the prison! The door isn’t even locked! We think it’s locked. It isn’t.

All the grievous maladies and injustices in the world stem from this spiritual error and nothing will change on planet Earth until we wake up from our exclusive identification with a separate self, a false self, and be Who and What we already are: Love embodied, the Word made Flesh.

That’s right. Each individual is always in a state of seamless unity with the Mystery and Wonder of Existence, that which we call God. Christ’s original Gospel was certainly this very message, the Good News of Unity with God, the Treasure the man finds “buried in his field”, as he is recorded as saying in the New Testament. It had been there all along.

This message is what got him killed. After his murder, he was ruthlessly abused yet again, by those who put the Lie in his mouth, that we are separate from God and need blood sacrifice to atone for the sins of Man.

Jesus Christ was vehemently opposed to blood sacrifice and told his followers to repent from the false self which imagines itself to separate from the Father. “You shall be one, as I and the Father are one.”

Our emotional recoil from Life, from Trust in Love, is what he identified as sin, literally “missing the mark”. His call was to face the already existing State of Happiness, of Love, that is Alive as Everything, and to not wander off into fear or doubt, love God and our neighbors as ourselves.

What a glorious message.

Let us give this gift to ourselves and to each other as we celebrate Christmas, the Season of Giving, whatever our tradtions may be, and embrace the infinitely Passionate Current of Life in Love, and fulfill the work of Peace on Earth, Good Will to all.

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I Found the Culprit


I Found the Culprit

Obsession with 911 led me right to the culprit: me.

By believing their lies, I empower tyrants to enslave me.

Through my willingness to subjugate who I am and what is mine, I enable addicts of domination to control me.

By believing that the official pronouncements about realityare equal to Reality itself, I betray the truth.

To hide my complicity, I blame big government and corporations and the banks who plundered what belongs to everyone.  I let them.

I let religious and scientific and political experts to tell me what is true.

I let the public debate descend into trivialities and ignore the fundamental obligation of freedom: responsibility and accountability for what is true.

I am responsible for what I believe.  When I equate stories about the truth with the truth itself, I default and betray that truth. Ideas are maps of the truth, not identical to the territory they describe.  When I fail to make this distinction, my ideas become idols and I become a cult of one. My silence about my actual condition is collusion with the tyrant.  This is why what really happened on 911 must be exposed.   

For now, I want to look at the Perpetrator side of the equation.  In my sheep costume, I am the Enabler, and the Perpetrators are the wolves, the Rothschild/London/Israel/US financial/military/pharmaceutical assault weaponry being employed against the people of the world.  The Mossad and CIA stage events like 911 for the sake of blaming their enemies and invading their countries to “hunt down terrorists”.  The tyrant always appears as a Protector.  He needs something to protect against.  That is what CIA/ Mossad do.  Bin Laden was a CIA asset, as are all the Mujahadin, perfect patsies, just like Oswald. These agencies control the context in which the news is presented.  

I have been fed lies from the beginning.  At my birth, criminalized by the Doctrine of Original Sin and all throughout my life, I have inherited truly monstrous and grotesque lies.  Worse, much worse, I believed them.  I learned to confuse official stories about reality with reality itself.  That’s how I became an Enabler.

Truth is the authority.  What is real is the proof.

First it was Original Sin, then mommydaddygod who punishes humanity with disasters, so you better watch out, you better not pout.  He’s in control of everything too, it’s all “His will”.  When I was a kid in Catholic School, I secretly figured that, if this is true, the Almighty ought to be fired and let’s get somebody else in there, this world is a catastrophe.

Now, it’s the ”War on Terror” and getting all those bad guys.  Sure is great to have big brother and the Patriot Act with all those terrorists running around and all. 

The tyrant is disguised as protector.  He creates disasters so that he can save us.  He is the terrorist and he creates catastrophes that he blames on his enemy.  This is what secret intelligence agencies like the CIA and Mossad do for their country, they blow things up and kill people and then blame it on the “enemy” so that we can go invade their country and hunt them down because we’re the good guys and they’re evil.  This is a weaponized cartoon,  presented as reality.

The Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, 911, are all false flag psy-ops perpetrated on a gullible humanity.  Now, it looks like Fukushima, too.

Lies kill.  The lie of America being the innocent victim of Japan led to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  911 has led us to the militarization of the planet.  Surveillance industries and prisons are by far the greatest growth sectors of the economy.  This is because we believe the perpetrators even when they tell us about 19 hijackers and how they melted the towers. 

Original sin is the lie I hate the most, the one that criminalizes birth and locks us into a prison of mind ruled by guilt and shame, now I need salvation.  The real sin is believing this shit. Repent.

The movie, The Matrix depicts a real situation:  mankind born into a prison he cannot see.  Not until he chooses to see, that is.  Neo was driven by an intuition that something was dreadfully wrong, but he could not see what. He was compelled to find a teacher, someone who knew what was really happening. which led him to Morpheus, the ancient Greek god of  Dreams. 

Neo chose to take the red pill. This is risky and dangerous, but the alternative is much worse, so he jumped down the rabbit hole and found out how the world really works.

In the same way, we jump down that hole and see the naked truth, to see that we collude in our own suffering, as individuals and as a species and then, to stop.   The world does not have to be this way, it is the way it is because of the way that we are;  it reflects our slavish servitude to lie upon lie upon lie.  Suffering is voluntary, unnecessary.  It exists through our default on ourselves and on Life Itself.

Repentance from the sin of believing lies is the first Office of authentic spiritual practice because it requires responsibility for yourself, for what you believe and for what you do and don’t do.  It requires devotion and the commitment to finding out what is true. Life is precious.  Life is love.  We desecrate life with false beliefs and plaster them on to the Innocence of Reality, and its perfect absence of ego.  Life has no ego, has no other, no opposite.  Only Life exists.  Life is God, Real God, not mommy daddy god, parental, creator god.  These are idols of That which is God: the Radiant Wonder and Person of Love, the Unfathomable Mystery of Life.

If Reality is infinite, then it stretches outward and inward in space and forward and backward in time.  If Existence is eternal, there is no beginning, no end, go figure.  How could anything be eternal?  How could anything come from nothing? How could what exists have no beginning?  Its impossible, illogical, preposterous, but here you are reading this, hurtling through space around the sun, and  around the center of the galaxy.  This is one fat Mystery.  Why does anything exist?  What’s my relationship with this Wonder? 

Default conclusion infecting humanity:

 I’m fucked, nobody loves me, I’ve been abandoned, betrayed, marooned, and I’m pissed.  This life hurts, I didn’t ask to be here, it’s bewildering, who knows what the truth is, let’s go get laid.

It’s a bit more complicated than this, but you get the picture.  You know how complicated it is  A human life lived from the perspective of an isolated island in a vast sea, emotionally disconnected from its source, is a horror full of suffering.  This is a false belief, was never true.

Truth is not belief.  Truth is Reality, Whatever that is.  The truth is, we don’t know.  No one knows what Reality is, or where it is, or how or why.  Logically, rationally, there should be nothing, but the universe appears, our bodies and minds appear.  From where?  How could anything come from nothing? And, if it didn’t come from nothing, it had to always be here.  How could something be eternal, without a beginning or an end?

People say, I know! God made it!

Question:  Where did God come from?

I know!  The Big Bang!

What was before the “Big Bang”?

The bare, stark Presence o Llife is an astonishing, impossible wonder.  It is a stunning, staggering, miraculous beauty of paradox and duality and unity. It’s impossible to comprehend because the comprehension would have to be as big as Reality, which has no opposite, no equal.  Every belief is only a map of this territory.   Every living system from atoms to galaxies to human beings, is a fractal of the Whole Life, the one living presence appearing in and as all things. 

This Current of Life is what people call God.  We project our beliefs and assumptions onto life.  When the ancients were flooded and lightning bolts cracked the earth, they thought God was mad and was punishing them.  The priests told them they were sinful and must have a scapegoat to atone for their sins.  The lie of blood sacrifice was born, and a completely false premise was created that has been used a weapon against an unsuspecting humanity for centuries.  It’s like debt currency, counterfeit money.  Real money is issued from the Treasury to represent Nature’s wealth and to facilitate the commerce and industries that develop to harvest and mine this freely given bounty. Real money has no debt, no interest, it is not loaned, it is spent by its owner, humanity, the one and only custodial beneficiary of Nature’s wealth.  This wealth has been stolen by private banking cartels that then loan it to governments who pay the interest through taxes and subject their citizens to debt slavery, an economic weapon.  The idea of blood sacrifice is no different.  You are already, always, inherently one with whatever originated you now, not later when you have been atoned for.  This was the original Gospel of Jesus. That’s why he was murdered, then he became the poster boy for blood sacrifice, a practice he vehemently condemned.  Radiance, Coherence, Unity, Oneness, the Onlyness of Life, of Consciousness is the nature of Reality.  This is not an ego belief.  See for yourself.

The bug thinks it’s a bug.  The water in the glass thinks it’s a glass.  Just because the water fills the glass and takes its shape doesn’t mean that its no longer water, that now it’s a glass.  No, it’s still water and will always be water no matter what shape it takes, bugs, you, me, the universe.  Life is like the water.  Only Life exists.  This is the truth that sets the heart free. Whether it fills a glass or a galaxy, it makes no difference, its still water, still the same infinite life showing up everywhere in and as all things.  You, me, we’re waves of patterns in the infinitely high pitch of life’s intensity.  Think about that.  You’re not some poor slob who showed up here by accident, just another insignificant speck on an endless beach.  You’re a speck, you’re a glass, yes, but the glass, the body/mind/self, the local space/time coordinate we call you, is intimately, inherently coherent with the literal infinity of Life Itself.  That means that who you are, your actual identity both transcends and includes the individual we call you.  You are infinite consciousness, now, not just when you get enlightened.  Enlightenment is the perfect realization of this, that which is already true, now. 

Therefore, authentic spiritual practice begins with becoming responsible for the fact that I monkey wrench life up when I believe lies about myself and about Reality itself, whatever that is.

Lies like:

1 I have an ego (No, I have a belief in ego, the cult of the separate one)

2 Since I’m separate from whatever originated me, now I need salvation and rescuing by priests and scientists and experts.

3 Since I can’t figure things out, I’d better rely on the authorities to tell me what’s true

 4 Belief in authority and the conventional models of existence is better than reliance upon my own inherent discriminating intelligence that recognizes truth (love) perfectly well without the need for any kind of priestly or scientifically sacramental ritual. 

 5  I should believe what the authorities say instead of what I observe.

6  I was born into sin and need the sacrifice of innocent beings to atone for my guilt and shame for having been born

7  911 was evil Muslims attacking America, now we are morally obligated to bring the terrorists to justice.

Overcoming lies is authentic spiritual practice. 

 Being responsible for and to what is true is the foundation of truly human culture.

Being appropriately related to the Wonder that lives us all is true religion, and it outshines all the mommydaddy appeasement rituals that are indulged in by the people and then used by the state to legitimize the conquest and domination of others, “God’s will” and all that.  Poor God, gets blamed for everything, lies are constantly being put into God’s mouth and we believe it.  

This is our work: to utilize our intelligence and our ability to do something more life giving than be slaves to ideas masquerading as truth.  What does it say about us as a species, that we eat the shit we are fed? 

How about this as a constant practice: Let us become appreciative of and deeply emotionally responsive to That What is Truly Great instead of our chronically constipated, doubt ridden, fear based, ego driven, scientifically materialistic, religiously psychotic, state funded, boneheaded ideas about It.

Then, truly human culture and Fundamental Whole Body Ecstatic Intimacy with the Radiant Core of the Living Current will be widespread, but not until we run away from home and set up camp in our own hearts.  

 Soon after that, the tyrants will be laughed off the planet, or go broke for lack of work.

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The Oppressor’s Greatest Weapon is the Mind of the oppressed

The Oppressor’s Greatest Weapon is the Mind of the Oppressed.

The Oppressor uses our humanity as a weapon against us. Our ability to feel compassion for victims of a crime, to take action in their defense, to hold the perpetrators accountable, is the Controller’s weapon of choice. This is why false flag attacks are staged, to arouse a righteous indignation against the enemy who must be hunted down at any cost.

This is why those who believe the official government story of 911 about 19 hijackers cannot fathom how anyone could possibly question America’s rise to the occasion in confronting ruthless terrorists who killed innocent people and who somehow have the ability to overcome our $60 Billion defense network and pulverize a million tons of steel and concrete in 10 seconds. Undaunted by the facts of physics, believers in the official story make a cause and effect relationship between planes and fires and the disintegration of the buildings. The fact is the planes and fires had nothing to do with the disintegration of the buildings which was the equivalent of “sticking a pencil through a screen door”, according to the architect of the WTC complex. The fact that the buildings hit the ground in 10 seconds led researchers to conclude that explosives or nukes must have been employed, but further research shows that neither nuclear bombs nor nanothermite could possibly do the job because there were no chunks of the building, no rubble, only dust and a pile of debris not more than 2 stories tall. 110 stories should have produced a pile around 30 stories and we should have seen desks and toilets and big slabs of concrete, but there was mostly just dust. That dust contains within it microscopic iron shperes, smoking gun evidence of aresoled molten steel, caused by high heat and explosives. But what explosive could possibly have turned the buildings to dust in 10 seconds? Furthermore, the Towers should have produced a seismic signal of 6.0, not the 2.3 that was recorded. Dust doesn’t make a thud.

Whoever demolished the WTC Towers apparently used a weapon that utilizes the nuclear bonds within the molecules of the buildings themselves. The Towers appear to be ripped apart and turned to dust. Forensic scientist and researcher Dr. Judy Wood points out that the Towers look like giant trees that turn to sawdust from the top down, not the bottom up, as in ordinary controlled demolitions. Common building demolitions knock out the lowest floors and use the top of the building a big hammer to fall into its footprint. The Towers disintegrated from the top down. Think about that. What does that mean? It means that most of the buildings never hit the ground, they floated away as .01 micron dust. What kind of energy source has the ability to turn a million tons of matter into fine dust in 10 seconds?

Fourteen Firefighters trapped on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors of the north Tower survived. They were about to be crushed and kept waiting for the end to come because they knew the building was falling. Instead, they looked up and saw blue sky, 106 stories of building had disappeared above them. Read their compelling testimony in Wood’s historic and comprehensive analysis of 911 “Where did the Towers Go?

The Towers disintegrated from the top down. The explosives used were apparently the energetic nuclear bonds within the buildings. The mind of the oppressed is used as a weapon in the same way: our ability to feel empathy for the suffering of others. Please don’t allow this precious capacity of the human heart to be used a weapon against you.

911 was staged as a coux d’etat of the human mind and it is far worse than a sinister conspiracy, it is a relationship that humanity colludes in. We give our power away to the tyrants by our willingness to believe what they say instead of what we observe. It is successful to the extent that we are willing to believe what we are told instead of what we observe.

The truth is always senior to beliefs about it. The truth is always factual, does not need theories to explain it. Evidence is not theory. Evidence is the artifact truth left behind. We need only to observe the evidence and let it speak. The, we can proceed to bring the real perpetrators to justice.

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The Teachings of Abraham and Authentic Spiritual Practice

The Teachings of Abraham and Authentic Spiritual Practice

The Teachings of Abraham represent a spiritual practice based on the presumption that I can be fulfilled by the manifestation of my desires. The focus of the teaching is on the ability of the individual to create desired outcomes, and to notice that outcomes are always being generated by how and what we think, either intentionally or by default. The instructions center around becoming competent at monitoring one’s thought process and becoming aware of how what goes around, comes around. This basic karmic law of the phenomenal universe is known as the Law of Attraction and, when studied and mastered, can be a valuable step in becoming a mature adult who is responsible for his or her thoughts, words, and actions. The Law of Attraction obviates the vibrational coherence between how we think with what shows up in our lives, and is an important observation that has been a part of the spiritual tradition of humanity for millenia.

The Teaching is focused on the apparent individual and his desire for fulfillment and satisfaction, the solution to which is the ability to manifest my desires and to survive death through endless incarnations. In this sense, the Teaching represents the possibility that I can be fulfilled if I see more clearly and master the discipline of monitoring my thoughts so that I can be effective at creating what I want.

The problem with this assumption is that it is not true. I can never become happy or fulfilled, I can only be happy as a deliberate choice no matter what the conditions are. Core happiness is not based on the fulfillment of desire or anything else, it is the nature of Reality already and can either be noticed or ignored, but never generated by my personal effort. I can add to the happiness and sanity of Life by being in alignment with the truth of it., but I can never find it because it is not lost. “I”, in my self bound concept, is the one who is lost and is constantly pushing happiness away by my belief that it can be found. This belief is a poor substitute for the responsibility for happiness that can and must be met. Once that responsibility is assumed, then circumstances and life conditions no longer have any power over me, whether my desires are fulfilled or not.

Therefore, the true basis for authentic spiritual practice is not manifestation at all, but response ability, the ability to respond to that which is Alive and is overwhelmingly Beautiful. That’s right. The true basis for authentic spiritual practice is Distraction by That which is Attractive, That which is so Compelling, I forget my so-called “self” and am drawn deeper and deeper into a profound Love Affair with Life that outshines me and what I think I want. This ability to Respond eventually becomes an obsessive and passionate devotion to What is True, Alive, and Radiantly Beautiful. I become content to simply be alive, my desire for this or that evaporates and I become capable of making real accomplishments because I am no longer obstructing the Life Current with my monotonous preoccupation with all things me.

In the popular children’s story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie inherits the Factory as a result of his love and devotion to Willie Wonka. Because of his lack of desire and purity of heart, Charlie is gifted the entire estate without even asking for it or wanting it. The other children who visited the Factory were vain and self obsessed and were not a vibrational match to inheriting it, like Charlie was. Charlie demonstrates that manifestation will happen naturally and as needed, without a single thought or desire. It is responsibility for and to Love that is the true basis for manifestation, not desire, not thought management. Right orientation produces right results.

Our spiritual obligation is response ability for Love, for Truth, and for my relationship to That which Lives Its’Life as all beings and worlds, not the manifestation of my desires, which have absolutely no chance of ever creating lasting, moment to moment happiness. Through Love and devotion to It, I can be happy even when I am miserable because I am capable of loving even my suffering and becoming responsible for it. By responding to it, I absorb it and transform it without effort or strategic manipulation.

With Love, pain turns to medicine. (Rumi)

Since I am always already coherent, always already psychodynamically integrated with the literal infinity of Existence, the true self of all, the most Beloved of every heart , I already embody the Essence of Life, Love and Truth, uncaused, unreasonable happiness and sanity.

I am always already one with the infinitely Mysterious Source of all Life and it is my most fortunate privilege to participate in the Feast of Life, fully, passionately, nothing held back, raw, vulnerable, no withdrawal, no self pity, no fuck you.

I see that what I call me is the intense intersection of the mortal with the eternal, colliding and entwining in a turbulent, neurotectonic cauldron of fire, providing heat and light and energy for the work that needs to be done. Enlightenment is Perfect Responsibility. Authentic spiritual practice is the willingness to sober up from our self possession and start paying attention to the Infinitely Precious Person of Life, the Only One Who Exists, Who appears and disappears every form in a Sea of Unbroken Light.

We serve that Love in every action, that is the basis of a truly human culture. Love is Truth, I Am That and So Are You. This is cause for great celebration now, not some time in the future when we are united with God and with each other, that is our Situation right now. It’s time we stopped ignoring it. Then, manifestation will happen naturally, as our love provokes a love response from Life.

The true principle of authentic spiritual Life is to allow oneself to be distracted by the infinitely compelling nature of Existence, distracted to the point of forgetting our apparent problem and becoming capable of making a heart response to the Truth and Beauty of Life and Love, forgetting to disassociate into imagined dichotomies like spirit vs. body, which is not a dichotomy at all, consciousness and matter are lovers, now. Recognizing That and building my life on That relieves me of the drama of victimhood and self pity and restores me to my rightful place as the heart, the true foundation of Real Life, not mind, not body, not desire, not will. These are only servants of the heart, not qualified to lead anyone anywhere. The heart longs for the Beloved and is content to suffer that agony because of the Beauty of the Radiant Core of Existence Itself. This is felt in the heart as an overwhelming gratitude for the Infinite Grace that pours out on everyone every second.

As long as I am focused on my apparent face, on the thoughts, desires, and dreams that make up what I call me, I fail to notice the larger Reality beyond my provincial space time focus of attention. That conglomeration of memories, thoughts, emotions, intentions, complexes, and ideas that you call you is a spontaneous Appearance of the Divine Being. That makes it about the Divine Being, not “you”. Your identity shifts from a local space time entity to the Heart of Existence, but “you” don’t survive the journey. There is still a mind and body appearing, but it no longer represents an obstruction or a problem, because the identity has shifted. Now that I am seated as the Heart of All, everything is clear. Only Life Exists. I am That, not just in my infinite aspect, but also in my grossly human one. Now there is coherence instead of fragmentation and strategy. Now I am free to do the work that need to be done.

Progressively, (and paradoxically, unexpectedly) I become more and more capable of manifesting outcomes because I am already in alignment with the Heart of Life and am Content in Love, wanting nothing for myself, only to Feel the Intense Current of Life and Love, that’s enough. All enlightenment is by Grace. No one can “do it”. Life does it.

The primal heart response to the Truth and Beauty of Life provides a continual opportunity to appreciate and serve. If I do not notice the Innocence and Purity and Exquisite Ferocity of Life and become Intimate with It, I become like the venal children in the Chocolate Factory who were not a vibrational match to inherit the Keys to the Kingdom like Charlie was. Willie Wonka is the Father, Charlie is Christ who inherits the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven because of his purity of heart. That’s how manifestation works. It’s a matter of Heart, not mind, not will, not desire, not me.

The Teachings actually prove my point, that manifestation is about heart and not strategy because:

Since love is the highest vibrational frequency and creates appropriate manifestations according to its purposes, as in the Charlie example, it is the true focus of any spiritual practice. The heart’s response to Life’s Love and the devotion that naturally develops into a deeper and ever deeper appreciation is the only true basis for spiritual practice and for manifesting what’s Important.

Devotion precedes manifestation and is the only true basis for manifesting anything whatsoever. When this natural hierarchy is established, the Teachng of Abraham can be useful, otherwise, the cart is before the horse.

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The Spontaneous Outshining of Egoity

From shock and fear, I dramatize betrayal, abandonment, and worthlessness

I collapse from love and create suffering with self pity and blame

I blame others and transfer ownership of myself to them.

I create scapegoats and false gods in my rage.

I destroy Love and betray it and accuse others of betraying me

I create doubt and fear. When I fear I want security. When I want security, I empower false gods, tyrants, experts, strategies, and substances to save me.

I am a fundamentalist, a fascist, and a tyrant in an ego cult of one.

I enslave others in my hellish condition of dread

I abuse others with my self pity

I dramatize self pity and fuel all other addictions with it.

I harm others with my addiction to a false self that imagines itself to be separate from Love

I am a cultic worshipper in my exclusive ego cult of one.

I imprison others by my withdrawal from Love

I condemn others to the dungeons of my lovelessness

I betray Life by my withdrawal from Love.

My collapse and withdrawal from Love starves all my relations.

I use these conditions to justify my accusations of betrayal.

I use other’s failure to Love to justify my own failure.

I betray Love and blame others for it

I reject love, then dramatize betrayal.

I make others wrong

I impose my agenda

I am a recovering ego addict.
I notice the Obvious Beauty and Love at the Heart of Existence and the way in which I obstruct it.

I am not separate from Life and Love

I am free to be in alignment with Life and Love or not.

I am responsible for the consequences of my alignment or non alignment with Life and Love.

I use my non alignment with Life and Love as an excuse and reason for self pity

I am inherently, already one with what is always already the Case: seamless unity between consciousness and matter, God and self, whole and part..

I am recovering from self pity and the willingness to tolerate lovelessness in myself

I am a whirlpool in the River

I am a recovering ego addict.

I am responsible For and To Love, I maintain Heartfelt Intimacy with the Truth of Love, the Core of Reality. I do not withdraw from my Actual Condition as a Whirlpool in this River. I trust the White-Hot Core of Existence. I remain vulnerable, I trust Life’s Brilliance. I feel the Intensity and Freedom and Love of Life

Life flows from Love, the Condition of all things

I am Always Already one with Life

Life is Love, I am That

Love is God

God is Reality

Reality is Truth

Only God Exists

I am in Love with Life

I am responsible for Love

I am responsible to Love

My revulsion at my failure to love is the beginning of awakening

My responsibility for Love is authentic spiritual practice.

I am responsible for my choice of contexts, concepts, and conclusions, including their effects, outcomes and consequences.

I am free to love and to be what I already am

I am responsible for everything I think, say, and do and their effect, implication, and consequence are my responsibility

I am responsible for the suffering I create.

I am a recovering ego addict.

I am intrinsically Intimate with all beings. My family of Humankind upholds the truth of our deepest natures and our Inherent Coherence with all of Life. We Create Temples of the Heart and Establish Love and Freedom at the Center of Human Culture.

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Truth is More than Our Ideas of It

Notes to my Brothers and Sisters
by Robert Cinque

I read the words of sincere men like Joseph Farah and Chuck Norris and Vox Day and I wonder how much do these men care about the truth? I am not talking about their beliefs, which are models and maps of the truth, I am talking about truth itself. What is Truth?, Pilate famously asked Christ. Whatever the correct answer to this question is, certainly we can say that truth is grounded in reality, not theory, not speculation, or model, not conceptual framework, but actual, factual reality. This is why courts require evidence for the crime that has been committed. Evidence is factual, based in reality, truth, not mental ideas, not allegations, or hearsay, but proof. I am making a clear distinction here between the facts and ideas about the facts. They are not identical and to imagine so carries with it very costly consequences.

Here are few facts that are not going to disappear just because we find them revolting, nauseating, or emotionally shattering. The truth hurts, but its still the truth, still life giving.

In this universe, 110 story steel shyscrapers do not turn to dust and hit the ground in 10 seconds without high temperature explosives. This means that we have been set up by a third party. Who?

Electron microscopic photographs of the dust which covered Manhattan on 911 reveal hollow iron spheres that are formed in only one way: high heat and explosives. This is smoking gun evidence of bombs as are the fires which burned for weeks underground. Water did not affect it, proof that the material burning had its own oxygen and fuel, more proof of chemical fires and planned demoltion.

How is it, I ask myself, that these good men and many others like them, can, as sincere, mature, responsible adults, afford to overlook this glaring evidence of a set up on the American people? Its not just the 2896 people who were murdered that day, we all have a gun to our heads now, with the Patriot Act and TSA and are being ruthlessly manipulated, “for our own safety”. How long will we ignore the plot that has been set against us? How long will we empower the machine which uses our heartfelt affection and empathy for those who suffered in Nazi Germany as weapons against us? The ugly truth is that we are being controlled by our own natural revulsion to brutality, That’s what the plotters of 911 intended, to arouse the righteous indignation of a sleeping giant, and march into the Middle East under the pretext to crusade against evil. The real motive was and is to create enemies that justify our military action. That’s right. The Global War on Terror is an intelligence construct designed to create real enemies and, whoever it was who perpetrated the attacks on 911, the clear beneficiary was Israel, even Netanyahu said so, the next day. That means that Israel is a suspect and that the Dancing Israelis who filmed the attacks from New Jersey should have been investigated instead of sent back to Israel by Michael Chertoff, the then Attorney General for New Jersey. First Director of Homeland Security, Chertoff is an Israeli citizen whose mother was the first woman Mossad agent. Chertoff means devil in Russian.

Do the men and women of WND care about the truth, or is only their ideas that they cherish? Clearly, the truth exists independently of our ideas and is not affected in the least by them, any more than the earth was affected by everyone’s belief it was flat.

Ghandhi said, “Lies do not become truth because everyone believes them, truth does not become a lie because no one sees it”

Real evidence is factual, as Copericus showed. No matter what the Church said, the Earth still revolved around the Sun. No steel skyscraper has ever come down from fires. 100,000 tons of steel is an astronomically huge heat sink and wicked the heat away without any damage. The impact of the planes knocked the towers back 10 or 12 feet, then they returned to position. The planes and the fires had nothing to do with the actual collapse of the buildings. The video shots of the towers clearly show demolition and pulverization of the towers, as well as WTC7 later in the day.

What kind of mindset allows one to ignore such powerful and compelling evidence? When will we finally distinguish bewteen the map and the territory. between belief and truth? The truth doesn’t care about our beliefs. It is up to us to find the courage to face the truth, no matter what.

911 was perpetrated upon the American people as a fascist takeover of the Constitutional Republic, under the pretext of a morally justifiable restraint on ruthless enemies. Everyone values the right to self defense, which is why enemies are so useful to the controllers. Bin Laden had no more to do with 911 than Oswald had to do with JFK’s murder. Both were patsys and you fell for it. It took years for the plotters to set up the disinformation trail which they knew would be considered real by the FBI and others. Israeli companies ran security at all 911 airports and for the towers. Go figure. I thought Israel was supposed to be our friend.

Once the truth about the magician’s trick is revealed, the show is over. We must face the truth and bring the real terrorists to justice. Otherwise, the victims of 911 worldwide died with no one speaking in their behalf, a burden we all carry now. Face the truth or perpetuate the lie. That choice is staring us all in the face.

Robert Cinque graduated from Stetson University in 1976 with a BA in Religion and did Master’s work at the Vanderbilt School of Divinity. Obsessed with the truth of 911, he has concluded that our understanding of this event will determine the course of humanity, one way or the other and that it is crucial to understand it as the same kind of ego capitulation we bring to our daily lives: attack, blame, retaliate, justify, deny, resent, repeat. He welcomes your feedback at

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Heartland Security

Heartland Security

Humanity’s long history of self neglect and abuse has resulted in a world in which suffering and brutality are considered normal and inevitable. Even spiritual luminaries like the Buddha proclaimed that life itself is suffering and taught his followers to renounce desire in order to reach liberation. Is life really suffering? Is there truly such a thing as Original Sin? Overpopulation? Scarcity? We are constantly being bombarded by news of threats to our well being and how we need to rely on our leaders and experts to rescue us. Fragmented, bewildered, hungry, and clueless, we stumble forward eating the crumbs that have been left for us in a path that leads to more and more despair, confusion, and desperation. Are we really threatened by ruthless enemies who must be destroyed or are we being hoaxed into a fear based position? Here is my answer:

Life continues to arise in spite of countless deaths, therefore, death is no threat to life. From the mortal bodymind’s point of view, death is indeed a threat and must be avoided at all costs. Does the fact that we die mean that we are actually threatened? Is there really any way to avoid our vulnerabilities? An even more important question is “If so, should we?”

I have noticed that our vulnerability as born beings is easily exploitable and is being used as a method of control by those who purport to have our best interests at heart. However, the great value of our vulnerability and enormous sensitivities are far more important than the way in which we use them, and allow them to be used against us.

They are doorways into the central core of the heart.

Far from being mere liabilities or weaknesses, our vulnerabilities as human beings represent our greatest opportunity for illumination and realization of life, or truth, itself. Those who promise us security and safety are false prophets who themselves are scared to death. The great news is that our actual Self, the sum total of all Existence, is not threatened at all. Change and death only prove this and are reasons for great confidence in life, not doubt or despair, which is how we routinely interpret them. Change and death keep us sensitive to the preciousness and sacredness of the Presence of Life and are our great allies in the living of an inspired life. Feel good promises and campaign rhetoric are not going to sustain us for very long. What we need is Food, not pictures of food.

How did we get into this mess? The short answer is that we have misinterpreted the data of our experience. We have assumed that we are threatened by change and death and that we must cling to the shiny trinkets sold to us by the smiling but dreadful faces of the religious and scientific intelligentsia.

The first lie we unknowingly swallow is that individuation means separation and that we are marooned on an island of flesh. This assumption is just that, an assumption that we plaster onto our actual situation, which is unity and coherence with all of life. This is easily verifiable and Factual and can be observed everywhere. Humanity has traded its birthright for a bowl of porridge and, so far, has been led around by the nose by cunning minds for centuries. We are like the mother with 3 kids who puts up with her husband’s abuse because she figures she has nowhere else to go. She is so vulnerable to her love for her children, she puts up with abuse for their sake. The human race is bewildered, in shock, and easily manipulated. The Nazis, for example, learned how to program people by shattering the psyche through torture and trauma and to then insert false ideas into their victim’s vulnerable minds. In the same way, humanity is being electroshocked and programmed into panic through black psy-ops like 911 and the economic crisis.

Underneath all this garbage shines the Wonder and Glory of Life, in all its Innocence and Grandeur, radiating everywhere in all directions. It is up to us to see through the lie and stand in the actual condition in which we all inhere: seamless continuity between consciousness and matter, God and self, whole and part. Separation from Life, from God, Truth, Love is not even possible. The ego, the assumption of separation, of abandonment and betrayal, has, in fact, never really existed, except in the imagination of countless millions of individuals. It appears to be real but is in fact something we are slathering on to Reality which is always completely free and egoless and under no illusions about its own nature as all pervading Presence. This Life, this Consciousness, what we call God, is all that exists. No individual has ever had any actual existence independent of This. There is only one Self and you are it, You in your entirety, not just this personality we call “me”. God became man, the Word became flesh, the Face of the Divine Being shows up everywhere like a Grinning Fire. There is no reason to emotionally withdraw from this and become a dangerous psychotic who eats pictures of food, starving to death, endlessly insane and extremely hostile and dangerous. This monster leads its creator around like a whipped dog.

It is up to us to reclaim our actual position as conductors and embodiments of the infinite Current of Life and stand as free beings living passionately and intimately with, and as, Existence itself…the Heart of All. We have bought and sold so many lies that we now live in a plastic world that we think is Reality itself. Overcoming this self imposed illusion is the most needed and urgent task for all of us and represents authentic spiritual practice that produces real results in the real world. I suspect that the wool has been pulled over our eyes as Nature’s intelligence test, to see if we will accept what we are told or will realize the actual Position that we are in.

Christ is reported to have said, The wheat will be separated from the chaff. This is accomplished by flooding the world with shiny trinkets and false gods, to see who will take the bait and who will see that there is a hook hidden within it.

There is a famous painting at the Vatican, which depicts the hundreds of scholars and priests commissioned by Constantine, marching toward Nicea where the books of the New Testament were chosen and adopted as sacred dogma. Leading this august body is the Greek god Mercury who flies in the air ahead of the entourage. Why is a mythical, pagan archetype leading the most important Council of Christendom?

Mercury is a poisonous element that is mixed with gold ore as a way of extracting the gold from the impurities and detritus with which it is chemically bound in rock. The mercury bonds itself to the ore, leaving the gold behind. In the same way, the poisonous lie of scientific materialism and religious provincialism binds itself to the hardened heart of Man, leaving the Gold and the Wheat, free at last.

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Deconstructing the Lie

Deconstructing the Lie

Never before in the history of the world has the fundamental structure of Reality been so targeted for obscurity, so covered up by an enormity of monstrous lies, precisely opposite of what is demonstrably true. Scientific materialism and religious provincialism have grown to staggering proportions, having incestuously bred with fundamentalism and fascism and are now poised to swallow us all.

Each person must undergo the ordeal of discovery of truth and face the pain of waking up from our illusions and the agony of withdrawal from our addiction to the Lie. Don’t worry about the puny little addictions to cigarettes or coffee or doughnuts or whatever! Our addiction to the Great Lie is the biggest problem in our personal and collective life and nothing is going to change on planet Earth unless and until we confront it and the horror we have allowed it to create. Toto the dog in the Wizard of Oz is our guide here. This little creature pulled back the curtain and exposed a pathetic tyrant and his special effects machines of fear and doubt. Anyone who is experiencing fear and confusion and anxiety can benefit from what I am saying here because those experiences are indicators that you have swallowed a Lie. In addition to this disturbing news, our very core nature of love and unity with all of life is being used as a weapon against us and as the very gate through which we welcome an endless stream of Trojan horses.

We are ecstatic expressions of love and unity and trust. It is these very attributes of our nature that provide the Lie with an opening. The Greeks offered their horse as a gift and were confident that it would be accepted because gifts are given out of love and everyone knows what love is and welcomes it. They would not show up at the gate and say, “Hey, we have weapons and warriors and we’re going to conquer you”. Deceit and taking advantage of our loving hearts is what liars do in their venal pursuit of power and empire. Our willingness to believe them is what enables them. The people opened the gate willingly.

There is truth and there is the falsification of truth. Truth is not relative and it doesn’t contort itself to match our versions of it, in spite of New Age assurances to the contrary. That reality you “create” is only the context through which you interpret reality. Reality remains as it is. This is a crucial distinction. The map is not the Territory. The menu is not the Meal.

Do you want to live in a map or eat a menu?

Those who inflate you with grandiosity and glorious visions of self importance and are bent on convincing you that you are the judge of all that exists and that you are equal to the River that fractalized into a microscopic version of Itself (you) are missing the boat and the lake. You are like a whirlpool in that mighty River and are absolutely one with It. Are you equal to It just because you are one with It? No, but if you think so, then a division occurs in Being and you fall into fear and doubt and begin to relate to the River as if it is an “other” when, in fact, It is your actual identity. What do you think would happen if you suddenly started believing that your friends and family were actually monsters in disguise all these years and were plotting to poison you? This assumption is not true, but our belief in it makes it seem so.
We have become consumed by fear and doubt and confusion about our actual status as children of the River.

The truth is not hidden, and is everywhere obvious. It appears to be hidden because of the egoic apparatus used to “find” it. Prior to the emergence of the Lie upon which the ego is built, stands the truth, the light and love of life. This cannot be understood without the spontaneous and immediate transcendence of egoity that occurs when the Lie is deconstructed and discarded.

Everyone can verify this because everyone is directly experiencing and is sustained and literally lived by truth, or love.

Everyone knows what love is and everyone knows what it feels like to be completely happy. Confusion occurs from collapse and withdrawal from our very identity as fractals of the one life living and breathing everything.

There is nothing but the truth. The entirety of existence, every last fraction of it, is made from the truth of love, unity, and the continuity between every part of life. Even darkness and evil prove it, otherwise, why would we fear it and be repulsed if our nature was not love and truth? Lies are built on top of truth and obscure it but cannot eliminate it. The mouth that speaks the lies is made from truth.

There is neither one “truth” nor many “truths”. There is only truth and our entire existence arises from it.

Doubt of this most obvious fact produces a division in the psyche which then sees God, our very nature, as “other”. This is the descent into madness and suffering and is completely arbitrary and unnecessary. No one has any identity apart from truth, except a false one based on a lie, the impossibility that you are separated from truth or love and have to “find” it. Ha ha, what a funny joke. Guess what? God (Life) is not lost.

We are.

Understanding this is wisdom and is the only possibility of overcoming self inflicted misery.

We are literally inmates of our own asylum dedicated to our self created pain. With our hands around our throats and our fingers in our eyes, we limp to the doctor and priest who promise us relief through belief in their formula of salvation. All strategies of salvation are built upon the refusal to see our own self strangulation and the false self it creates. This is the true meaning of repentance: to renounce the false self that is created through belief in a lie. Then, you won‚t need a doctor or priest and will be a conduit through which life can flow unobstructed.

Religions are based in this lie and so is science, a secular religion based on the idea that I am separate from and do not influence what I observe. At best, science helps us measure and delineate the world and is a useful tool for exploration, but it is just another map and not the Territory, which is mysterious, wonderful, and exciting to observe and be intimate with.

The entire man made world is built on a lie which is why it is in such terrible shape. As soon as I collapse from love, I fear. As soon as I fear, I want security. As soon as I want security, I empower tyrants and “experts” to save me.

Tyrants come to power on the basis of people’s willingness to believe the lie of fear, which is why enemies are created if none exist. The best thing we can do to overthrow tyrants is to stop being exploitable, gullible, fear based weaklings and see through the charade of the “news” and the gospel of salvation. Jesus preached against the sacrifice of doves and lambs and admonished people to repent from their false self and realize the truth of their intimacy with the Reality of love. Only later did he become the symbol of substitutionary sacrifice to an angry god. No such god exists because there is only love and truth. Denial of this doesn’t change anything about the nature of reality, but it does ruin the world.

Deconstruct the lie and stand in the truth that is prior to doubt and fear and we will have no need for salvation. All the saviors of mankind have passionately proclaimed this and all of them have been co-opted by that very fear and doubt and became the unwitting agents for the evangelical spread of a deadly, though imaginary, disease infecting humanity.

It is up to us to realize What they realized and overcome our denial of It and reestablish a truly human culture of love and trust.

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