The Original Gospel of Christ

The Original Gospel of Christ
Part One

Authentic spiritual practice and discipline are founded and grounded in responsibility, not beliefs or metaphysics, which are way downstream from What is always already the case: seamless unity between matter and consciousness, self and God, part and whole. Our emotional recoil, our collapse from Reality, from Love, our assumption of separation from Truth, creates the stressful search for unity and meaning, which cannot be found because we are pushing it away. Endlessly repeating this creates the structure and mechanisms of egoity, a farce that we plaster on to the Beauty and Innocence of Life.

Truly, there is no discrete entity living inside my head or heart, there is only Reality fractalizing into versions of Itself that I call “me”. Failure to understand this results in a confusion that prevents me from being intimate with That which lives Itself as me and everything else. The part is lived by the Whole and there exists a deep and passionate intimacy between the Two.

Thus, to “repent” means to turn back from our foray into identification with one side of the equation (matter/body), and, to “sin no more”, becomes a sacred commitment to face and embrace Reality’s descent into the body, that which I actually am. That’s right. I am the living, embodied Presence of Reality and so are you. We are embodied consciousness, intelligent Light that creates appropriate forms for its expression.

You, for example.

Waking up to this already existing Fact is crushing and humbling and illuminating because it outshines my assumption of separateness, (egoity) and relieves me of the burden of being a searcher, a somebody. Yes, I am a “somebody”, an individuated being, a self, a personality, but it’s not separate from God any more than a whirlpool is separate from the River.

We are the whirlpool and the River, human and divine, intimate with each other, lovers that are simultaneously “separate” and one. We are only apparently separate, which is the way Reality incarnates, making endless distinctions and variations of Itself, playful themes and modifications of its own intense Dynamic. To assume that organic distinctions in Nature, such as the leaf on the tree, is evidence that the leaf is separate from the Tree is what creates egoity and suffering and the search for God. However, it is not God who is lost and must be found. It is we who are lost and must step back from the ludicrous and arrogant assumption of our separation from Truth (Reality), which is Love and Unity of all Life. There is only One Life living Itself as all beings and worlds. Only God exists and your it.

All techniques and remedies and solutions to our imaginary, self created problem, spiritual, religious, psychological, political or otherwise, are doomed to not only fail, but to guarantee our endless enslavement. It hurts to be an ego and going to the doctor or priest only hurts more because he, like us, assumes our problem to be real. Instead of telling us to take our hands off our throats and our fingers out of our eyes, he gives us a prescription for the pain and sets up another appointment. This is like waking up in prison and asking the warden for a better pillow as a solution to feeling despair and longing. Break out of the prison! The door isn’t even locked! We think it’s locked. It isn’t.

All the grievous maladies and injustices in the world stem from this spiritual error and nothing will change on planet Earth until we wake up from our exclusive identification with a separate self, a false self, and be Who and What we already are: Love embodied, the Word made Flesh.

That’s right. Each individual is always in a state of seamless unity with the Mystery and Wonder of Existence, that which we call God. Christ’s original Gospel was certainly this very message, the Good News of Unity with God, the Treasure the man finds “buried in his field”, as he is recorded as saying in the New Testament. It had been there all along.

This message is what got him killed. After his murder, he was ruthlessly abused yet again, by those who put the Lie in his mouth, that we are separate from God and need blood sacrifice to atone for the sins of Man.

Jesus Christ was vehemently opposed to blood sacrifice and told his followers to repent from the false self which imagines itself to separate from the Father. “You shall be one, as I and the Father are one.”

Our emotional recoil from Life, from Trust in Love, is what he identified as sin, literally “missing the mark”. His call was to face the already existing State of Happiness, of Love, that is Alive as Everything, and to not wander off into fear or doubt, love God and our neighbors as ourselves.

What a glorious message.

Let us give this gift to ourselves and to each other as we celebrate Christmas, the Season of Giving, whatever our tradtions may be, and embrace the infinitely Passionate Current of Life in Love, and fulfill the work of Peace on Earth, Good Will to all.

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The Truth that sets the Heart Free

by Adi Da


What Are We?

What is most basic to human existence?

The fact of awareness.

Awareness is more fundamental than body, more fundamental than emotion, more fundamental than mind.

Most fundamental is not what we are aware of—but the simple fact that we are always aware.

That constant reality of awareness is what Adi Da calls “Consciousness Itself”.

Not consciousness of anything—such as a bodily sensation, an emotion, or a thought, or a person or thing in our environment—but Consciousness Itself.

In fact, Consciousness Itself is our real identity—we are Consciousness Itself.

Because Consciousness Itself is the reality that pervades all of human existence, Adi Da calls it “the True Water of life”—the deep well of Truth that is the real Source of our living.

To know that we are Consciousness Itself grants sanity, freedom, and happiness to the heart—despite the trials of our mortal existence.

And the reality that we are Consciousness Itself is a message that Adi Da wanted all human beings to receive.

Adi Da’s communication here is his gift to you.


The Truth of What We Are

Adi Da summarized his gift of Truth in a single sentence.

He wished to give this gift to every human being, so that knowledge of this Truth could be the foundation of every human life.

He even wished that all children could hear this Truth from their youngest days, so that their lives could be guided by it from the beginning.

He says that this Truth is the case “no matter what arises”.

In other words, this is the Truth regardless of what the body is experiencing, regardless of what emotions may be coming up, regardless of what thoughts we may be having, and regardless of what appears to be happening in the world.

And he also says that this Truth is the case even if there are no bodily sensations or emotions or thoughts happening in the moment.

This Truth, he says, is “always already the case”.

To communicate this Truth most fully, he states it in two different forms.

No matter what arises, or does not arise,
you are only Consciousness Itself.

No matter what arises, or does not arise,
there is only Consciousness Itself.

Become A Participant In The Real World

Fundamental experience is not the experience of “things”.

Fundamental experience is the experience of Being Itself, of Consciousness Itself.

The self-aware pleasure of existing is the fundamental gift, the Divine gift, the persistent gift that you are tending to ignore.

Therefore, to live a truly human life is to become a participant in the real world of always already existing Reality.

You Presume You Are The Body

Your problems and your questions only arise because you forget Consciousness.

You presume you are the body—but, in reality, you are only witnessing the body.

You are aware of the body as something in Consciousness.

You do not experience the body itself as a “thing” in and of itself.

You are conscious of the body.

Therefore, Consciousness Itself is first—not the body.

Then there appears to be the body, and you identify with it, and forget Consciousness.

That is how Consciousness Itself becomes the unconscious: You presume to be the body, and you imagine Consciousness is to be found somewhere else.

You Are Not In The Position of The Body

The error in which you live is the error of presuming that the fundamental experience is that of being an individuated body—that that is birth, that is existence, that is the reality in which you exist and everyone exists, and that is what there is to be concerned about, and to participate in, and fulfill, and so forth.

You must understand: That is an error.

That is not the way it is.

You are not in the position of the body.

To presume so is your error.

What is the actual root-experience, or first experience?

What is the context of experience?

It is not the body.

It Is Consciousness—now.

You Are Not The Thinking Mind

It is commonly presumed that the (apparently individual) conscious “self” is doing the thinking.

You presume that you are thinking and that you are the “subject” of that thinking.

You presume you are the source and cause and doer of thinking.

You presume that the contents, questions, and problems of your thinking are “yours”—but this is only a presumption, or a mere idea.

That presumption is not inspected—and, indeed, that presumption is not true.

Right now, you appear to be thinking—but that thinking is not actually being done by you (as you really are).

You are not the thinking mind.

Rather, you are simply the formless and actionless mere witness of whatever is arising.

Your Real Situation

It appears that you are associated with conditions—in the states of waking, dreaming, and sleeping.

However, none of those conditions last—and, therefore, you cannot be any of those conditions.

You are that which appears to be modified in the form of all conditional phenomena—you are Consciousness Itself.

The entire waking state arises within Consciousness Itself.

The entire dreaming state arises within Consciousness Itself.

The entire sleeping state arises within Consciousness Itself.

And, when any condition in any of those three states—or (otherwise) when any one of those states itself—passes, Consciousness Itself remains.

Consciousness Itself never changes.

Consciousness Itself is always already the case.

The “Glasses” of Consciousness

Everything is seen through the “glasses” of Consciousness.

Everything is a mode of Consciousness.

Every perception, every thought, everything altogether that you call “the world”—everything in it, everyone in it, all relations, all functions, all circumstances, all instants of time, all space, all appearances, the entire universe exists only on the basis of Consciousness Itself.

That is it.

Everything appears on Consciousness as on a screen.

Everything simply passes.

But, always, Consciousness is the basis of everything appearing.

Consciousness Is the “substance” in which all passing phenomena are arising and disappearing.

Awareness Itself Never Changes

No matter what happens to the body-mind-“self” while you live, you are always merely aware.

The awareness itself never changes.

Even while you are aware of changes, the awareness itself never changes.

There are not different kinds of awareness—different colors of it or different shapes of it.

Awareness is, simply and only, awareness itself.

No matter what happens in the body-mind-complex,* awareness is merely and simply aware of the process of the body-mind-complex—and awareness itself is never affected by change.

Awareness itself does not go through changes.

Awareness merely and simply observes changes.

Awareness itself is the in-depth mere witness.

If you are not reality-intelligent in the moments of change, then, every time there is a change, you identify with the change.

“I am that change, then,” you think and say.

When the body is suffering, you think and say, “I am suffering.”

When reactive emotion arises, you think and say, “I am angry, I am sorrowful, I am afraid.”

That which—in and as Reality Itself—never changes is, in its superficial daily-ordinary state, constantly presuming itself to be changed, and to be a change.

In this moment, it is painful—in the next moment, it feels good.

The daily-ordinary ego-mind is constantly identifying pure awareness (or the in-depth mere witness) with the changes that are peripheral to it.

If you inspect awareness itself, if you enter into it most profoundly, you will clearly see that awareness itself does not change, but it is (simply and only) the in-depth mere witness of changes.

* The complex of four faculties that make up the human structure and process—body, emotion, mind, and breath.

A Way To Observe
That Consciousness Is Always The Same

If you can locate a memory of something that happened earlier in your life, a memory that is so vivid that you can feel the event again, do that and compare it to your feeling now.

Not the content of now, but the feeling of yourself now, compared to the feeling of yourself then.

It does not make any difference how much development there has been of the persona—in terms of content or years or whatever it may be.

The conscious being feels the same whether it is five years old or twenty years old or seventy years old—however many years old, it is the same.

If you clearly recollect how it was being there, if you clearly sense it again, it is the same as now.

Consciousness is always the same, now and in the past—whether the recent past or the past of long ago.

To Realize This Is Realization Itself

Even now, no matter what arises, you are Consciousness Itself.

Not the ego, not the separate “self”, but Consciousness Itself.

No matter what arises, even now, you are Consciousness Itself.

This is Absolutely True—and it is a way of saying what there is to Realize.

To Realize this is Realization Itself.


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Confessions of an Egoholic

 by Robert Cinque


From shock and fear, I dramatize betrayal, abandonment, and worthlessness

I collapse from love and create suffering through self pity and blame

I blame others and transfer ownership of myself to them.

I create scapegoats and false gods in my rage.

I destroy Love and betray it and accuse others of betraying me

I create doubt and fear.  When I fear I want security.  When I want security, I empower false gods, tyrants, experts, strategies, and substances to save me.

I am a fundamentalist, a fascist, and a tyrant in an ego cult of one.

I enslave others in my hellish condition of dread

I abuse others with my self pity

I dramatize abandonment and rejection and self pity and fuel all my other lesser addictions with it.

I harm myself and others with my addiction to a false self, an idea, a victim/robot who imagines itself to be separate from Love

I am a cultic worshipper in my exclusive ego cult of one.

I imprison others by my withdrawal from Love

I condemn others to the dungeons of my lovelessness

I betray Life by my withdrawal from Love.

My collapse and withdrawal from Love is sickening and starves all my relations.

I use these conditions to justify my accusations of betrayal.

I use other’s failure to love me to justify my own failure.

I betray Love and blame others for it

I reject love, then dramatize betrayal.

I make others wrong

I impose my agenda

I am a recovering ego addict because I notice the obvious Beauty and Love at the Heart of Existence and the way in which I obstruct it.

I am not separate from Life and Love

I am free to be in alignment with Life and Love or not.

I am responsible for the consequences of my alignment or non alignment with Life and Love.

I use my non alignment with Life and Love as an excuse and reason for self pity

I am inherently, already unified with what is always already the Case: seamless unity between consciousness and matter, God and self, whole and part.

I am recovering from self pity and the willingness to tolerate lovelessness in myself

I am a whirlpool in a River of Light

I am a recovering ego addict.

I am responsible For and To Love.

I maintain Heartfelt Intimacy with the Truth of Love, the Core of Reality.

I do not withdraw from my Actual Condition as a Whirlpool in this River.

I trust the White-Hot Core of Existence.

I trust Life’s Brilliance.

I am thrilled by the Intensity and Freedom and Love of Life

Life flows from Love, the Condition of all things

I am Always Already one with Life

Life is Love, I am That

Life is Love

Love is Truth

Truth is God

God is Reality


Reality is Light

Light is Love


I Love Life

I am responsible for Love

I am responsible to Love

My revulsion at my failure to love is the beginning of awakening

My responsibility for Love is authentic spiritual practice.

I am responsible for my choice of contexts, concepts, and conclusions, including their effects, outcomes and consequences.

I am free to love and to be what I already am, or not

I am responsible for everything I think, say, and do and their effect, implication, and consequence are my responsibility

I am responsible for the suffering I create.


I am intrinsically intimate with all beings.


I am a recovering ego addict



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The Purpose of Addiction and the Secret of How to Change

Addictions are needs in drag, unfulfilled, legitimate longings that require a temporary stand-in.

If you break a leg, you use a crutch until you are healed. In the addict’s case, the leg never heals and the crutch is needed in order for him to function. If you remove his crutch in an attempt to help him, he falls down because his leg is still broken. Now he has a broken leg and no crutch. Now what? This is what is called white-knuckle recovery, in which the individual has forcibly removed the addictive program or substance and now has neither the leg nor the crutch.

Now what, indeed.

If addictions are substitutes for what is truly needed, then What is it that is most needed, exactly?

If I address my spiritual, emotional, mental or physical needs first, won’t I have a better chance of dealing with my addiction effectively?


If I accept responsibility for meeting my needs (an act of love), then surely I will find a way that is life-giving and not just more broken legs and crutches. In being responsible for my state, and to it, I gain power and choice and my freedom is restored.

Therefore, the best way to overcome addiction is to own it. I created it, I can un-create it.

However, I ain’t gonna do it if I have to both live without my needs being met PLUS having no crutch.

If my leg heals, I forget about the crutch. I don’t have to go to AA or work on the so-called addiction, the “problem” of “having a crutch.”

It disappears on its own.

This is the Secret Of How To Change. Don’t throw your crutch away and call that “recovery.” Fix the broken leg. Do what is most life-giving, more pleasurable and fulfilling than the crutch. Who would not rather have two good legs over a crutch? No one. When the needs are met, the crutch is unnecessary. But not until.

I like crutches when they are needed. I broke my ankle recently and managed to work and survive because of my crutch. I do not condemn or criticize crutches. They’re necessary.

I criticize stupidity.  Especially my own. I kid you not: There have been times in my life when I have actually chosen crutches over two good legs. What an idiot.

Here’s the biggest idiocy of all, the King Kong of all addictions, the very one which fuels all the rest. It is the most vile, the worst, degraded horror of them all:

The Cult and Empire of the Counterfeit Self.

The one who imagines himself to be “abandoned and rejected by Life.”

The Perpetual Victim, Tyrant, and Vampire.

He can’t get any Juice from Life, so he steals it from you. He cut himself off, now you’re gonna pay. Marooned on an Island of Flesh, he’s a cornered rat. God abandoned him, he feels worthless, and is hungry for pleasure, satisfaction, and distraction from the Dungeon of Horrors.

What do you expect? Roses? Cutting yourself off from Life and Love is the absolutely worst thing you can possibly do, worse than putting a gun to your head and pulling the trigger. It’s worse because you die a slow, agonizing, miserable, horrible, tortured death. You bring everything and everyone down with you. Your lovelessness contaminates everything.

Instead of being open to the blissful Current of Life Energy,  you feel sorry for yourself because you’re so “worthless” and “unlovable.” You don’t radiate love and happiness, you stink. Plus, it’s everybody else’s fault. You’re a victim. You don’t have to take responsibility for yourself. That’s what’s so great about victimhood. You get to blame others, Gods, and substances for your state and fate. What could be better?

People ooze down into this shithole on a regular basis, then wonder why they like heroin so much. Or fame. Or materialism. Or power.

These are distractions, consolations in the midst of suffering.

Undo the suffering, distractions are no longer needed.

Authentic, complete, permanent recovery from all addictions is possible only when  we take full responsibility, as an act of love, for owning, honoring and meeting our spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. Those needs include the ability to love, and to be love, under all conditions.  We also need emotional openness, freedom, happiness, purpose, mission, destiny, excitement and pleasure. These are not mere ideas and there are no real, permanent substitutes for them any more than a crutch is an actual substitute for a leg.

Find out for yourself.

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I Am, therefore, I Love

Descartes had it backwards. He did not go nearly deep enough with his “I think, therefore, I am.

I am, therefore, I think.

Existence, the Essence, the very Center of Life, whatever or wherever That is altogether, precedes Its’ appearance.

I Exist. I Am because Life is. If Life is Light and Light is Love, then I am Love.


Consider this: whatever Life is, It’s Great. Just make friends with it emotionally and don’t complain about uncertainty because it’s a lot worse than you think. Not only is Life gloriously uncertain and unpredictable, it’s also unknowable. We literally do not know what a single thing actually is. We’ve  got names and descriptions, but what IS that lunchbox, really?

How did it come to be and why does it exist at all and who or what made the atoms in it, anyway? And, where is it? The universe, you say? What’s that?

No matter what answers I give or don’t give, Existence was here before I asked the question. Therefore, I exist in a state of ignorance, unknowableness. This is because every question I ask, every inquiry I make is an action that comes after Existence, is now a part of it, so how can I be a knower of it?

Can I see my own eyes? No, I need a mirror.

In my opinion, the universe is the mirror that the Living Wonder of Love and Imagination, the very One Who beats in the heart of every single organism, uses to see Itself.

Life is a Verb, we are the Noun. Together we make a Sentence: I Am Life manifested in and as a Luscious Rainforest of Body and World.

What’s the problem with that? What’s wrong with that?

Who am I or you to stick that into some bullshit idea about the Fall of Man? I’ll tell you what the real “fall of man” is:  imagining that heaven is entered only when we die. That love and happiness are available without limit only after death, our reward for being good or “saved by the blood” of an innocent lamb. The reality is, heaven is entered at the death of this belief in a falsely imagined, separated, emotionally withdrawn, divided, bewildered, conflicted, psychotic self who concocts the idea of separateness on the basis of exactly no evidence whatsoever.

Heaven is the Present Condition of Reality already. 

Ignoring or rejecting this is the actual Fall of Man.

I repent from this sin, this crime against Nature, God, and You.


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Spiritual Consumerism, Emotional Withdrawal, and the Death of Love

Life is Light. Light is what Exists. Matter is Light in nuclear bonds. Everything is made from Conscious Living Radiant Light.

This is our Situation.

Piled on top of This, is a stinking mountain of shit that the thieves, whores, and pimps from the Babylonian/Rothschild/Zionist/Globalist/Military/Medical/Industrial Complex have dumped on a gullible, naive, and childish humanity. Through sophisticated psy-ops like Original Sin and 911, the globalist crime syndicate has created a narrative that says we are under threat by ruthless enemies and must destroy them at any cost. While I agree that ruthless enemies exist and must be stopped, I do not agree that humanity’s enemy is each other. Human beings are capable of living in peace and tolerating differences. The real enemies of humanity are the ones who manufacture unsolvable conflicts and use them as  weapons to divide and conquer us. And now, not only are they manipulating humanity into a nuclear war with North Korea, they are doing so by hacking in to our hardware, the human operating systems that conduct the Current of Light and Love, by installing viruses (false narratives) that are toxic, painful, and fatal.

As terrible as this is, the fact that we have allowed it is much, much worse. Are we obligated to give up our humanity for any reason whatsoever?


Are we children who obey their parents, right or wrong? Are we slaves to lifeless conceptual frameworks, ideas, and beliefs?


That’s why it’s profoundly important to recognize the deeply poisonous swamp we have wandered into and to understand that this is not how it has to be. The world is built on ideas. Psychotic, divisive, baseless ideas. These become social memes and they direct the social body of humanity just as surely as genes direct our personal bodies.

This is why 2 seconds after the planes hit the Towers,  sub-human androids and stooges of the lamestream media were telling us that radical Islamic extremists were to blame.

If you believe that, you might also consider buying ocean front property in Denver.

The world situation is so critical,  nothing less than the immediate, worldwide awakening of the Human Giant will suffice to end the crisis.

What does it take to wake up? When the sun streams through your window in the morning, it wakes you up. IT wakes YOU up. You do not just wake up, you are awakened. Even if the curtains are drawn, you will still wake up because  Life cycles between the waking. sleeping, and dreaming states. My point is that awakening is a fundamental aspect of Life. The Sun is always streaming through your Window. The reason it seems to be taking so long for humanity to come alive and get out of bed and seize the reins is because we have been poisoned, anesthetized, starved, beaten, and thrown under the bus.

This is why the planetary situation must be extreme. Life is slapping our face and shoving ammonia under our nose and hooking up electrodes to our heart. We are comatose. We are unconscious. We are unresponsive. Life HAS to throw rocks at us and get us to pay attention.

The crazies are getting ready to nuke North Korea. That’s a big rock.

“That which is unowned and remains hidden, shows up as Fate and Circumstance”      Carl Jung

Spiritual consumerism, emotional withdrawal, and the death of love are all CONSEQUENCES of believing a false, impossible narrative. Change the narrative, change the world.

Garbage in, Garbage Out.

Truth In, Truth Out.

Life In, Love Out.

“The way to enlightenment is to stop believing lies.”                                                               Jim Humble

“Enlightenment is a destructive process in which everything that is not true is crumbled away,”                                                                                                                                   Adyashanti

“Enlightenment is perfect non-obstruction.”                                                                               Adi Da

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The Tyranny of Spiritual Childhood

Children need parents.

Adolescents need rebellion.

Adults need self ownership.

If humanity were a person, I figure we’re around 11 years old. Loitering between childhood and adulthood, we are restless and bored, extremely suspicious and resentful of all things authoritarian. As a global adolescent, we have, in spite of being electro-shocked, traumatized, anesthetized, trivialized,  hypnotized,  dominated, vaccinated, and legislated to death, managed to somehow still survive. For this, we are to be commended.

However, in order to get to where we’re going, full adulthood, we must develop these Abilities:

1 Eat the Apple, defy authoritarianism, and move completely out of your parents’ house

2 Take responsibility for the assumptions driving your conclusions. You chose them, they are your property, your responsibility. You can’t create a belief system and then ignore the fact that you created it. The criteria you use to make your decisions are personal choices, not merely inherited habits or customs. Take responsibility for what you think, why you think it, and how it manifests in your life and the larger world.

3 Understand that taking risks is dangerous and that not taking risks is even more dangerous.  “How It Is”, handed down from on high by mommydaddy, the state, the church, the schools, just ain’t necessarily so. Those days are over. You gotta figure things out for yourself,  from the ground up. You have to determine what is fundamentally true, not just take it secondhand from the authorities. Maybe the authorities are wrong. If you just blindly believe them, what then? Is what they say the truth? Or is it just a belief about the truth? Find out.

4 Adults are in the difficult and uncomfortable position of being required to make sense of Life in all its absurdities and contradictions. We are expected to show up and pay attention to a mysterious existence that is ultimately unknowable, unfathomable, infinite, incomprehensible, and paradoxical. What is born, dies. Now what? What is my relationship to this mystery?

5 The relationship we as individuals form or do not form with the profoundly mysterious source and presence of life determines our experience in exactly the same way an electrical switch allows or prevents the flow of electrons through a wire. It is an on/off situation. If your switch is on, you conduct the infinite forces of the universe. If it is off, the forces still conduct themselves through you, but only through the default mechanisms available to it. Your cells still divide, your heart still beats, but the Life Current is on automatic pilot, waiting for you to notice that you are Alive as the Current Itself, not just the body/mind/world it animates and illuminates. You are the Aliveness Itself, not just the objects of Its’ awareness. This realization creates the opportunity for full conductivity of the Life Current and is available to every human being without exception or limit.

These 5 Abilities enable the logistics and structures of Life to become available to the individual. Yogic powers of invisibility or levitation, for instance, so-called miracles of all kinds, are tiny examples of what happens when Imagination, the Life Presence of Love and Radiance, is uncorked. Imagine the world we could create if love was actually present and available in our decisions.

For millions of years, humanity has been stuck in the gears, the  badlands between childhood and adulthood. No real adult would tolerate for one second the abuse and domination we as a race endure on a daily basis. Adults don’t create or allow violence and abuse. That’s what makes us adults, the ability to love and protect what is precious.

Authentic human life is about love and happiness and the responsibility to prevent and remove the obstacles that constantly appear.  It’s not enough to want to be loved. We have to be willing to show up as love, under all conditions, whether we are loved or not. That’s because we ARE love itself and don’t need anyone to love us for that fact to be true. It is always true, no matter what happens or does not happen.

The real revolution is in realizing and in identifying with fundamental truth. I’m not talking about”your truth” or “mine”, I’m talking about that which is true under all circumstances, all conditions, all points in space and time.

I don’t know what the ultimate truth is. All I know is that, whatever it is, everything is made from it.  How could it be otherwise? How could whatever originated Existence be somehow separate from it? Are you separate from yourself? No, you ARE yourself, whatever that is altogether. Same with Cosmic Life. It is Itself, undivided, not separate from itself, whole, singular, coherent. Just like you. Your apparent fragmentation and dividedness is still part of a greater whole. That’s because that which observes the fragmentation or whatever, is larger than it and exists prior to it.

Consciousness, your true nature, showing up as the fragmented individual in a chaotic world of division and strife, rooted in a gloriously beautiful Garden of Eden, is the ultimate paradox and conundrum of human being.

Our Great opportunity is to Cultivate the Garden of our Body and the World, to Dig the Soil, and Passionately Participate in Life as mature Emanations of the Beloved.

We are Radiant Appearances and Disappearances of the Wonder and Mystery of Light and Love, not orphans, not refugees, not victims, doormats, shithooks, punching bags, or slaves.

It’s time we started acting like it. Discard the Tyranny of Spiritual Childhood and enter the Domain of the Truly Adult Heart, our deepest and truest nature. Then, the world will reflect That and not the bankrupt, debt ridden, impoverished, default androids called “you” and “me”.










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No Problem

Life is not a problem. Making it into one, is.

Assuming an inherent flaw in Life, in oneself, in humanity, is nothing but speculation, hearsay, rumor, conjecture, theory, belief,  superstition, and fantasy.

When these nothings become dogmas and entire societies and institutions grow up around them, the world becomes a reflection, a casualty of toxic ideas that have no basis in Reality Itself.

Our world.

Imagine a world where individuals understood themselves to be whole systems, superpalpalistic visceralisms, neuroballistic tactilegasms of infinite proportions. They recognized themselves and each other as staggeringly beutiful uniquities of fabulous Wonder and Depth.

Instead of concocting fish tales, extremely questionable ideas about the Fall of Man and expulsion from the Garden as ways of explaining the madness all around us, we would simply recognize the Obvious, the Apparent, the Glorious Presence of Life. Plastering knucklehead ideas all over It wouldn’t even occur to us. We would be too busy Kissing each “other” and amusing ourselves with creative adventures and inventions.

Building bombs to kill the “enemy” would not occur to anyone. What’s an enemy?

The fact that we live in a world of toxic ideas is so painfully evident, it boggles the mind.

What’s even more astonishing is that we believe the shit that we are fed by the monsters of our own creation, the bastard children of our own default on ourselves.

Every society gets the government it deserves.

Enthusiastic, happy, sane individuals who are willing to love and participate in the Immanence, the Appearance of Wonder could not, would not, live in a world like ours.

That’s because their world is based on Truth.  Our world is based on lies.

Our sub-human world of ego madness, religious psychosis, and materialistic science is based on the lie of separation from Love, Radiance, the Truth of Life. When we swallow this lie, we become spiritually autistic androids, machines of the church and state, fascists, fundamentalists, and tyrants. The lie assumes separation from God, and creates a false self, the so-called ego. But this is just an idea, a belief. It’s a false belief, but one with very deadly consequences: every ego becomes a demon of addiction of the worst kind.

It is based on a falsehood, a distortion of the actual Condition, a confusion between my reflection and what I actually am.

The demon is a parasite, a vampire, an energy thief because he has no Energy Source of his own. He separated himself from It by believing the Lie.

This is the real Fall of Man.

We didn’t inherit it. We created it.

We created it through default on ourselves and our Actual Condition at Infinity. Emotional and spiritual withdrawal from Love creates ego hell and the world as it is today. Don’t blame the government or the church or the state. We put the noose around our neck and into their hands.

Everyone knows what the Utimate Condition is. Everyone knows exactly what it is to Love and to be Happy. Everyone knows what Love is. It does not have to be learned or taught. It is That out of Which everything is created, the Starry Mystery and Radiant Wonder of Existence Itself.

It may be buried under centuries and mountains of spiritual garbage but It’s still there, still waiting for us to Notice It and come Alive.

This is the only effective revolution on Earth because only it addresses the actual, self created problem: the false assumption of a problem, of a non-existent separation, and the frankenstein monster it creates.

The Free Individual stands before and prior to the extremely dubious ego-creating assumption of separation from Life and Love. He does not chronically dramatize problem/rescue scenarios.  He stays present as attention and energy and love to whatever difficulty he may face. He doesn’t play victim, he’s a volunteer, a participant. He is emotionally and energetically present naturally, easily, a consequence of his open-hearted ability to conduct the Force of Life.

We spiritually constipated and bankrupt egoholics, on the other hand, are so busy patching holes in our leaky rowboats, we can’t pay attention to the Real streaming into our hearts, dividing our cells, inviting us into the Ecstatic Water. We’re so busy cramming our beliefs down other people’s throats (and avoiding theirs) that the Glorious Spectacle goes unnoticed.

I am painfully amused by modern doctors of the soul who prescribe remedies for our spiritual ailments in the lotions and potions of remedial strategies. We are told we must meditate more and find inner peace.  We should be positive and grateful, as counterweights to our fallen state.

To me, this is like using bandaids for someone who went through a meat grinder. I’ve got nothing against bandaids or meditation, it’s just not gonna cut it when it comes to solving the non-problem.

If you have your head up your ass, should you buy flashlights?

If you believe lies, should you dabble in counter-measures?

You can’t be a little bit pregnant. You’re either divine or not. You get to decide. You get to enjoy or suffer the consequences. When we embrace the obvious and stop defaulting on ourselves, things will change.

That’s love and freedom. That’s our Situation.





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