The Original Gospel of Christ

The Original Gospel of Christ
Part One

Authentic spiritual practice and discipline are founded and grounded in responsibility, not beliefs or metaphysics, which are way downstream from What is always already the case: seamless unity between matter and consciousness, self and God, part and whole. Our emotional recoil, our collapse from Reality, from Love, our assumption of separation from Truth, creates the stressful search for unity and meaning, which cannot be found because we are pushing it away. Endlessly repeating this creates the structure and mechanisms of egoity, a farce that we plaster on to the Beauty and Innocence of Life.

Truly, there is no discrete entity living inside my head or heart, there is only Reality fractalizing into versions of Itself that I call “me”. Failure to understand this results in a confusion that prevents me from being intimate with That which lives Itself as me and everything else. The part is lived by the Whole and there exists a deep and passionate intimacy between the Two.

Thus, to “repent” means to turn back from our foray into identification with one side of the equation (matter/body), and, to “sin no more”, becomes a sacred commitment to face and embrace Reality’s descent into the body, that which I actually am. That’s right. I am the living, embodied Presence of Reality and so are you. We are embodied consciousness, intelligent Light that creates appropriate forms for its expression.

You, for example.

Waking up to this already existing Fact is crushing and humbling and illuminating because it outshines my assumption of separateness, (egoity) and relieves me of the burden of being a searcher, a somebody. Yes, I am a “somebody”, an individuated being, a self, a personality, but it’s not separate from God any more than a whirlpool is separate from the River.

We are the whirlpool and the River, human and divine, intimate with each other, lovers that are simultaneously “separate” and one. We are only apparently separate, which is the way Reality incarnates, making endless distinctions and variations of Itself, playful themes and modifications of its own intense Dynamic. To assume that organic distinctions in Nature, such as the leaf on the tree, is evidence that the leaf is separate from the Tree is what creates egoity and suffering and the search for God. However, it is not God who is lost and must be found. It is we who are lost and must step back from the ludicrous and arrogant assumption of our separation from Truth (Reality), which is Love and Unity of all Life. There is only One Life living Itself as all beings and worlds. Only God exists and your it.

All techniques and remedies and solutions to our imaginary, self created problem, spiritual, religious, psychological, political or otherwise, are doomed to not only fail, but to guarantee our endless enslavement. It hurts to be an ego and going to the doctor or priest only hurts more because he, like us, assumes our problem to be real. Instead of telling us to take our hands off our throats and our fingers out of our eyes, he gives us a prescription for the pain and sets up another appointment. This is like waking up in prison and asking the warden for a better pillow as a solution to feeling despair and longing. Break out of the prison! The door isn’t even locked! We think it’s locked. It isn’t.

All the grievous maladies and injustices in the world stem from this spiritual error and nothing will change on planet Earth until we wake up from our exclusive identification with a separate self, a false self, and be Who and What we already are: Love embodied, the Word made Flesh.

That’s right. Each individual is always in a state of seamless unity with the Mystery and Wonder of Existence, that which we call God. Christ’s original Gospel was certainly this very message, the Good News of Unity with God, the Treasure the man finds “buried in his field”, as he is recorded as saying in the New Testament. It had been there all along.

This message is what got him killed. After his murder, he was ruthlessly abused yet again, by those who put the Lie in his mouth, that we are separate from God and need blood sacrifice to atone for the sins of Man.

Jesus Christ was vehemently opposed to blood sacrifice and told his followers to repent from the false self which imagines itself to separate from the Father. “You shall be one, as I and the Father are one.”

Our emotional recoil from Life, from Trust in Love, is what he identified as sin, literally “missing the mark”. His call was to face the already existing State of Happiness, of Love, that is Alive as Everything, and to not wander off into fear or doubt, love God and our neighbors as ourselves.

What a glorious message.

Let us give this gift to ourselves and to each other as we celebrate Christmas, the Season of Giving, whatever our tradtions may be, and embrace the infinitely Passionate Current of Life in Love, and fulfill the work of Peace on Earth, Good Will to all.

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The Most Dangerous Thing On Earth

The Most Dangerous Thing On Earth

by robert cinque

I’ve been asking myself: What is the most dangerous thing on Earth? There is a long list to choose from. Plutonium. Terrorists with bombs.  Vaccines injected into newborns. Mandatory Vaccines with mercury, cancer cells, aborted fetal tissue, radio frequency-nano computer operating systems. Privately owned Fiat Currency loaned to governments, paid back plus interest through taxation. The concept of Original Sin. Extortionists like George Soros who made his billions ripping off entire countries and now funds Antifa fascists bent on destroying America.   Fluoride. Glyphosate. Pesticides. Nuclear power plants. GMOs. The Satanists and Black Magicians at the core of the New World Order.

There is a much bigger list, but I’ll stop there.

Here is my candidate for the Most Dangerous Thing:

The inability or unwillingness to distinguish between what is real and what is counterfeit. Ignorance of one’s ignorance. The refusal to confront the Abyss, the unfathomable Condition.  Not confronting  fear and not finding courage. Directing anger in the wrong place.  Installing substitutes and malware for understanding the situation. Relying on beliefs instead of truth. Confusing the menu with the meal. Substituting the map for the territory.

The reason these are so dangerous is  because they enable the first list. The failure to distinguish between what is absolutely true and what is provably false is a catastrophe of immense proportions.

Our world is built on this failure and that’s why it is disintegrating.

Here is the  Truth and you can verify it for yourself: Truth, whatever it is altogether, exists. Truth is Reality. Reality exists. It is real, not an hallucination of neurons firing in the brain. Reality is Awareness. Aliveness. Reality is a Radiant Field of Conscious Living Light. Reality is Intelligence. Consciousness.  That which is Alive as all things. Reality is That Which is writing and reading this sentence.

It is a singular Reality, an Ocean of Aliveness. The awareness in the amoeba is identical to my and your awareness. Awareness is awareness; there are no levels to it. Water is water. It might be ice or steam, but it’s still water.  

Only this Reality exists.

It has no opposite. No other.

It includes and exceeds all others.

The preposterous arrogance and fear based vanity that rules and is destroying our world originates in the suffering that is caused by the refusal to Notice and Embrace this most Obvious Truth.

Life is Love. Love is Truth. Truth is God. God is Reality. Reality is Light. Light is Love. Love is Life.

Life is the Presence of Love. We are its emanations. Nature is its body.

Life is love and light; life is resonant.  Light  is a Sound.  A Word.  It conducts an infinite River of Life-Energy through all the galaxies, stars, planets and their organisms.

This is a Wonder, an Ecstatic Display. The celebration of this Life is at the heart of healthy human culture.

But on Planet Earth, we have war, poverty, disease and, worst of all, “experts”.

We have lies and we have believers in those lies.

The lies don’t worry me. The believers worry me.

In my lifetime, I have been told that a lone gunman killed JFK, that the Twin Towers disintegrated from office fires and airplane impacts, and that a new virus has emerged and is killing millions of people.

My deepest prayer and longing is that people everywhere will become enraged at themselves for believing lies and stop. Stand on the Earth and in the Reality of your Appearance in this mysterious Realm. Do not flinch. Do not turn away because it’s frightening or overwhelming. Do not contract. Do not collapse under the weight of  Incarnation. Face the Paradox and Participate like a Lover, in the Wonder.

Unless we are able to make this emotional embrace and bonding, in love, with the Wonder, then we should not expect to have a beautiful world where discriminating intelligence, happiness , freedom and cooperation are abundant. We are not qualified to have this  because we believe in the Counterfeit. That’s why we have a counterfeit world.

The only way to change this is to change ourselves, to return to the Truth that we abandoned and betrayed. It will not come from our leaders or from saviors with needles.

It will come from us. We must become the heroes we are looking for to save us, poor little ole you and me.

We must overcome the lie in ourselves. All of them, starting at the very first one: separation from our originating source, our personal, psycho- emotional withdrawal and disconnection from Love and Truth.

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The Solution

by Jim Humble (free download)

In 1996 Jim Humble was mining in South America when 2 of his friends got malaria. Jim took some sodium chlorite, mixed it with water and gave it to them.

His friends were deathly ill and scared of dying.

In 4 hours, they were sitting at the table, eating dinner.

If the FDA and the CDC and the NIH really loved you like they say they do and are so concerned about your health, THEY WOULD HAVE TOLD YOU THIS.

Sodium chlorite is a water purifier and oxygen stabilizer. When the men drank it, it combined with the hydrochloric acid in their stomachs to form an entirely new compound: chlorine dioxide.

Chlorine dioxide is as different from sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid like water is different from its component gases: hydrogen and oxygen. Completely different, with extremely valuable uses.

Chlorine dioxide is native to the body. The cells produce it, along with 15 other oxygen based compounds, including hydrogen peroxide and ozone.

Chlorine dioxide is a gas dissolved in water. When ingested, it permeates the body to the deepest levels.

Chlorine dioxide is an OXIDIZER, not a CHLORINATOR , like chlorine bleach is, a deadly poison.

Your friends at the FDA lie about this and call Chlorine Dioxide bleach.

Any high school chemistry textbook can prove otherwise.

Ultraviolet light from the Sun breaks Oxygen in the ionosphere into single ions which then clump together to form ozone. Ozone is oxygen which is no longer 02, but 03, 04, 05, etc. These molecules are heavier and fall through the atmosphere oxidizing unburnt hydrocarbons and other pollutants.

The same thing happens in the body. Chlorine Dioxide has 1 atom chlorine, 2 atoms oxygen. The chlorine ion is massive and has a voltage of .9 millionths of a volt. Pollutants and pathogens in the blood have a voltage around 1.5 millionths of a volt. Healthy cells are at 3.5 millionths/volt. The diseased cells and harmful bacterias and fungi and viruses in the blood are ATTRACTED electrically to the chlorine ion, but the healthy cells are not. The junk and gunk in the blood are charged particles and the chlorine is a magnet. Once attached to the chlorine ion, the 2 oxygen ions incinerate the debris and leave only inert ash and a small amount of oxygen. The water we drink rinses the ash away and our body is clean and healthy.

No drugs. No vaccines. No experts.

A healthy immune system is developed in accordance with Nature, nothing else is needed.

Chlorine Dioxide is completely different from Chlorine bleach which has 2 chlorine atoms, and will kill you if you drink it.

Once again the FDA has committed a crime. By equating a healthy Oxidator with a deadly Chlorinator, it has manipulated the public with fear and has prevented Nature’s way of health through purification to be available to the public.

Chlorine Dioxide is not an invention of medical science. It is not a scientific concoction dreamed up in chemistry labs. It is not patentable and does not make a profit.

The people at the FDA who are stomping it into the ground and prosecuting good men like Daniel Smith are only able to do so because their bodies are producing Chlorine Dioxide and keeping their blood clean enough to bring energy to their leg and feet muscles.

Bodily health is the result of being able to assimilate what we need and eliminate what we don’t. It does not depend on monsters with needles and their DNA altering vaccines.

Jim Humble’s book, The Solution, is must reading for anyone who is serious about Reality and how it actually works.

Health comes from being in alignment with Reality, not the FDA.

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Lies Kill

Lies Kill

by robert cinque

“You are free to believe whatever you want, but you are not free from the consequences of those beliefs”.    Ayn Rand

I am going to toss out an opinion here:  I think everyone’s life, including my own, is based on a lie that is standing on top of the truth.

My life is based on a lie when I insert psychic, emotional or biological malware into my operating system. Malware is any kind of counterfeit, false belief, toxin or injury to my system. When Malware is operating, instead of processing beautiful REALITY , my operating system processes the Lie.  I get sick. My cells excrete the poisons that accumulate into my lymphatic system and bloodstream. My immune system surrounds it with white blood cells and mucous that I sneeze and cough and blow out of my body from every available orifice. This is how the body purifies itself.

The erudite and clueless scholars of medicine, those geniuses in white coats at the NIH, think that my immune system is the problem. No, it is the solution.

They say: There are viruses attacking the cells! That’s the problem! Let’s spend zillions of dollars examining these terrifying, infectious agents and inject people with vaccines to save them! 

This is the equivalent of noticing that firetrucks always seem to show up at fires. This can only mean that firetrucks cause fires.

The doctors incorrectly identify the poisons as the problem. The poisons are being excreted because the cell is under stress and is trying to survive. The poisons include DNA and RNA fragments that are identical to viruses. They are the effect of the problem. not the cause.

It’s like a bag of garbage surrounded by flies. Instead of simply taking out the garbage and the flies with it, he focuses on the garbage and the flies. He spends decades and billions of dollars looking through an electron microscope. He gleefully declares his hope that through relentless, determined research, we may one day be able to offer a cure for GFS (Garbage Fly Syndrome). It’s gonna take a lot of sacrifice and many people will have to die, but we’re all in this together and somehow, we’ll make it through.

Before I continue, I want to say a word about syndromes masquerading as disease. The 367 diseases listed in the Psychiatric Desk Manual for example, syndromes like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) purport to be life threatening diseases that require immediate medication with Ritalin (speed) and Aderol  (chemical lobotomy). The High Priests of False Presumptions mistake fidgety, bored children who can’t pay attention to what the teacher is droning on about, as a “syndrome”, a “disease”. And, they consider a child’s natural resistance to coercion and domination a “disorder”.

These Monsters with Textbooks are lying.

The arrogantly presumptuous, scientifically materialistic, spiritually anemic, emotionally contracted, morally bankrupt, wannabe gods called “Psychiatrists” string together aspects of normal human behavior and call them a disease. They then claim that they are highly qualified to treat these terrible afflictions because they spent years and years in medical universities listening to their professors tell them that syndromes are diseases. Now, they have letters behind their name and diplomas on their wall.

If Lies Kill, then they are guilty of Negligent Homicide. Same with Medical Doctors. They may mean well, but that’s not enough.

Professional, well educated Doctors, people who REALLY should know better, are swatting flies and believing lies.

It’s OK with me if they believe lies.

It’s not OK with me that they spend trillions of tax dollars convincing the rest of us about them, jamming them up our ass, down our throat and into our blood.

Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates (cough, cough) are telling lies about how disease is created.

They confuse cause with effect.

The flies simply did not cause the garbage.

The virus clogging the system is the effect, not the cause.  

The dis-ease was caused by assault from fluoride, pesticides, air pollution, 5G electromagnetic pollution, GMO’s, pharmaceutical drugs, Glyphosate, heavy metals and vaccines, and many, many other sources of poisons and stress.

That’s why the virus/fly shows up:  to eat the garbage. They are firemen and garbagemen, not arsonists and invaders.

This is what must be understood and it is up to every single one of us to understand it, and fast.

The ENTIRE Plannedemic is based on the lie that viruses cause disease and flies cause garbage.

There is no reason to fear a virus if your immune system is functioning properly. It’s like a lock on your front door. If you forget to lock the door and a thief breaks in, you need to call the police, arrest the thief, and remember to lock the door. You don’t put the thief on an operating table and examine him with an electron microscope for decades.

The virus is not the problem. The problem is:

1 the upside down and backwards false paradigm of the germ THEORY.

2 the Covid19 tests which identify a genetic sequence in a virus or the presence of antibodies in your blood.

3 doctors who tell you that this means you have a deadly disease and must now be vaccinated or incarcerated.

We have over 30 trillion viruses in our bodies. Obviously, the presence of viruses are not the cause of disease.

You weren’t born in Original Sin either, but that’s another essay.

Lie or truth. No middle ground. We get to decide.

The fate of our children and our world depend upon our choice.

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The Sun In Your Heart Is Shining Bright

The Sun In Your Heart Is Shining Bright

by robert cinque

Who knows How or Why, but Life arises in every moment.

An endless stream of Life Energy crashes and splashes through the universe, its brilliance and intensity continuously birthing countless galaxies and organisms.

The Living Presence of Conscious Intelligence is a Wonder to Behold.

Existence is so vast, so far beyond words and explanations, the only appropriate response seems to be jaw dropping awe, staggering astonishment and speechlessness.

Nevertheless, I feel compelled to sail my leaky little rowboat out onto the vast Ocean of Being and see if my heart/mind/body/self can whistle a tune to the great Starry Person of Life and Love.

Here goes:

I am, as a born individual, an undivided, singular point of awareness. I feel, see, wonder, and think. I act. I explore because I am curious. I am curious because Life is so beautiful, so interesting. My wonder exceeds my knowledge. What I know is dwarfed by what is Wonderful. I am therefore compelled to know more about the Wonderful, so I row my boat out onto the ocean.

What do I know for sure?

The only thing I know for sure is that I exist. I am alive. I am aware.

Whether the universe is a big hologram or an illusion or a game of hide and seek, or a journey, a hell, a heaven, I can’t say.

I don’t know what it is. All I know, is that I love it.

I don’t have to know what it is or why it is, or how it is in order to love it and be intimate with it.

I can remove the blockades I have erected in my fear and let the dam break into my heart.

I can take off my clothes of malignant ego psychosis and get into Bed with my Lover.

If I am a dot, a point of consciousness, embodied as an apparent individual, appearing in a mysterious realm called Earth, then what is the big problem?

Yes, it’s confusing, terrifying, and you’re gonna die, but don’t flinch.

Don’t turn away from the pain. Everything you have ever known and everyone you have loved is going to disappear, just like you. In the meantime, you are supposed to make sense out of all of this and still get to work on time.

This is what I call the Crucible, the Furnace. Where all the hobgoblins of our fears, doubts, recoils, philosophies, strategies, obstructions, beliefs, idols, distractions, trivialities and false gods are incinerated.

As an individual, I am a dynamic fractal miniaturization of the Radiant Field of Awareness.

Consciousness is what exists first. Everything that you or I  have ever thought or experienced has been mediated through living, conscious awareness.

If Consciousness is the fundamental substrate of Life, and all apparent things are appearing as objects to It, then one can only conclude that Awareness and Matter are a lot like dolphins and oceans.

The Ocean of Awareness and Imagination explodes into DNA blueprints for infinitely fabulous organisms to appear, endlessly.

Who or What is orchestrating all of this? How do billions of cells and people and civilizations organize so intricately and beautifully, spontaneously?

What is my relationship to this Wonder?

According to Cymatics, the science of sound and its effect on matter, electrical signals organize atomic nuclei into patterns that correspond to the vibration and frequency of the signal. A magneto-electric field is generated in which the organism forms, according to each specific layer of the field. 

When the DNA in the sperm and egg unite, a literal sub atomic explosion occurs and a Radiant Field is generated that organizes the nutrients fed to it by the placenta into a new organism.

The mothers womb to the fetus is like space is to the sun. The Radiant Field we now call you is a literal sun. We know this because the heart is the first organ to develop and it has a sino- atrial node on the right side which is known as the pacemaker. The Light of the sun is sending a signal to the pacemaker to oscillate in synch with the electrolytes in the blood which are positively and negatively charged. This differential in charge pushes the blood through the body and the heart amplifies it and organizes it for distribution to the cells. The blood then delivers oxygen and nutrients to the body and removes its wastes.

All without our conscious attention.

This description of the process does not explain it. It’s still a mystery How and Why it appears.

Academic knowledge refuses to confront this mystery.

The scientific materialists believe that all Life is just  random interactions and that our awareness of it is merely the result of neurons firing in the brain.

This gargantuan leap of faith and belief, one which dwarfs even the most fervent fundamentalist’s, is as incomprehensible as it is preposterous.

Instead of admitting that they cannot understand reality and starting there, at Wonder, they just give up and dismiss everything as random. This is the most pathetic abdication of human curiosity and intelligence I have ever seen.

Anyway, when the Radiant Field is born as you, the Light of Life sends its signals into your infant body through love, water, oxygen and food. Your mothers milk nourishes you and coats your digestive tract with living enzymes which will digest your food and keep your immune system strong for life.

Born as Wonder and Delight, you soon find out this world is a strange place indeed. Instead of being welcomed as an Emissary of the Divine, you’re stamped, spindled and folded into a monotonous, boring, soul crushing robotic cartoon version of yourself that will now be forever mistaken as You.

The New Narrative is what the native peoples have known all along. They are our elders, and they are being exterminated by the Black Magicians. This is because they carry the living wisdom of inherent dynamic unity with the living Matrix of Nature. The word matrix comes from mater, Mother. The Satanist’s first assault is to rip the indigenous out of Nature, out of the body of the Mother.

It must be understood that Judaism is Satanism. Judaism is blood sacrifice, a horror that Jesus came to end, but it ended him. Now, he’s their poster boy for blood sacrifice, thanks to Paul and the Romans.

Jesus’s message was Prior Unity with God, the all- pervading Presence of Life that “rains on the just and the unjust alike”. That’s what got him killed. After his torture and murder, his Wisdom Teaching was turned into a crappy little ego salvation scheme, based on blood sacrifice and atonement for Original Sin to a tyrannical tribal overlord masquerading as God.

The blood sacrifice salvation machine is built on terror: separation from God. The Priest then rescues the hapless and doomed victim through the bloody rituals of appeasement.

The modern version of Original Sin and the need to be rescued is Covid 19. The virus creates the terror, the High Priests of Vaccination rescue the victim.

Our world is based on victim consciousness because human beings create ego out of fear. The shock of birth and the emotional recoil from Life creates ego suffering. We imagine, then dramatize, separation from our Originating Source, an absolute impossibility. Egos are,  therefore, easily manipulated by fear and salvation and appetite and fascinating distractions.

Individuals who have claimed ownership of their deepest identity as Radiance and Freedom are not so controllable. This is called adulthood.

I believe self ownership, healthy boundaries, and deep respect for All of Life is what is missing in our world.

The New Narrative is the Ancient Narrative: Inherent, Dynamic, Coherent Unity with All Being as the Condition of All conditions.

This is the basis of Authentic Religion, based in Reality. Not mythology, belief, premise, theory or axiom.

Truth, whatever it is altogether, is definitely not a map of the territory. It IS the Territory and everyone, atheists included, live There.

Is such a thing as true religion possible?


Does truth need religion?

No. True religion is the celebration of truth in the same way sex is the celebration of love.

Our awakening to our inherent non-separation from the Truth of Life and Its Radiant Field  is what must occur, for its own sake, but also especially now, during the Medical 911 psy-op known as Covid 19.

In order to defeat one’s enemy, you have to develop the skills and ability to do so.

In my view, this is accomplished through personal responsibility for and to what is true. This leads to an identity shift that is deeper and more comprehensive than my ordinary assumptions about who and what I am.

This realization is more than enough to demolish the Black Magic Spell that has been cast over humanity and hypnotized us into believing horrible lies about ourselves and Reality.

We have to realize that unity with Life or with each other does not have to be achieved, it has to be noticed as being always already true.

The solution to the imaginary disease known as ego is to Notice that you are the Awareness Of the body, Of the mind, Of your idea of yourself.

Those ideas and bodies and minds change. You don’t. Awareness doesn’t change. Awareness is like a mirror that is unaffected by whatever it reflects. Ramakrishna said that Awareness, our True Self, is like a pond  that we throw a stick on. Now, it looks like there are two ponds. No, there is only one.

Your underlying, inherent Nature doesn’t change on the basis of what you think about yourself. You are always still yourself independent of your beliefs.

When this is understood, everything changes.

Until then, we are playing a role on a stage that somebody else handed us, one that we accepted.

We are not a role, an idea. We are not an object. We are the awareness of the object.

The only thing that doesn’t change is the Awareness of the change.

When we build our Identity on that, then we are capable of caring for and being present to, every single aspect of our hearts, mind, bodies, and world. We become capable of love and the ability to respond under all conditions. We become adults and leave our childhood in our memories, where it belongs.

We grow up. And we build a world of cooperation and mutual enrichment, on the Ground of Profound Spiritual Recognition of our own and each other’s Sacred Essence.

Until we can do that, and complete these necessary pre-requisites for a healthy self and world, we will remain the brain dead, spiritually autistic controllable androids the Globalists have designed for fun and profit.

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What Really Scares Me

Aztec rituals of blood sacrifice existed because the priests were able to convince the people that eclipses of the sun or poor harvest seasons were because  God was angry at them for their sinfulness and demanded living human sacrifice as compensation.

Countless innocent people volunteered to be slaughtered on the altars, their beating hearts ripped from their chests. 

American rituals of vaccine injections exist because the doctors were able to convince the people that viruses are the sole cause of disease and demanded that everyone be quarantined, tested, and vaccinated.

Fear of pain and death drive such rituals.

People become pathetic caricatures of themselves when they do not overcome their fear and substitute bone head beliefs for reality.

Who says God is mad? Who says viruses cause disease? Show me the proof.

Viruses are cellular excretions, not invading armies. They appear when the cell is under stress. Any stress.

They are dumped into the lymphatic fluid and into the blood, flushed out by clean water, sanitized by sunlight, and purified by the production within the cell of chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, ozone and other super powerful oxidizers.

They appear as an effect of a cause: stress.

Poisons. Radiation. Fluoride. Glyphosate. Antibiotics. Pharmaceutical drugs. Air pollution. Vaccines.

The monsters with needles and scriptures are able to convince the people to volunteer for blood rituals of torture and death because the people are weak and lazy. The people find it too difficult to think clearly, so they pass the job to the experts.

Sitting on the couch watching Netflix. Just got my stimulus check, soon to be a monthly guaranteed income. I’ve got my mask on, will soon get vaccinated  so that i can be immune from the dreaded virus.

Mr Gates said he can give us a tattoo which will  prove we are members of the club and can now go to parties and restaurants. No more social distancing for us! This is awesome!

The gleeful enthusiasts who laid down on the Aztec altars, as well as the hapless fobs who allow themselves to be vaccinated by doctors with the pus from infected monkey kidneys, mercury, aluminum, gene altering, programmable nano bots, and who knows what else, are commiting a crime against themselves and their children. 

By refusing to be responsible for what is true, we become slaves to the lie and allow our blood to be set on fire in ritual, satanic sacrifice.

We have been controlled by those who lay claim to our blood. 

Our life was given to us freely at birth, but now, we are told it belongs to Anthony Fauci and the NIH and the WHO and the CDC.

Says who?

I’ll tell you what really scares me:

Its not the virus or even forced vaccines, the police state or the global syndicate which seeks to crush us all. Its not 5G or GMOs or digital currency or lockdown.

What really scares me is that look in my grandchildren’s eyes when they ask me what I was doing when this shit was coming down. 

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Do You Want Beautiful Lies Or The Painful Truth?

by robert cinque

An experimentally provable, scientifically credible summary:

The Germ Theory is 100%, completely wrong

The presence of viruses in the body does not prove that they are the cause of disease

Correlation does not prove causation

Viruses, somatids, pleomorphs and bacteria appear when cells are toxic and injured. They exist to clean up the debris

Koch’s Postulates were not applied to covid19

Hospitals are being given $13,000 for every covid19 diagnosis by the NIH

According to Kerry Mullis, inventor of the PCR test, it cannot be used for diagnosis of disease

The test packets contain a disclaimer that says: Not to be used for diagnosis of disease

The tests test for antibodies and genetic sequence, which does not prove causation

Viruses originate within the cells, are DNA and RNA fragments

Pasteur stole Bechamp’s research who proved that fermentation takes place even within a closed container, proving that bacteria, etc, exist within the cells

Assigning a single cause for a plethora of reasons why the cells become stressed is unscientific and is not supported by the data. In Wuhan, 130,000 5G towers, severe air pollution and mandatory vaccinations just might have something to do with people dying.

Hypoxia is not pneumonia. 5G wavelengths disrupt hemoglobin’s ability to absorb oxygen because iron is attracted to magnetic fields.

Chlorine Dioxide is native to the cell, along with ozone and hydrogen peroxide, and kills pathogens through oxidation.

The FDA falsely claims that chlorine dioxide is bleach, a chlorinator. No, it is an oxidizer, huge difference

Disease is caused by toxicity, obstruction, congestion, nutritional deficiency, and environmental poisons, like 5G, pesticides, fluoride, heavy metals, glyphosate, GMO’s and pharmaceutical poisons masquerading as medicines. Suppressing symptoms does not a cure make.

Viruses are the effect, not the cause, of disease

Allopathic medicine uses drugs, radiation and surgery in a warfare model which posits invaders from outside the body as the sole cause of disease.

Politicized science is not science, it is agenda that hijacks actual science and inverts it to justify its conclusions

Health is the result of taking personal responsibility for adequate nutrition, fresh water, sunlight, oxygen, rest, love, purpose and direction.

Disease is the result of a failure to care enough to live in alignment with Reality and cannot be prevented  by vaccines, drugs, or the confusion of cause with effect.

Examples: What is called cancer is the body’s response to low oxygen levels. Unable to combust the glucose in the mitochondria, the cell has to live on fermented glucose and forms a tumor in order to do so. Flood the body with oxygen, cancer disappears.

Osteoporosis is the body’s response to high acidity in the blood. Minerals like calcium are stolen from the bones in order to buffer the acidity. Restore minerals to the diet, alkaline ph is established, osteoporosis disappears.

Governments peddle the germ theory because it makes a ton of money and creates the illusion that it is protecting the people from invaders.

Childish fairy tales are for children. The hard, cold facts are for adults

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The Raping, Dominating, Manipulating, Shaming, and Degrading Of Mother Earth And All Her Children Is Now Official United Nation’s Policy

The Raping, Dominating, Manipulating, Shaming and Degrading of Mother Earth and All Human Beings Is Now Official United Nation’s Policy

by robert cinque

Since the time of the Dynastic Sun Gods of ancient Sumeria and Babylon, humanity has been ruled by a satanic cult with a huge Club, chained to superstitious ideas masquerading as truth, and elecro-shocked into submission to their masters.

Enslaved through debt to International Banking Cartels who print money out of thin air and loan it at face value to governments, at interest, human beings on every continent have had to endure poverty, war and disease.

Now, the Black Masters of Darkness, the Deceivers and Sorcerers in British M15, Israeli Mossad, and US CIA, have concocted a brilliant scheme to lock us down even more.

The World Economic Forum has published an article about how the only option with Covid19 is mass testing and vaccination, complete with a digital tattoo that will carry proof of vaccination. Then, everyone can go back to work and “be safe” because we have been “immunized”.

Fear of infection will justify arrest, indictment and imprisonment for anyone who refuses to vaccinate.

This trick works because enough people believe it. The trick is based on the false idea that viruses cause disease and can be transmitted person to person.

When 200 Wuhan residents showed up at the hospital unable to breathe, doctors took liquids from 7 of the patients’ lungs. They used the Polymer Chain Reaction test and found a genetic sequence which became known as Covid19.

The presence of a genetic sequence does not prove causation of disease.

Correlation does not prove causation.

If you lose your wallet in a restaurant and had sat next to a known, convicted pickpocket, that would not prove he stole your wallet.

People are dying, suffocating. Doctors put them on ventilators, their lungs collapse.


Covid 19 is blamed. Vaccine to the Rescue.


The psychopathic monsters who inflict these laughable, unscientific, provably false presumptions are posturing as sympathetic caregivers, diligent scientists hard at work to save us all.

Antony Fauci. Bill Gates.

The Twin Towers were not destroyed by airplanes and office fires, either.

The people who perpetrated 911 and lied about Iraq are lying to us now.

Cells excrete DNA fragments when under stress. These fragments clog up the system and the body produces white blood cells and mucous to eliminate the debris. The body heals.

The stress on the cell came first. The proliferation of viral particles came second.

Let that sink in.

Viruses are effects of stress. They  CAN cause more stress on the body temporarily, until they are flushed out, but they did not cause the original stress.  

Therefore, the entire mass media story that Covid-19 is the cause of people falling dead in the streets is false.

People are dying, yes. But not from a genetic sequence found in a virus called Covid-19.

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David’s Slingshot And the Sword of Truth

by robert cinque

“Truth is the enemy of the State”   Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister

Oswald didn’t kill Kennedy.

Osama bin Laden didn’t bring down the Towers.

Covid19 is not responsible for illness.

The “people” who lied to you about JFK and 911 are lying to you now.

Toxicity and stress is the cause of illness. Viruses are the effect. The cell excretes broken DNA particles which can proliferate and clog the system, causing illness if the stressor is not removed.

That is THE most important fact to understand.

There are trillions of viruses in our bodies. And bacteria. The mitochondria is a colony of bacteria which digests glucose and burns it in the presence of oxygen. This is hydrogen combustion and it produces water which is why our breath condenses on a surface.  If there is not enough oxygen, unburnt carbons accumulate like soot in a chimney. This is oxidative stress, there are many, many other kinds of stress, too.

Like 60 megahertz signals used in 5G technology, for example.

Since the iron in the blood is attracted to MAGNETIC FIELDS, then Electromagnetic waves generated by 5G is GUARANTEED to affect breathing and disrupt oxygen uptake. The doctors thought the patients had pneumonia and intubated them with pressurized oxygen and their lungs blew up. The hemoglobin is unable to bond with the oxygen and the person suffocates.

The Big Lie of the day is that 5G is safe.

5G waves absorb oxygen, which is why there has to be so many transmitters so close together. In Wuhan, where the “outbreak of the virus” started, there are 130,000 5G transmitters.

The experts down at Google who tell you that the waves don’t even penetrate human skin and are non-ionizing radiation are correct but then they conclude that, therefore, they are safe.  Oh, really?  How does this prove that 5G is safe?

They are like the Detective who is looking for a thief, goes into a mansion with thousands of rooms and closets and hiding places. He looks inside a broom closet and doesn’t see the thief.

“Well, I guess he’s not here” says the sleuth.

The geniuses at the World Health Organization (cough, cough) can’t find the cause of illness because they’re not looking it for it. They are too busy pushing their agenda:  Engineered Illness, lockdown, forced vaccines, digital currency and 5G.

President Trump proudly signed the “5G and Beyond” Act of 2020, generously helping even rural areas to “get connected”.  Now, everyone can have their hemoglobin unable to bond with oxygen and will suffocate and be diagnosed with Covid 19 infection. Thank heaven we all have such good friends like this down at CDC and WHO to help us with this terrible outbreak.

Understanding this is the stone in David’s slingshot.

In the real world, as opposed to the Black Magic Sorcery cooked up at the CIA and Mossad, even expert gunmen cannot do what Oswald supposedly did.  JFK was hit from the front, Jackie climbed out of her seat and onto the trunk of the limousine to fetch pieces of her husband’s brain. The “lone nut” is a fairy tale spun from the Black Narrative Engineers.

In the real world, the Twin Towers, 1.2 MILLION TONS of steel and glass, don’t turn to dust and hit the ground in 11 seconds from airplane impacts and office fires. In the real world, explanations of what happened explain the evidence we see. On 911 we saw 3 buildings collapse into their own footprint, at free fall speed. The Bush Crime Family, Netanyahu the Magicians down at CNN told us this was because of planes and fires and really bad people who hate us and our freedoms.

Now, these guardians of truth are heroically working to save us from a terrible plague. Bill Gates said yesterday that everyone can meet in groups as soon as the vaccine has been administered. The DNA altering, nano particulate vaccine will come with an “Immunity Certificate” and you will be allowed to have parties and weddings, just like old times. Plus, with the brand new Quantum Tattoo, you can receive digital cash delivered right into your account from Big Daddy who wants to give us all a Universal Basic Income because, you know, the virus destroyed the economy and everyone’s broke, so let’s borrow 6 Trillion from our Banker Friends and get paid! All you gotta do is take the vaccine, proudly display your “Immunity Certificate” and party on!

Those who refuse will be shamed and shunned and rejected as heartless, dangerous germ carriers.

The Black Priests of Trauma Based Human Conditioning Create the Catastrophe and then Control the Narrative. That’s how they Control us.

Our Leaders say, “Look, we HAVE to lock you down. It’s for your own good, honest. And we love you so much we’ll even hold you down and inject mercury and aluminum and neurotoxins into your blood.

We know it hurts, but hey, look on the bright side. Now, you can “get connected”.

I was 11 when JFK had his brains blown out in broad daylight by the Sorcerers and Torturers. JFK was working with Khrushchev behind the scenes to establish world peace and prosperity. Khrushchev broadcasted JFK’s speeches all over the Soviet Union. The CIA didn’t like that. The Satanic Mafia wants war, not peace. Blood sacrifice. Ritualistic, Public Blood Sacrifice.

On 911 human beings were burnt alive in public. 40 people jumped out of the Towers to their death, even though they were not near the fires. Evidence of Microwave Technology is all over that dreadful day.  I believe the Towers were Microwaved with frequencies that released the nuclear bonds in the molecules of the buildings, turning them to dust. The debris pile was only 2 stories tall, it should have been 30 or 40 stories. Researchers have thought that nuclear bombs or nano thermite must have been the energy source, but not even they could have done the impossible:  turn 110 story skyscrapers to dust in 11 seconds.  AND collapse Building 7 in six seconds, no plane impact, no fires.

These same people are now telling us that Covid 19 is killing people.  In Wuhan, doctors took 2 hundred people complaining of symptoms and pulled fluid from the lungs of 7 of them.  They identified a genetic sequence in the viral particles and called that the CAUSE of the problem.  They looked in one broom closet and ignored everything else.  They didn’t look at air pollution. 5G, mass vaccinations, or other stressors. No. It’s a Virus.

While everyone is locked down,  5G installations are shooting up everywhere.

David knocked Goliath down with a rock, but that didn’t kill him. While he was down and dazed, David cut off his head with a sword.

Our sword is truth. Truth is always truth and when we have freedom to explore it and discover it, we have health and happiness.

Today, the truth is buried under mountains of lies. The lies we are told, the lies we believe, and the lies we tell.

What does it say about us as individuals and a species that we live on lies? What can possibly change for the better as long as we believe what is not true?

It is foolish and childish to believe that extremely toxic, disease- causing vaccines and digital currencies and 5G will make our lives better. It is a terrible Lie that 5G is safe and it is even worse that we believe it.

Disease is caused by irresponsible behavior like eating junk food and using junk medicine that causes toxicity. The viral particles that the good doctors in Wuhan identified are the result of such toxicity, not the cause.

The Global Thought Police know that we will believe their lies because they know that we are irresponsible children and love to blame everything and everyone for our problems.   

That’s why the Sword of Truth is still laying on the ground, not being used to Defend the Sacred.

In order to defeat Goliath, we must stop creating suffering and weakness and allowing ourselves to be manipulated  by clever psychopaths.  We have to base our lives on what is true and beautiful and life giving. We must overcome our fears and use them well, to develop courage, not allow them to dominate and control us.

We are being called to stand on what is true, to live in freedom and love, and to be healthy physically, emotionally, spiritually, morally, psychologically.

Our Stone is Truth.

Our Sword is the Willingness to Defend It.

Our Victory will come through Our Devotion to Who and What is Sacred.

There is no other way.

If we don’t stand on the Truth, we will be subject to the Lie.

That’s why we are in this situation.

We got ourselves into it, we can get ourselves out of it.

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Make Enquiry, Not Assumption

Make Enquiry, Not Assumption

by robert cinque

Questions  drive intelligence. Curiosity is God, literally. Openness, wonder, interest (in anything) is sacred and divine.

Therefore, don’t go around casually making assumptions. Questions trump assumptions. I realize it’s impossible to stop making assumptions but we CAN be responsible for them and make immediate corrections when we discover how full of shit we were in making them.

For example, How do you know that we inherited Original Sin from Adam and Eve and now need the blood sacrifice of the Innocent Lamb of God? What is a test you could perform to see if this was true? Hmmmm? Can’t think of one? That’s because there isn’t one.

Also, How do you know that airplanes and office fires took down the Twin Towers?  Because CNN said so? Because  you were told by the authorities?

One more, then I’ll leave you alone.

How do you know illness is caused by Covid 19?

Because the same establishment that lied about 911 said so?

The first rule of authentic detective work is the reliability of your sources, and where your information comes from.

The second rule is If there is a cover-up, then there is a crime.

In 1954 thousands of Americans were injected with Polio vaccine. The criteria for establishing a polio diagnosis was 3 days of swollen glands and fever.  In 1954 the criteria was changed to SIXTY days for a polio diagnosis. The cases dropped dramatically and Jonas Salk became a worldwide hero. The AMA also called the rocketing cases of polio that swept the country after mass vaccination ‘Menigitus”. It wasn’t really polio and paralysis everyone was suffering. No, it was “Meningitus”.

Not only that, but it was probably the polio vaccine that gave us AIDS. That’s because HIV is similar to SIV, Simian Immune Deficiency Virus, and the polio vaccine is made by infecting monkey kidneys with polio virus and then injecting the pus that foams out of the decaying tissue into your blood. It is claimed by the Virus Pimps that this produces immunity, but it actually produces the very disease it purports to prevent.

I know this flies in the face of what you have been told, but you have been lied to.

I bring all this up because the so-called Covid 19 virus is being cited as the cause of illness and death all over the world. The scientists look at the viral excretions of cells under stress and assume that a virus is causing disease. However, cells excrete viral particles (DNA fragments) WHENEVER the cell is stressed.

The stress produces the viral particles, not the other way around. The vaccine produces the disease, does not produce immunity. The illusion of immunity is created by manipulating the definitions and the numbers and the names.

The illusion is created by inverting cause and effect. It’s like fiat currency, a debt. Debt pretending to be money.  Upside down and backwards.

The tests for Covid 19 are not scientifically credible. Identifying a genetic sequence in bodily fluids does not prove causation of disease. The effect cannot be the cause.

The so-called virus does not scare me, even if it is an engineered bioweapon.

What scares  me is the “cure”:  forced vaccination, lockdown, 5G, and digital currency.

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