The Spontaneous Outshining of Egoity

From shock and fear, I dramatize betrayal, abandonment, and worthlessness

I collapse from love and create suffering with self pity and blame

I blame others and transfer ownership of myself to them.

I create scapegoats and false gods in my rage.

I destroy Love and betray it and accuse others of betraying me

I create doubt and fear. When I fear I want security. When I want security, I empower false gods, tyrants, experts, strategies, and substances to save me.

I am a fundamentalist, a fascist, and a tyrant in an ego cult of one.

I enslave others in my hellish condition of dread

I abuse others with my self pity

I dramatize self pity and fuel all other addictions with it.

I harm others with my addiction to a false self that imagines itself to be separate from Love

I am a cultic worshipper in my exclusive ego cult of one.

I imprison others by my withdrawal from Love

I condemn others to the dungeons of my lovelessness

I betray Life by my withdrawal from Love.

My collapse and withdrawal from Love starves all my relations.

I use these conditions to justify my accusations of betrayal.

I use other’s failure to Love to justify my own failure.

I betray Love and blame others for it

I reject love, then dramatize betrayal.

I make others wrong

I impose my agenda

I am a recovering ego addict.
I notice the Obvious Beauty and Love at the Heart of Existence and the way in which I obstruct it.

I am not separate from Life and Love

I am free to be in alignment with Life and Love or not.

I am responsible for the consequences of my alignment or non alignment with Life and Love.

I use my non alignment with Life and Love as an excuse and reason for self pity

I am inherently, already one with what is always already the Case: seamless unity between consciousness and matter, God and self, whole and part..

I am recovering from self pity and the willingness to tolerate lovelessness in myself

I am a whirlpool in the River

I am a recovering ego addict.

I am responsible For and To Love, I maintain Heartfelt Intimacy with the Truth of Love, the Core of Reality. I do not withdraw from my Actual Condition as a Whirlpool in this River. I trust the White-Hot Core of Existence. I remain vulnerable, I trust Life’s Brilliance. I feel the Intensity and Freedom and Love of Life

Life flows from Love, the Condition of all things

I am Always Already one with Life

Life is Love, I am That

Love is God

God is Reality

Reality is Truth

Only God Exists

I am in Love with Life

I am responsible for Love

I am responsible to Love

My revulsion at my failure to love is the beginning of awakening

My responsibility for Love is authentic spiritual practice.

I am responsible for my choice of contexts, concepts, and conclusions, including their effects, outcomes and consequences.

I am free to love and to be what I already am

I am responsible for everything I think, say, and do and their effect, implication, and consequence are my responsibility

I am responsible for the suffering I create.

I am a recovering ego addict.

I am intrinsically Intimate with all beings. My family of Humankind upholds the truth of our deepest natures and our Inherent Coherence with all of Life. We Create Temples of the Heart and Establish Love and Freedom at the Center of Human Culture.

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4 Responses to The Spontaneous Outshining of Egoity

  1. Sue says:

    Brilliant. Thank you. This felt like a dose of medicine.

    I am all of these things.

    • cinqueterra says:

      Thank you, I wrote this based on the way recovery from addiction works, which is to find what is truly needed, then, the substance or whatever was filling the gap becomes obsolete, forgotten, without effort, no struggle is needed, only a readjustment relative to the now deeper source of emotional and spiritual nourishment.

    • cinqueterra says:

      thank you Sue, please see my comment to Hannah

  2. hannah says:

    I love this!!
    really like your blog………..Thank You!

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