The Oppressor’s Greatest Weapon is the Mind of the oppressed

The Oppressor’s Greatest Weapon is the Mind of the Oppressed.

The Oppressor uses our humanity as a weapon against us. Our ability to feel compassion for victims of a crime, to take action in their defense, to hold the perpetrators accountable, is the Controller’s weapon of choice. This is why false flag attacks are staged, to arouse a righteous indignation against the enemy who must be hunted down at any cost.

This is why those who believe the official government story of 911 about 19 hijackers cannot fathom how anyone could possibly question America’s rise to the occasion in confronting ruthless terrorists who killed innocent people and who somehow have the ability to overcome our $60 Billion defense network and pulverize a million tons of steel and concrete in 10 seconds. Undaunted by the facts of physics, believers in the official story make a cause and effect relationship between planes and fires and the disintegration of the buildings. The fact is the planes and fires had nothing to do with the disintegration of the buildings which was the equivalent of “sticking a pencil through a screen door”, according to the architect of the WTC complex. The fact that the buildings hit the ground in 10 seconds led researchers to conclude that explosives or nukes must have been employed, but further research shows that neither nuclear bombs nor nanothermite could possibly do the job because there were no chunks of the building, no rubble, only dust and a pile of debris not more than 2 stories tall. 110 stories should have produced a pile around 30 stories and we should have seen desks and toilets and big slabs of concrete, but there was mostly just dust. That dust contains within it microscopic iron shperes, smoking gun evidence of aresoled molten steel, caused by high heat and explosives. But what explosive could possibly have turned the buildings to dust in 10 seconds? Furthermore, the Towers should have produced a seismic signal of 6.0, not the 2.3 that was recorded. Dust doesn’t make a thud.

Whoever demolished the WTC Towers apparently used a weapon that utilizes the nuclear bonds within the molecules of the buildings themselves. The Towers appear to be ripped apart and turned to dust. Forensic scientist and researcher Dr. Judy Wood points out that the Towers look like giant trees that turn to sawdust from the top down, not the bottom up, as in ordinary controlled demolitions. Common building demolitions knock out the lowest floors and use the top of the building a big hammer to fall into its footprint. The Towers disintegrated from the top down. Think about that. What does that mean? It means that most of the buildings never hit the ground, they floated away as .01 micron dust. What kind of energy source has the ability to turn a million tons of matter into fine dust in 10 seconds?

Fourteen Firefighters trapped on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors of the north Tower survived. They were about to be crushed and kept waiting for the end to come because they knew the building was falling. Instead, they looked up and saw blue sky, 106 stories of building had disappeared above them. Read their compelling testimony in Wood’s historic and comprehensive analysis of 911 “Where did the Towers Go?

The Towers disintegrated from the top down. The explosives used were apparently the energetic nuclear bonds within the buildings. The mind of the oppressed is used as a weapon in the same way: our ability to feel empathy for the suffering of others. Please don’t allow this precious capacity of the human heart to be used a weapon against you.

911 was staged as a coux d’etat of the human mind and it is far worse than a sinister conspiracy, it is a relationship that humanity colludes in. We give our power away to the tyrants by our willingness to believe what they say instead of what we observe. It is successful to the extent that we are willing to believe what we are told instead of what we observe.

The truth is always senior to beliefs about it. The truth is always factual, does not need theories to explain it. Evidence is not theory. Evidence is the artifact truth left behind. We need only to observe the evidence and let it speak. The, we can proceed to bring the real perpetrators to justice.

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10 Responses to The Oppressor’s Greatest Weapon is the Mind of the oppressed

  1. David says:

    WTC building #7 collapsed from the bottom-up, and left a normal sized rubble pile – it was a conventional demolition. The Twin Towers were nuked at the bottom, thermited in the middle, and particle-beamed from the top-down, probably from a secret space-based weapon platform. That is the only scenario which makes sense to me. There were circular areas of destruction throughout the footprint of the WTC 1 and 2 (twin towers) complex, which were obviously caused by a particle-beam or other ‘exotic’ technology weapon. What we need to discuss is who did it, we pretty-much know the how and why. The international bankers and secret societies that control our planet were behind the 911 attacks, and almost all the other false-flag attacks, revolutions and wars. Unless we wake-up to WHO is doing this to us we are doomed. It’s important to reflect on how they control us through our own minds though, so I say this article is “doubleplusgood”!!

  2. Pingback: Dr Wood's claim that 80% of the steel from the towers was turned to dust. - Page 29

  3. Dr. Judy Wood is being attacked on all fronts especially by Jim Fetzer and Richard Gage. Anybody who attacks Dr. Judy Wood’s textbook is, in my opinion, a full fledged disinformation tool. Buy WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO? by Dr. Judy Wood, B.S., M.S. , Ph.D. and empower yourself with this textbook and its evidence of how the World Trade Center was “dustified”.

  4. jott says:

    There are some great themes in this article. Unfortunately, they are left undeveloped and the reader is left swimming in puddles. First, your opening paragraph needs to be fleshed out and introduced. It is little more than a thesis statement. Secondly, you never get the heart of the matter on the demolition of the twin towers. Again, you mention key pieces on information that never get interconnected into a coherent whole. Finally, you close with a seemingly throw-away statement about bringing “the real perpetrators to justice.” Please, pick a topic.

    I would like to read more about the things you’ve written about but I have only an outline. I would suggest that you rewrite this into a much longer piece with more research on the themes you’ve introduced. Spend much more time on how our humanity has been used as a weapon against us. In fact, you may want to make this the main focus. Then illustrate with the 9/11 attacks. The anomalies you bring up are interesting, but should be footnoted in a “for further reading” section. You have some intriguing ideas, please tell us about them. We are interested enough to read additional pages if you can write them.

    • cinqueterra says:

      many thanks for this useful critique. It’s true, I bit off more than I could chew, each of the subjects you list deserve much more attention. The main point that I was working towards is that social memes rule the planet and that we as a species are responsible for them and the havoc they create, both individually and as a whole. Ultimately, it is responsibility for love, empathy, and non violation that drives our growth, not childish beliefs handed down from above by church and state. Perhaps my new post I Found the Culprit would address some of your questions.

  5. jeff says:

    So how where the buildings disintegrated then?

  6. Thanks, I found your article through the posting at Henry Makow’s site (and to there from another site). Your text is shorter and therefore better, but I wonder, did you by chance read my articles on the subject “The Physical Evidence” and or Ten Years of conspiracy” ? Good Job though!

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