Cosmic Sex and the Twin Poles of Love on Earth

Cosmic Sex and the Twin Poles of Love on Earth

By Robert Cinque

Sex is about Heart, not genitals; they come later. If this natural hierarchy is reversed, sex is hollow, embarrassing.  The flesh turns into plastic and we go unsatisfied.  But we remain hungry for something deeper, for Recognition.

When you Recognize yourself or your beloved on a profound spiritual and emotional level, even if for a moment, a sudden shift occurs, an avalanche is unleashed and the Heart pumps blood into the genitals.

The Divine Feminine, literally every woman, is the Appearance of the Mystery: Beauty, Space, and Darkness.

The Divine Masculine, literally every man, is the Essence of the Mystery: Primal Intelligence, Light which shines in the cavernous Space of the Sacred Feminine.

In Cosmic Nature, inconceivably intense electrical currents are conducted through the universe. These currents light up the suns and galaxies, like a string of Christmas lights. It is electromagnetism that shapes and holds the universe together, not gravity. My point is:

Electricity is Light and Light brings shape to “matter”, which is made of Light, as well, as Einstein showed, E=MC2.

 This Light Shines in the Darkness.  The male thrust, the female reception, is exactly the same thing. Whether a child is conceived or not, the atomic pulse of the spermatozoa is neurologically and biologically enhancing.  Lovers would do well to ingest each other’s heartfelt sexually induced fluids.

Recognition is Soul Food.

When a woman can receive the heartfelt emotional/sexual energetic signals from her lover and vice versa, and mutual Recognition exists between them, heart to heart, then the infinite Power in which all things appear, can Flow unobstructed.

That’s real sex.

Genital based sex gets really boring really fast.  Heart based sex conducts the infinitely powerful, white hot Currents of Love/Recognition, the Splendor and Joyful Ecstasy of bodily incarnation as the Twin Poles of Love on Earth.

Being Human is a Divine Event.

The Heart, our fundamental identity, creates the genitals, the brain, the body, the will, the hands, the lips, the tongue, for its own purposes.  When you identify with what you Are, your Heart, all these brains and bodies and genitals become useful and enjoyable, but not until. Until then, your life is like a mental institution run by the inmates, the body, mind, and self.  The Heart projects these characters onto the stage and, when they lose contact with the Heart and each other, the Play becomes a war.

Unless the Heart is seated on the Throne of your life, there will be anarchy.  When you see that you are a Heart and so is your lover, your entire kingdom is restored from ruin, from endless wars and starvation and conflict and lousy sex.

In the Kingdom of the Heart, there is no lousy sex.

Your Heart is a Glorious Kingdom that has been overrun by lies and garbage. It has been buried beneath the rubble of confusion, conflict, and doubt.  The egocracy that the brain and mind and genitals have concocted in their fear is instantly vaporized when the Kingdom of the Real is brought back into Focus.   It’s always been like This, but as individuals, its easy to get confused because we’re so naïve, so gullible. We eat the garbage that is served us, is it any wonder we’re sick?

Real Food is found in the Heart, in Love. Real Food is found in loving, whether you are loved back or not.  It’s about being responsible for love and to love, under all conditions, all the time, everywhere.  This is Real Food, not pictures of Food.

When sex is Rooted there, “technique” and “performance” and “satisfaction” and “orgasms” and “romance” and all the rest are illuminated and transcended by Recognition of the Light that Shines in the Darkness,  and incarnates as the Tree of Life, the Trinity of Reality:  Father/Mother/Child.

God became Sex.  The One appears as the Two in the Auditorium of the Heart.  The Current that passes between men and women when their Heart is at their center, the Twin Poles of Love on Earth, the intergalactic force of Life Itself, is being Conducted.  It’s White Hot and Life Giving.

See for yourself.









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