Steal it Back

by Robert Cinque

Apparently, there are two events are always occurring in the universe: the radiation of light and the absorption of light.  The stars are shining in the darkness of space.  The light they radiate is absorbed by the planets which then bring forth countless living organisms, all fractals, miniature playful versions of the Whole.  God is often characterized as male because light is masculine, it travels very fast and in a straight line to it’s destination.  The Earth is female, our Mother.  The God of Light and the God of Absorption come from One Place. That Place is the Kingdom of Heaven, the Garden of Eden, and as Jesus said, it exists in your heart, as your very nature.  The Word became flesh and you’re it.

Our center is our heart. It is the organ that develops first, along with the tongue. The body and brain grow of That.

Below the heart are 3 coils and 3 above.

Perineum  I am the Ground and Trust of Love.  Red
Genitals I am the Pleasure and Creativity of Love.    Orange
Solar Plexus I am the Power  and Glory of Love   Yellow
Heart I am the Ocean of Feeling of Love   White
Throat I am the Expression and Articulation of Love   Green
Eyes I am the Vision and Imagination of Love   Blue
Brain I am the Space and Embrace of Love  Indigo

I am Love Itself, and so are you.  White on Black

I am the truth of love.  It’s hard to say that, given all my shortcomings and failures, but it’s true.  The universe is made out of Light, so is DNA. Matter is made out of light.  That means I am light already, now, don’t have to ascend or go anywhere for this to be true.

If what is real is what is true, then Reality is Truth.  Since you are a whirlpool in that Mighty River, you are made entirely, 100% of Living Light, now, not just when you ascend or get to Heaven.  Your very nature is Truth. As a born being, you’re an infinitely complex, multidimensional, expression of what is Real, what is True.

It’s a painful and bloody affair to be a human being, and terribly exciting to be alive   It’s so paradoxical, the intersection of the mortal and the infinite, the eternal entwined like lovers with the finite. This is the rapture that inflames the mystic: Rumi, Theresa of Avila, Francis of Assisi. On top of that glorious condition, everything you have ever had is going to be taken from you. You are staring death in the face in every moment.  Still, you must find a way to love and be intimate with this excruciatingly paradoxical Reality.

This is the Hero’s journey.  Life seems cruel, unfair, aloof. We die in the end.  It’s meaningless.  Nothing matters.  Everything is random, let’s go get laid. This is the ego hell that the Hero overcomes, the dragon who stole his Treasure.

Steal it back.

Steal back the Truth which was stolen from you and break free of the chains in the dungeons of ego hell. Ego is created through withdrawal from the Great Wonder, into fear and doubt. It is an activity, not an entity.

It is the Lie we swallow that poisons the world.  Renounce the Lie of Separation from The Living Divine Person of Love, Reality Itself. Fall through the floor of your buildings as they crumble to dust from the intensity of the Light and Truth of Life.  It’s a catastrophe yes, but its good they’re gone. They blocked the light.

The Truth of Life is that only God exists, only Light shining in the Darkness., only Truth, only Love, only Unity among all Parts.

When you look at the dog and it looks back, the only One Who exists is doing both the looking and the looking back. It is One Being existing in and as two entities.  It is the Ocean of Aliveness in which you and the dog are floating, appearing and disappearing in endless cycles of birth and death.

There is no reason to withdraw from this or worry about it in any way. Life is so great, it merits our confidence and heartfelt intimacy, no matter how crazy or paradoxical it may be.  Leave God alone.  Let God be what God is.  You and Everything else.

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