Jesus Heist: Zionism, 911, and You

What does Jesus, Zionism, and 911 have to do with you? In this essay, I intend to show the connection and how it has directly led to the (engineered) crisis in the Middle East and now, the world.

One of the favorite tricks that Zionists and other tyrannical systems use is to commit the crime and then blame the enemy for it. The mass public cannot imagine such treachery, so it goes unnoticed. Call it Good Cop/Bad Cop trauma based conditioning. The bad cop creates the fear and stress, the good cop rushes in to *rescue” the victim and program him with lies they want him to believe. I mention this technique because it is so effective and so widespread, it has literally taken over the planet, in religion, politics, science, and the economy.

I will explain how to prevent this, but first, I want to describe the trick itself.

The power of your attention is, by far, the greatest power you possess. This is because attention creates energy. Every single thought, word, and deed that you enact requires the energy of attention. This is why the first rule of advertising is to get the customer’s attention. Women wear lipstick for the same reason. Beauty, color, fragrance are attractive. Flowers, birds, insects, humans all use attractors to gain attention and energy.

The magician is successful to the extent that he can direct the attention of his audience.

The same is true for dictators.

On 911, for example, the very first act of the government, through its media mouthpiece, was to announce who did it and why. Before the dust had even settled,  all 3 major networks broadcasted the news that this was the work of Islamic terrorists. The problem with this hasty asserion is that the “terrorists” had neither the capacity nor the ability to do any such thing.

110 story skyscrapers, 1.2 MILLION TONS of steel and concrete, don’t turn to dust and hit the ground in 10 seconds, at free fall speed, from airplane impacts and office fires. At least, not in this universe, where the laws of physics still apply.  And, knuckeheads with boxcutters don’t overtake a 60 billion dollar security apparatus, the most sophisticated defense systems on earth and hijack planes without lots and lots of help from the dictator and his minions. Osama Bin Laden is the new Lee Harvey Oswald;  neither of them had anything whatsoever to do with the crime they were so famously blamed for.

Good Cop/Bad Cop shocks the victim, then rescues him. That’s why 9/11 was chosen as the date to destroy the Towers. We call 911 in an emergency.

911 was the second greatest psy-op in history, designed to inflame the public’s righteous indignation and ride it all the way to world conquest by way of the police state. Create the Problem/ Offer the Solution. Traumatize/Rescue.

The first and greatest psy-op in human history is Original Sin and the preposterous idea that humanity has been cast out of the Garden of Eden.

To imagine that I am separate from God, cast out of the Garden of Paradise, creates terror. This is the Shock. The Rescue is the Scapegoat, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. The problem with this narrative is the same one with the government’s official story about patsies with korans who take down skyscrapers: it’s IMPOSSIBLE.  Nothing, and I do mean nothing, is separate from its Originator. How could it be? Is your hand separate from your arm? Is your head separate from your body? No, they are distinct, unique parts of a whole.

Just like you and God.

Jesus hated blood sacrifice and the ridiculous idea of vicarious sacrifice and spoke publicly against it. He called the Doctors of the Law whores and parasites. liars, traitors, and tyrants. He loudly proclaimed the always existing, Prior Unity with God. This was the Original Gospel, the Kingdom of Love, the Treasure the man finds “buried in his field”.

For this, he was tortured, murdered, and silenced. He was also programmed to be the poster boy for blood sacrifice.

This is how Jesus and 911 are related; they are both victims of a scripted narrative that uses Shock and Rescue dynamics.

There is a way to prevent this:  stop giving yourself away,  stop betraying who you are and where you come from,  stop believing lies.

As long as you and I are ready, willing, and able to ingest lies, to give unimpeded access to liars, and to desecrate the obvious, glorious, glaring, radiant divine beauty from one end of the universe to the other, human sufering on earth will continue and will get worse and worse.

Where you place your attention matters. All the great spiritual realizers of mankind strongly recommended that we focus our attention on the Root of attention itself because that is the Source of Life. All living organisms have an attention span. We are aware, we are Alive. We appear in the Great Ocean of Being. We are not orphans born in sin. We are not refugees marooned on an island of flesh. We are emanations of a Great Heart that pumps its Blood through our veins and Shines Its Light through our eyes.

The greatest sin, the very one Jesus condemned, is the refusal to allow God to be what God is, to refuse to see the inherent, dynamic unity between Matter and Spirit, Self and God, Part and Whole. He insisted that we repent from the false self which imagines itself to be separate from its Source, and fearlessly participate fully in the great cycle of birth and death in God.

Overcoming the spiritual and cultural conditioning we all inherited is the most urgent and important task of every individual and nation because it breaks the spell of the bonehead ideas plastered all over the sacredness of reality.

Enlightenment is the destruction of these false, impossible ideas. It allows the Free Circulation of the Living Curent, unobstructed by clever psy-ops designed to limit and ensnare the unsuspecting individual. Life sends us false ideas to see if we will take the bait.

Are you really willing to settle for less than who you are? Although we are all free to do so, there is absolutely no reason for it. Claim what is yours. be what you are.  Throw away the psy-ops of religious psychosis, scientific materialism, and political/economic enslavement.

“As a man thinketh, so is he.”


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