Salvation Theology, Armageddon, and You


In the Book of Genesis, God gives Abraham the land from the Tigris River to the Euphrates.

Zionism is the political implementation of this biblical verse. Abraham’s descendants, the Jewish people, have exclusive title to this land. Anyone living there is trespassing.

The core principle of Zionism is exclusive favor with God. The Gentiles exist only to serve the Zionists, and are genetically inferior.

Therefore, Zionism is racism. It also leads directly to Armageddon.  The Chosen People have claimed exclusive domain over the entire planet. That’s where you and I come in.

We are David. It is Goliath.

Since God kicked our parents out of the Garden of Eden, a Plan of Salvation had to be devised. When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they committed Original Sin, passed it to their children, and handed dominion over the world to Satan.  A perfect Sacrifice had to be offered, a perfect Son had to be born to save the world, the Messiah.

In order for the Messiah to appear, Armageddon must explode and purify the world by fire. The Zionists have taken it upon themselves to do the exploding and the burning.

911 is one example. The invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen, are others.

The positioning of Jared Kushner in the White House is another.

Kushner is the Rothschild Israeli Mossad agent in Trumpland. He is a dedicated Zionist and a member of the extremely radical sect, the Chabad Lubavitch, which sees nuclear war as the next Holocaust needed to usher in the Messiah. They lobby Christian fundamentalists who eat it up like kids with ice cream cones.

Donald Trump credits his daughter, Jared Kushner’s wife Ivanka, with convincing him to bomb Syria.

Are you still wondering if salvation theology has anything to do with you?

If you get the queasy feeling that something is just not right about this salvation theology thing, you’re not alone. I have been having the screamy jeezies about this for years but now, with Jared Kushner whispering in the Man-Who-Used-To-Be-The-President’s ear, I am really spooked.

Salvation theology is based on a premise COMPLETELY ABSENT of evidence. There is no proof whatsoever that we have been kicked out of the Garden, in fact, quite the opposite is evident. The Book of Genesis and the claims the Zionists make for themselves, are hearsay, rumor, wishful thinking, and conjecture.  Anyone can say such things, it doesn’t make them true.

Where’s the proof?

If you ask this question, you are considered to be without “faith” and should look to Abraham. Follow his example: be willing to commit murder to prove your obedience.

Be willing to sacrifice your rational mind and become a true believer. Then, God will reward you.

The Gnostics, who were slaughtered in the first century by mobs of Christians and Jews, spoke out against this. They said to forget salvation theology and realize that your own Body and the Body of the World is the Garden. Cultivate it. Pull the weeds. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Be happy, don’t withdraw, don’t collapse from the Condition of Love and Freedom, don’t imagine yourself to be a thing, an ego, a separate self. Don’t go down the road of Salvation theology because it leads to Armageddon. Why blow up the Garden for a false premise without evidence?

The real Fall of Man is believing the Lie of Separation. The way back to the Garden is the shocking Realization that you ARE the Garden.

The Garden of Eden is the Kingdom of Heaven, is the Nature of Reality, is the Quantum Space/Time Field. It’s always been this way, it doesn’t have to be prayed for or brought into existence.

It IS Existence.

It Flows. It Shines. It Beats. It’s Alive. Now, not later, now.

This is the truth that outshines Zionism and all ego based psychosis. Psychosis is division, when the parts don’t realize they’re members of a singular organism. Zionism assumes a division in the Parts of God and lays claim to an exclusive status. The proof? Their Holy Book. Who wrote that Book? They did. This is called Circular Reasoning.

Make a claim, use it as proof.

There are invisible gnomes in my back yard. The proof? I can’t see them.

God said the land belongs to Abraham. The proof? It’s in the Book that we wrote.

This is the mentality that is directing the foreign policy of the United States. Our only hope is to see Life as it truly is, not as we say it is. Talk is cheap. Reality is not.

We are free to believe whatever we want. Unfortunately, we are not free from the consequences and implications of those beliefs. If we as a species do not get a handle on the psychotic narrative that has infected this world, it’s gonna Armageddon our individual and Planetary Garden to smithereens.

Find your Inner Know.










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