No Problem

Life is not a problem. Making it into one, is.

Assuming an inherent flaw in Life, in oneself, in humanity, is nothing but speculation, hearsay, rumor, conjecture, theory, belief,  superstition, and fantasy.

When these nothings become dogmas and entire societies and institutions grow up around them, the world becomes a reflection, a casualty of toxic ideas that have no basis in Reality Itself.

Our world.

Imagine a world where individuals understood themselves to be whole systems, superpalpalistic visceralisms, neuroballistic tactilegasms of infinite proportions. They recognized themselves and each other as staggeringly beutiful uniquities of fabulous Wonder and Depth.

Instead of concocting fish tales, extremely questionable ideas about the Fall of Man and expulsion from the Garden as ways of explaining the madness all around us, we would simply recognize the Obvious, the Apparent, the Glorious Presence of Life. Plastering knucklehead ideas all over It wouldn’t even occur to us. We would be too busy Kissing each “other” and amusing ourselves with creative adventures and inventions.

Building bombs to kill the “enemy” would not occur to anyone. What’s an enemy?

The fact that we live in a world of toxic ideas is so painfully evident, it boggles the mind.

What’s even more astonishing is that we believe the shit that we are fed by the monsters of our own creation, the bastard children of our own default on ourselves.

Every society gets the government it deserves.

Enthusiastic, happy, sane individuals who are willing to love and participate in the Immanence, the Appearance of Wonder could not, would not, live in a world like ours.

That’s because their world is based on Truth.  Our world is based on lies.

Our sub-human world of ego madness, religious psychosis, and materialistic science is based on the lie of separation from Love, Radiance, the Truth of Life. When we swallow this lie, we become spiritually autistic androids, machines of the church and state, fascists, fundamentalists, and tyrants. The lie assumes separation from God, and creates a false self, the so-called ego. But this is just an idea, a belief. It’s a false belief, but one with very deadly consequences: every ego becomes a demon of addiction of the worst kind.

It is based on a falsehood, a distortion of the actual Condition, a confusion between my reflection and what I actually am.

The demon is a parasite, a vampire, an energy thief because he has no Energy Source of his own. He separated himself from It by believing the Lie.

This is the real Fall of Man.

We didn’t inherit it. We created it.

We created it through default on ourselves and our Actual Condition at Infinity. Emotional and spiritual withdrawal from Love creates ego hell and the world as it is today. Don’t blame the government or the church or the state. We put the noose around our neck and into their hands.

Everyone knows what the Utimate Condition is. Everyone knows exactly what it is to Love and to be Happy. Everyone knows what Love is. It does not have to be learned or taught. It is That out of Which everything is created, the Starry Mystery and Radiant Wonder of Existence Itself.

It may be buried under centuries and mountains of spiritual garbage but It’s still there, still waiting for us to Notice It and come Alive.

This is the only effective revolution on Earth because only it addresses the actual, self created problem: the false assumption of a problem, of a non-existent separation, and the frankenstein monster it creates.

The Free Individual stands before and prior to the extremely dubious ego-creating assumption of separation from Life and Love. He does not chronically dramatize problem/rescue scenarios.  He stays present as attention and energy and love to whatever difficulty he may face. He doesn’t play victim, he’s a volunteer, a participant. He is emotionally and energetically present naturally, easily, a consequence of his open-hearted ability to conduct the Force of Life.

We spiritually constipated and bankrupt egoholics, on the other hand, are so busy patching holes in our leaky rowboats, we can’t pay attention to the Real streaming into our hearts, dividing our cells, inviting us into the Ecstatic Water. We’re so busy cramming our beliefs down other people’s throats (and avoiding theirs) that the Glorious Spectacle goes unnoticed.

I am painfully amused by modern doctors of the soul who prescribe remedies for our spiritual ailments in the lotions and potions of remedial strategies. We are told we must meditate more and find inner peace.  We should be positive and grateful, as counterweights to our fallen state.

To me, this is like using bandaids for someone who went through a meat grinder. I’ve got nothing against bandaids or meditation, it’s just not gonna cut it when it comes to solving the non-problem.

If you have your head up your ass, should you buy flashlights?

If you believe lies, should you dabble in counter-measures?

You can’t be a little bit pregnant. You’re either divine or not. You get to decide. You get to enjoy or suffer the consequences. When we embrace the obvious and stop defaulting on ourselves, things will change.

That’s love and freedom. That’s our Situation.





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