The Tyranny of Spiritual Childhood

Children need parents.

Adolescents need rebellion.

Adults need self ownership.

If humanity were a person, I figure we’re around 11 years old. Loitering between childhood and adulthood, we are restless and bored, extremely suspicious and resentful of all things authoritarian. As a global adolescent, we have, in spite of being electro-shocked, traumatized, anesthetized, trivialized,  hypnotized,  dominated, vaccinated, and legislated to death, managed to somehow still survive. For this, we are to be commended.

However, in order to get to where we’re going, full adulthood, we must develop these Abilities:

1 Eat the Apple, defy authoritarianism, and move completely out of your parents’ house

2 Take responsibility for the assumptions driving your conclusions. You chose them, they are your property, your responsibility. You can’t create a belief system and then ignore the fact that you created it. The criteria you use to make your decisions are personal choices, not merely inherited habits or customs. Take responsibility for what you think, why you think it, and how it manifests in your life and the larger world.

3 Understand that taking risks is dangerous and that not taking risks is even more dangerous.  “How It Is”, handed down from on high by mommydaddy, the state, the church, the schools, just ain’t necessarily so. Those days are over. You gotta figure things out for yourself,  from the ground up. You have to determine what is fundamentally true, not just take it secondhand from the authorities. Maybe the authorities are wrong. If you just blindly believe them, what then? Is what they say the truth? Or is it just a belief about the truth? Find out.

4 Adults are in the difficult and uncomfortable position of being required to make sense of Life in all its absurdities and contradictions. We are expected to show up and pay attention to a mysterious existence that is ultimately unknowable, unfathomable, infinite, incomprehensible, and paradoxical. What is born, dies. Now what? What is my relationship to this mystery?

5 The relationship we as individuals form or do not form with the profoundly mysterious source and presence of life determines our experience in exactly the same way an electrical switch allows or prevents the flow of electrons through a wire. It is an on/off situation. If your switch is on, you conduct the infinite forces of the universe. If it is off, the forces still conduct themselves through you, but only through the default mechanisms available to it. Your cells still divide, your heart still beats, but the Life Current is on automatic pilot, waiting for you to notice that you are Alive as the Current Itself, not just the body/mind/world it animates and illuminates. You are the Aliveness Itself, not just the objects of Its’ awareness. This realization creates the opportunity for full conductivity of the Life Current and is available to every human being without exception or limit.

These 5 Abilities enable the logistics and structures of Life to become available to the individual. Yogic powers of invisibility or levitation, for instance, so-called miracles of all kinds, are tiny examples of what happens when Imagination, the Life Presence of Love and Radiance, is uncorked. Imagine the world we could create if love was actually present and available in our decisions.

For millions of years, humanity has been stuck in the gears, the  badlands between childhood and adulthood. No real adult would tolerate for one second the abuse and domination we as a race endure on a daily basis. Adults don’t create or allow violence and abuse. That’s what makes us adults, the ability to love and protect what is precious.

Authentic human life is about love and happiness and the responsibility to prevent and remove the obstacles that constantly appear.  It’s not enough to want to be loved. We have to be willing to show up as love, under all conditions, whether we are loved or not. That’s because we ARE love itself and don’t need anyone to love us for that fact to be true. It is always true, no matter what happens or does not happen.

The real revolution is in realizing and in identifying with fundamental truth. I’m not talking about”your truth” or “mine”, I’m talking about that which is true under all circumstances, all conditions, all points in space and time.

I don’t know what the ultimate truth is. All I know is that, whatever it is, everything is made from it.  How could it be otherwise? How could whatever originated Existence be somehow separate from it? Are you separate from yourself? No, you ARE yourself, whatever that is altogether. Same with Cosmic Life. It is Itself, undivided, not separate from itself, whole, singular, coherent. Just like you. Your apparent fragmentation and dividedness is still part of a greater whole. That’s because that which observes the fragmentation or whatever, is larger than it and exists prior to it.

Consciousness, your true nature, showing up as the fragmented individual in a chaotic world of division and strife, rooted in a gloriously beautiful Garden of Eden, is the ultimate paradox and conundrum of human being.

Our Great opportunity is to Cultivate the Garden of our Body and the World, to Dig the Soil, and Passionately Participate in Life as mature Emanations of the Beloved.

We are Radiant Appearances and Disappearances of the Wonder and Mystery of Light and Love, not orphans, not refugees, not victims, doormats, shithooks, punching bags, or slaves.

It’s time we started acting like it. Discard the Tyranny of Spiritual Childhood and enter the Domain of the Truly Adult Heart, our deepest and truest nature. Then, the world will reflect That and not the bankrupt, debt ridden, impoverished, default androids called “you” and “me”.










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