I Am, therefore, I Love

Descartes had it backwards. He did not go nearly deep enough with his “I think, therefore, I am.

I am, therefore, I think.

Existence, the Essence, the very Center of Life, whatever or wherever That is altogether, precedes Its’ appearance.

I Exist. I Am because Life is. If Life is Light and Light is Love, then I am Love.


Consider this: whatever Life is, It’s Great. Just make friends with it emotionally and don’t complain about uncertainty because it’s a lot worse than you think. Not only is Life gloriously uncertain and unpredictable, it’s also unknowable. We literally do not know what a single thing actually is. We’ve  got names and descriptions, but what IS that lunchbox, really?

How did it come to be and why does it exist at all and who or what made the atoms in it, anyway? And, where is it? The universe, you say? What’s that?

No matter what answers I give or don’t give, Existence was here before I asked the question. Therefore, I exist in a state of ignorance, unknowableness. This is because every question I ask, every inquiry I make is an action that comes after Existence, is now a part of it, so how can I be a knower of it?

Can I see my own eyes? No, I need a mirror.

In my opinion, the universe is the mirror that the Living Wonder of Love and Imagination, the very One Who beats in the heart of every single organism, uses to see Itself.

Life is a Verb, we are the Noun. Together we make a Sentence: I Am Life manifested in and as a Luscious Rainforest of Body and World.

What’s the problem with that? What’s wrong with that?

Who am I or you to stick that into some bullshit idea about the Fall of Man? I’ll tell you what the real “fall of man” is:  imagining that heaven is entered only when we die. That love and happiness are available without limit only after death, our reward for being good or “saved by the blood” of an innocent lamb. The reality is, heaven is entered at the death of this belief in a falsely imagined, separated, emotionally withdrawn, divided, bewildered, conflicted, psychotic self who concocts the idea of separateness on the basis of exactly no evidence whatsoever.

Heaven is the Present Condition of Reality already. 

Ignoring or rejecting this is the actual Fall of Man.

I repent from this sin, this crime against Nature, God, and You.


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