The Bloody River of My Revulsion And Disgust

The Bloody River Of My Revulsion And Disgust

by robert cinque 

“You shall know them by their fruits”

Jesus of Nazareth

The Murderer-in- Chief has once again clearly demonstrated the moral vacuum at the core of his deeply psychotic, sub-human nature. As a rabid member of the Lubavich cult, along with Ivanka and Jared, he believes that Armageddon must occur before the Messiah can return.

What better way to cheer on the necessary global catastrophes for Armageddon than to murder Iran’s highly respected General Soleimani?  

According to the Liar-in-Chief, it wasn’t the Iraqis who stormed the US Embassy, exhausted and outraged by the illegal US invasion and destruction of their country, it was the Iranians! He promised to get the US out of the Middle East but instead has escalated the violence and destruction and now blames Iran for “supporting terrorism”.   

In his world (I can’t force myself to even mention his name) defending one’s life and country from naked aggression is terrorism. 

I hope that this hollow, banal, mindless and heartless machine/robot inhabitating the presidency gets his face smeared in the shit he has created and goes to prison for life, along with all his followers and enablers.

For all those true believers, he has no intention of “draining the swamp”, he is not pro-gun, he is not going to dismantle the Federal Reserve Crime Syndicate, he is not going to stop the invasion of illegal immigrants and he is going to continue to enable Israel to confiscate all the land from the “Tigris to the Euphrates” .

He is nothing more than a cheap slum lord who masquerades as a human being and whose identity is built on materialism and narcissism. a perfect errand boy for the Rothschild/Annunaki mafia. 

By capitalizing on our hopes and dreams for a better world, he lured us into the apocalyptic cultism and superstitious zombi beliefs that oozed out of the master/slave ideology of the brutal militarization of Judaism known as Zionism. It’s demonic brainchild, the extremely secretive Lubavichian cult, makes Ghengis Kahn look like an 8 year old schoolgirl. It is the ultimate porn show for all those parasites, vampires and tyrants who like to watch living human beings be tortured and burned alive as a sacrifice to YHWH. Holocaust means “burnt offering”. The Jews who were murdered in the Nazi concentration camps were sacrificed to YHWH by blood thirsty Zionists. Hitler and Eichmann wanted to send them to Ethiopia, where they could have a land of their own. The Zionists wanted them to be burned alive as a sacrifice that would create worldwide sympathy for their suffering so that Rothschild could build the State of Israel right smack dab in the Arab dominated Middle East. This would guarantee lots of oil and conflict, a perfect combination to rule the world from Tel Aviv, London and Washington. The Rothschild funded Zionists hate the Jewish people and used their suffering for personal gain. 

President Chump is a Zionist. A more-than-fanatical Zionist.

Thankfully, the eternal laws of cause and effect, will deliver the consequences of his choices to him and to his gleeful, clueless, irresponsible, childish, naive and gullible followers. Unfortunately, good and decent people everywhere who don’t believe an ounce of this apocolyptic bullshit will also be drowned by the tsunami of the incandescent moral outrage that the Iranians and the entire world feels towards the US/Israel/London Axis of Evil.

I used to like him. I thought he was financially independent and could not be manipulated. I thought he was going to restore the Republic and lead the country and the world by the light of moral virtue. I thought he was a maverick, a shoot- from- the- hip cowboy who loved the Bill of Rights and the “rugged individual”.  I thought he was a self made man who made and lost millions several times but managed to succeed in spite of great adversity.

I was wrong. He is a Rothschild/Israeli pimp who has not contemplated anything more profound than how cool compound interest is. And fiat currency. To him, printing money out of thin air and LOANING it to others AT INTEREST is way cool. That’s why the Rothschild Extortion Racket hired him to continue their dirty work in the Middle East.

We as a species will get precisely what we deserve, no more, no less. Through our willful ignorance of what is authentic and by our slavish, mindless beliefs in provable lies, we have condemned this planet and every creature on it, to hell.

Technology aint gonna save us. Neither will governments, the United Nations, aliens from the Pleadies, or a return of Jesus Christ.

We created this world through our default, inherited beliefs in lies. We perpetuate those lies every day. The world is a perfect mirror for this. We create suffering by believing lies.

“If you want to be enlighted, stop believing lies”

Jim Humble

I dont condemn anyone for this. It is very easy to believe lies when your entire culture, religion, science, history and educational system is saturated with them. But, this is no  excuse. We still have to find out what is true, what is real, what is authentic and then build our lives on that.

The truth still exists, Natural law still operates, it’s just buried and hidden. 

It is our sacred responsibility to dig it up and place it at the center of our lives, The cheeseball statues and plastic gods and grinning psychopaths all have to go from our lives. 

Otherwise, it’s Chumpland for everyone.

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