God’s Prayer

Does anyone see a contradiction between the idea that God is in control and praying for victims of a disaster? If God Almighty is in control of everything, why would anyone need to pray for anything? Isn’t making petitions to God evidence that the petitioner does NOT believe that God is in control and needs to be prayed to and even given some ideas and suggestions?

Personally, I do not believe that God is in control of anything and is subject to internal dynamics just like the rest of us. Are you in control of your cells dividing? Do you pray to your heart to keep on beating? Or say things like, “Dear Lungs, please help me get up this hill by breathing faster? How about: Heavenly Father, thank you for saving the little boy who was thrown off a 4 story balcony but why didn’t you just prevent the scumbag murderer from doing it in the first place?”

Personally, I think the idea of praying to God for this or that is insulting and absolute evidence of the refusal to do anything oneself, instead just ask Big Daddy, He’ll take care of things. He’s in charge. 

If God is all knowing, how come he doesn’t already know what I’m praying for? Do you really think that if God were in control of everything that he would need your input? Isn’t thinking so kinda arrogant and presumptuous? What  do we know?

Here’s what I think: God is Life. God is Living Conscious Light and Love that radiates from a center around which the universe rotates. The Living Light illuminates the galaxies, their suns, planets and organisms. Galaxies are twisting double helix spirals that are DNA on a Cosmic scale. The galaxies are composed of positive and negative charge that spin for the same reason an electric motor spins. The galaxies give birth to stars which gives birth to planets, which emerge from the Stars body and enter orbit around the Star. This Radiance, this Light of God, travels in both directions. The waves of Light that shine on you, feed back into the Sun, through the galaxy, all the way back to Central Processing so that it can assess your situation and send you the specific frequencies you need. Every 12,000 years or so, the Stars all go into supernova at the same time and send all the energy and information on all the planets and organisms back to the Center so that it can invent new species and fresh opportunities for growth. These new designs and organismic inventions are DNA formats that are sent back out along the Cosmic Grid and spewed out of the north and south poles of stars. These nanophotonic wavelentghs of freeze-dried DNA are Seeds of Life that float around the universe and fall on planets.

It is the supernova that causes the periodic floods and ice ages. The planets get their hard drives wiped and all the information in their CPUs is saved and the Whole System reboots itself. “The universe is like a Child playing in a sandbox, building Castles, knocking them down” (Nietzche)

Prayer therefore, is not something we do. Prayer is something we are.

We are God’s Prayer. God’s Fractals. God’s Sons. God’s Daughters.

I believe that God’s Prayer is that we pay attention to what’s going on in the universe and duplicate it in our own lives: Heart/Mind/Body. Caring/Imagination/Action. Father/Mother/Child. Radiance/Absorption/Reflection

This is the real Trinity and it is operative at all scales from macro to micro. The galaxies are galactic neurons, identical to our own, just bigger.

So the next time you get that queasy feeling about who you are and what’s it all means, look at the Living Trinity appearing as little ole you and me and join the Galactic Party where creativity, art, beauty, love, freedom and happiness are celebrated.

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