Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone, But By Every Word That Proceeds From the Mouth Of God: Why Healthy Populations Cannot Be Dominated Nor Infected With Viruses

by robert cinque

Maggots live on dead tissue. Like bacteria and viruses, they provide a useful service:  they eat biological waste.

Without bacteria and viruses, we could not survive. If there is an overabundance of these microbes, it means that dead and dying cells are clogging up the system.

Digestion requires acids, enzymes and bacteria.

There are more bacterial DNA in our bodies than human DNA.

We live in symbiosis with these microbes. If things get out of balance, it’s not because of evil bacteria and viruses. It’s because the natural symbiosis is not working.

It takes personal care and responsibility to restore the balance, not vaccines and drugs masquerading as saviors. Our bodies work spectacularly well when we eat nourishing food, drink fresh, living water, and get enough sunshine and rest.

There is NO substitute for this! You can’t drug your way to health, no matter how gleaming the smiles may be on the slick ads for pharmaceuticals! They’re lying!

When I step back and take a very broad perspective, I see our world-wide moral and spiritual bankruptcy as a rotting mass of stinking garbage that is attracting a lot of viruses and bacteria. To them, it’s a banquet. They eat the oozing corpses of our failure to love and be responsible for what is sacred and beautiful.

In our instant- gratification/slash- and- burn mentality, we think we can storm the gates of heaven and steal our way to happiness, health and sanity.

However, Nature has a different plan.

It’s called Love.

That’s right. The light streaming from the sun is Love. The beloved earth under our feet is Love. Food is love. Water is Love.

Life Itself is Love.

The failure to notice this glaringly obvious fact, the one that has been buried under centuries of scientific materialism and religious psychosis, is why we imagine, falsely, that health and well- being can be manufactured and sold for a profit.

No, it can’t.

Health and well- being are the result of something else:  heart-felt love/intimacy with That Which Is Alive As All Things.

You cannot be healthy or happy without love. The ability to radiate and receive love is the greatest super power on earth.

And, it is the true, and only, basis of radiant health.

You can eat all the organic food you want and meditate and do yoga till your ass falls off. Without love, you will rot and stink and be weak and sick from measly, piss-ant viruses.

No one needs to be taught this. Everyone knows what love is and what it means to be happy and sane and healthy and full of energy.

If you forgot this, you can remember. If you doubt what I’m saying, you can prove it for yourself.

How? Because you ARE love itself, today, right now.

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God”-Jesus

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1 Response to Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone, But By Every Word That Proceeds From the Mouth Of God: Why Healthy Populations Cannot Be Dominated Nor Infected With Viruses

  1. topogiglio says:

    Absolutely Beautiful and totally TRUE…..

    Thank you again for A simple impacting realization

    May ALL of us know ….

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