No Threat

by robert

Countless births—and deaths—occur every day across our planet and the universe beyond.
Yet, Life continues to arise. Therefore, death is no threat to Life.
If one could stand back far enough, the universe would look like a bright light, with flames and tongues of fire: individuals.
Imagine every individual as a tongue of fire, or a filament in a light bulb that conducts energy, heat and light.
The light bulb burns out, the energy that conducts itself through it doesn’t.
We are that energy. Our hearts, minds and bodies are the circuit: bright lights on two legs.
The relationship between the bodymindself and the Light is so close, so intimate, it’s hard to tell them apart. In fact, it’s impossible to tell them apart.
The ecstatic intimacy between part and whole, self and God, matter and consciousness is a staggering wonder to behold.
Your awareness in this moment, and always, is perfectly coherent with the Awareness, the Aliveness Which conducts itself throughout the galactic body of the universe. The Ocean of Existence is made from Living Light: Self Conscious Aliveness.
The stars and galaxies are neurons in the Quantum Brain, the planets are Gardens of Delight. Individuals are literal Temples of God.
This is completely Obvious, on every scale.
Each human individual is a tiny fractal of That Which Is Alive As All Things.
Every person’s actual identity is this Light (Love).
A human is a sun, a star, a Tongue of God’s Flame.
The question is, Why is this fact not at the center of world culture?
Why do human beings give away their birthright for a bowl of porridge?
How is it possible on a planet so spectacularly beautiful as Earth, with gloriously, exquisitely gorgeous human beings all over it, to routinely, chronically miss the Obvious?
Life is Beautiful. Life is Love. Why is there so little understanding of this in our world?
My answer is We never get over the shock of birth, of suddenly showing up as a vulnerable individual in a chaotic world, and dramatize abandonment and victimhood, ad infinitum.
We play Poor Me/ Fuck You with a vengeance. We indulge in self-pity, then blame others for our sorry plight.
That’s why we don’t grow up. We remain childish, emotionally and spiritually.
Like children, we rely on mommydaddygod to tell us what’s true.
Our not-so-hidden rage at our self- imposed enslavement destroys and prevents equanimity and equilibrium.
Now, we need a savior.
The problem in this world is not a virus, not dictatorial governments, not banking cartels who stole our currency.
The problem is the mentality of slaves who believe what they are told and don’t take responsibility for finding out what’s true and being loyal to it.

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