Make Enquiry, Not Assumption

Make Enquiry, Not Assumption

by robert cinque

Questions  drive intelligence. Curiosity is God, literally. Openness, wonder, interest (in anything) is sacred and divine.

Therefore, don’t go around casually making assumptions. Questions trump assumptions. I realize it’s impossible to stop making assumptions but we CAN be responsible for them and make immediate corrections when we discover how full of shit we were in making them.

For example, How do you know that we inherited Original Sin from Adam and Eve and now need the blood sacrifice of the Innocent Lamb of God? What is a test you could perform to see if this was true? Hmmmm? Can’t think of one? That’s because there isn’t one.

Also, How do you know that airplanes and office fires took down the Twin Towers?  Because CNN said so? Because  you were told by the authorities?

One more, then I’ll leave you alone.

How do you know illness is caused by Covid 19?

Because the same establishment that lied about 911 said so?

The first rule of authentic detective work is the reliability of your sources, and where your information comes from.

The second rule is If there is a cover-up, then there is a crime.

In 1954 thousands of Americans were injected with Polio vaccine. The criteria for establishing a polio diagnosis was 3 days of swollen glands and fever.  In 1954 the criteria was changed to SIXTY days for a polio diagnosis. The cases dropped dramatically and Jonas Salk became a worldwide hero. The AMA also called the rocketing cases of polio that swept the country after mass vaccination ‘Menigitus”. It wasn’t really polio and paralysis everyone was suffering. No, it was “Meningitus”.

Not only that, but it was probably the polio vaccine that gave us AIDS. That’s because HIV is similar to SIV, Simian Immune Deficiency Virus, and the polio vaccine is made by infecting monkey kidneys with polio virus and then injecting the pus that foams out of the decaying tissue into your blood. It is claimed by the Virus Pimps that this produces immunity, but it actually produces the very disease it purports to prevent.

I know this flies in the face of what you have been told, but you have been lied to.

I bring all this up because the so-called Covid 19 virus is being cited as the cause of illness and death all over the world. The scientists look at the viral excretions of cells under stress and assume that a virus is causing disease. However, cells excrete viral particles (DNA fragments) WHENEVER the cell is stressed.

The stress produces the viral particles, not the other way around. The vaccine produces the disease, does not produce immunity. The illusion of immunity is created by manipulating the definitions and the numbers and the names.

The illusion is created by inverting cause and effect. It’s like fiat currency, a debt. Debt pretending to be money.  Upside down and backwards.

The tests for Covid 19 are not scientifically credible. Identifying a genetic sequence in bodily fluids does not prove causation of disease. The effect cannot be the cause.

The so-called virus does not scare me, even if it is an engineered bioweapon.

What scares  me is the “cure”:  forced vaccination, lockdown, 5G, and digital currency.

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2 Responses to Make Enquiry, Not Assumption

  1. Robert — you are 100% on cue. As usual. What appears to be happening is that some new energy weapon “exploded” in China, and there is some potential proof that the CCP forgot to mask that shows it killed millions (i.e., check out the cellular subscriber losses), they then cut off the city, and then the energy weapon altered the frequency on the planet by replicating the new “hole”. In other words, the energy weapon altered the Schumann Resonance. They have done this in the past with HAARP, and even CERN is a dimension-shifting magnetic accelerator. The new accelerated frequency, including a potential “tear” in the planet, is causing pockets or hotspots of very high electromagnetic stress on people. This is then creating a “virus”, although it appears to be more than this. It is throwing-off the chakra system, and mal-aligning our energy systems. The corona (crown) chakra is being forced closed, without the proper alignment from grounding to Earth, and is causing fever and moreover breathing issues in many. Other areas are less affected, especially where negative ions are in dominance. The lockdown is likely to continue. You are right on the vaccine: it will be electromagnetically programmed and digitally encoded. As for 5G, it is much more than that — there is weaponry, like aforementioned, that is higher in power than an EMP, that has put the planet in a perilous state, and even the “leaders” now don’t know what to do. Keep an eye on nature, as always. We have noticed “gyres” in lakes where flocks of birds go to: this is the beginning of new energy formations on the planet, with Mother Nature healing herself. What TPTB cannot control is cosmic energies now being attracted to this “explosive” event. The “accident” from our stupid actions in military & anti-consciousness energy have now begun to attract a series of “waves” of large electromagnetic energy from the solar system, and they are going to be arriving over the next 12-15 months. This will cause a huge awakening in the planet. The so-called demonic powers that wish to control our precious Earth will be defeated, but not before food shortages and other stressors occur. Keep in touch, keep moving your mind higher. Love from your energetic brother, Simon.

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