The Solution

by Jim Humble (free download)

In 1996 Jim Humble was mining in South America when 2 of his friends got malaria. Jim took some sodium chlorite, mixed it with water and gave it to them.

His friends were deathly ill and scared of dying.

In 4 hours, they were sitting at the table, eating dinner.

If the FDA and the CDC and the NIH really loved you like they say they do and are so concerned about your health, THEY WOULD HAVE TOLD YOU THIS.

Sodium chlorite is a water purifier and oxygen stabilizer. When the men drank it, it combined with the hydrochloric acid in their stomachs to form an entirely new compound: chlorine dioxide.

Chlorine dioxide is as different from sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid like water is different from its component gases: hydrogen and oxygen. Completely different, with extremely valuable uses.

Chlorine dioxide is native to the body. The cells produce it, along with 15 other oxygen based compounds, including hydrogen peroxide and ozone.

Chlorine dioxide is a gas dissolved in water. When ingested, it permeates the body to the deepest levels.

Chlorine dioxide is an OXIDIZER, not a CHLORINATOR , like chlorine bleach is, a deadly poison.

Your friends at the FDA lie about this and call Chlorine Dioxide bleach.

Any high school chemistry textbook can prove otherwise.

Ultraviolet light from the Sun breaks Oxygen in the ionosphere into single ions which then clump together to form ozone. Ozone is oxygen which is no longer 02, but 03, 04, 05, etc. These molecules are heavier and fall through the atmosphere oxidizing unburnt hydrocarbons and other pollutants.

The same thing happens in the body. Chlorine Dioxide has 1 atom chlorine, 2 atoms oxygen. The chlorine ion is massive and has a voltage of .9 millionths of a volt. Pollutants and pathogens in the blood have a voltage around 1.5 millionths of a volt. Healthy cells are at 3.5 millionths/volt. The diseased cells and harmful bacterias and fungi and viruses in the blood are ATTRACTED electrically to the chlorine ion, but the healthy cells are not. The junk and gunk in the blood are charged particles and the chlorine is a magnet. Once attached to the chlorine ion, the 2 oxygen ions incinerate the debris and leave only inert ash and a small amount of oxygen. The water we drink rinses the ash away and our body is clean and healthy.

No drugs. No vaccines. No experts.

A healthy immune system is developed in accordance with Nature, nothing else is needed.

Chlorine Dioxide is completely different from Chlorine bleach which has 2 chlorine atoms, and will kill you if you drink it.

Once again the FDA has committed a crime. By equating a healthy Oxidator with a deadly Chlorinator, it has manipulated the public with fear and has prevented Nature’s way of health through purification to be available to the public.

Chlorine Dioxide is not an invention of medical science. It is not a scientific concoction dreamed up in chemistry labs. It is not patentable and does not make a profit.

The people at the FDA who are stomping it into the ground and prosecuting good men like Daniel Smith are only able to do so because their bodies are producing Chlorine Dioxide and keeping their blood clean enough to bring energy to their leg and feet muscles.

Bodily health is the result of being able to assimilate what we need and eliminate what we don’t. It does not depend on monsters with needles and their DNA altering vaccines.

Jim Humble’s book, The Solution, is must reading for anyone who is serious about Reality and how it actually works.

Health comes from being in alignment with Reality, not the FDA.

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