The Most Dangerous Thing On Earth

The Most Dangerous Thing On Earth

by robert cinque

I’ve been asking myself: What is the most dangerous thing on Earth? There is a long list to choose from. Plutonium. Terrorists with bombs.  Vaccines injected into newborns. Mandatory Vaccines with mercury, cancer cells, aborted fetal tissue, radio frequency-nano computer operating systems. Privately owned Fiat Currency loaned to governments, paid back plus interest through taxation. The concept of Original Sin. Extortionists like George Soros who made his billions ripping off entire countries and now funds Antifa fascists bent on destroying America.   Fluoride. Glyphosate. Pesticides. Nuclear power plants. GMOs. The Satanists and Black Magicians at the core of the New World Order.

There is a much bigger list, but I’ll stop there.

Here is my candidate for the Most Dangerous Thing:

The inability or unwillingness to distinguish between what is real and what is counterfeit. Ignorance of one’s ignorance. The refusal to confront the Abyss, the unfathomable Condition.  Not confronting  fear and not finding courage. Directing anger in the wrong place.  Installing substitutes and malware for understanding the situation. Relying on beliefs instead of truth. Confusing the menu with the meal. Substituting the map for the territory.

The reason these are so dangerous is  because they enable the first list. The failure to distinguish between what is absolutely true and what is provably false is a catastrophe of immense proportions.

Our world is built on this failure and that’s why it is disintegrating.

Here is the  Truth and you can verify it for yourself: Truth, whatever it is altogether, exists. Truth is Reality. Reality exists. It is real, not an hallucination of neurons firing in the brain. Reality is Awareness. Aliveness. Reality is a Radiant Field of Conscious Living Light. Reality is Intelligence. Consciousness.  That which is Alive as all things. Reality is That Which is writing and reading this sentence.

It is a singular Reality, an Ocean of Aliveness. The awareness in the amoeba is identical to my and your awareness. Awareness is awareness; there are no levels to it. Water is water. It might be ice or steam, but it’s still water.  

Only this Reality exists.

It has no opposite. No other.

It includes and exceeds all others.

The preposterous arrogance and fear based vanity that rules and is destroying our world originates in the suffering that is caused by the refusal to Notice and Embrace this most Obvious Truth.

Life is Love. Love is Truth. Truth is God. God is Reality. Reality is Light. Light is Love. Love is Life.

Life is the Presence of Love. We are its emanations. Nature is its body.

Life is love and light; life is resonant.  Light  is a Sound.  A Word.  It conducts an infinite River of Life-Energy through all the galaxies, stars, planets and their organisms.

This is a Wonder, an Ecstatic Display. The celebration of this Life is at the heart of healthy human culture.

But on Planet Earth, we have war, poverty, disease and, worst of all, “experts”.

We have lies and we have believers in those lies.

The lies don’t worry me. The believers worry me.

In my lifetime, I have been told that a lone gunman killed JFK, that the Twin Towers disintegrated from office fires and airplane impacts, and that a new virus has emerged and is killing millions of people.

My deepest prayer and longing is that people everywhere will become enraged at themselves for believing lies and stop. Stand on the Earth and in the Reality of your Appearance in this mysterious Realm. Do not flinch. Do not turn away because it’s frightening or overwhelming. Do not contract. Do not collapse under the weight of  Incarnation. Face the Paradox and Participate like a Lover, in the Wonder.

Unless we are able to make this emotional embrace and bonding, in love, with the Wonder, then we should not expect to have a beautiful world where discriminating intelligence, happiness , freedom and cooperation are abundant. We are not qualified to have this  because we believe in the Counterfeit. That’s why we have a counterfeit world.

The only way to change this is to change ourselves, to return to the Truth that we abandoned and betrayed. It will not come from our leaders or from saviors with needles.

It will come from us. We must become the heroes we are looking for to save us, poor little ole you and me.

We must overcome the lie in ourselves. All of them, starting at the very first one: separation from our originating source, our personal, psycho- emotional withdrawal and disconnection from Love and Truth.

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