Salvation Theology, Armageddon, and You


In the Book of Genesis, God gives Abraham the land from the Tigris River to the Euphrates.

Zionism is the political implementation of this biblical verse. Abraham’s descendants, the Jewish people, have exclusive title to this land. Anyone living there is trespassing.

The core principle of Zionism is exclusive favor with God. The Gentiles exist only to serve the Zionists, and are genetically inferior.

Therefore, Zionism is racism. It also leads directly to Armageddon.  The Chosen People have claimed exclusive domain over the entire planet. That’s where you and I come in.

We are David. It is Goliath.

Since God kicked our parents out of the Garden of Eden, a Plan of Salvation had to be devised. When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they committed Original Sin, passed it to their children, and handed dominion over the world to Satan.  A perfect Sacrifice had to be offered, a perfect Son had to be born to save the world, the Messiah.

In order for the Messiah to appear, Armageddon must explode and purify the world by fire. The Zionists have taken it upon themselves to do the exploding and the burning.

911 is one example. The invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen, are others.

The positioning of Jared Kushner in the White House is another.

Kushner is the Rothschild Israeli Mossad agent in Trumpland. He is a dedicated Zionist and a member of the extremely radical sect, the Chabad Lubavitch, which sees nuclear war as the next Holocaust needed to usher in the Messiah. They lobby Christian fundamentalists who eat it up like kids with ice cream cones.

Donald Trump credits his daughter, Jared Kushner’s wife Ivanka, with convincing him to bomb Syria.

Are you still wondering if salvation theology has anything to do with you?

If you get the queasy feeling that something is just not right about this salvation theology thing, you’re not alone. I have been having the screamy jeezies about this for years but now, with Jared Kushner whispering in the Man-Who-Used-To-Be-The-President’s ear, I am really spooked.

Salvation theology is based on a premise COMPLETELY ABSENT of evidence. There is no proof whatsoever that we have been kicked out of the Garden, in fact, quite the opposite is evident. The Book of Genesis and the claims the Zionists make for themselves, are hearsay, rumor, wishful thinking, and conjecture.  Anyone can say such things, it doesn’t make them true.

Where’s the proof?

If you ask this question, you are considered to be without “faith” and should look to Abraham. Follow his example: be willing to commit murder to prove your obedience.

Be willing to sacrifice your rational mind and become a true believer. Then, God will reward you.

The Gnostics, who were slaughtered in the first century by mobs of Christians and Jews, spoke out against this. They said to forget salvation theology and realize that your own Body and the Body of the World is the Garden. Cultivate it. Pull the weeds. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Be happy, don’t withdraw, don’t collapse from the Condition of Love and Freedom, don’t imagine yourself to be a thing, an ego, a separate self. Don’t go down the road of Salvation theology because it leads to Armageddon. Why blow up the Garden for a false premise without evidence?

The real Fall of Man is believing the Lie of Separation. The way back to the Garden is the shocking Realization that you ARE the Garden.

The Garden of Eden is the Kingdom of Heaven, is the Nature of Reality, is the Quantum Space/Time Field. It’s always been this way, it doesn’t have to be prayed for or brought into existence.

It IS Existence.

It Flows. It Shines. It Beats. It’s Alive. Now, not later, now.

This is the truth that outshines Zionism and all ego based psychosis. Psychosis is division, when the parts don’t realize they’re members of a singular organism. Zionism assumes a division in the Parts of God and lays claim to an exclusive status. The proof? Their Holy Book. Who wrote that Book? They did. This is called Circular Reasoning.

Make a claim, use it as proof.

There are invisible gnomes in my back yard. The proof? I can’t see them.

God said the land belongs to Abraham. The proof? It’s in the Book that we wrote.

This is the mentality that is directing the foreign policy of the United States. Our only hope is to see Life as it truly is, not as we say it is. Talk is cheap. Reality is not.

We are free to believe whatever we want. Unfortunately, we are not free from the consequences and implications of those beliefs. If we as a species do not get a handle on the psychotic narrative that has infected this world, it’s gonna Armageddon our individual and Planetary Garden to smithereens.

Find your Inner Know.










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Openness, not Belief, is the Foundation of True Spiritual Practice

Beliefs come and go, the Truth of Reality remains. Openness accesses it. The Truth is so huge, so vast, no one “knows” what it “is.” No one has a monopoly on it, although many try. It was here before we got here, it will remain when we’re gone. It’s beyond any model of it. It makes mincemeat out of models on a regular basis. No one “knows” the Truth because it Exists both beyond and before human cognition and perspective.

In order to be the Truth, it must be Real, the most real. It produces evidence, artifacts of its Presence. It must be true under all conditions, in all space and time, forever.

It must be completely obvious to every single entity, it must be universally verifiable no matter what.

What terminology of language is there to describe this?


Aliveness, Awareness

Life Exists. Right? Yes?

Will all you atheists out there admit that Life and Consciousness exist?

Will you be intentionally Open to them no matter what your beliefs and opinions are?

If so, then Hearfelt Emotional Openness to Life and Consciousness, highly recommended by all the Spirit Realizers of our human family, Adi Da, Jesus, Rumi, will show itself as, literally, the most practical, realistic and sensible Way to Live.

Openness, curiosity, enjoyment, participation in That which both Births and Deaths you makes extremely good sense. Screw your beliefs, and mine. The Territory is much better. The menu is not the Meal.

The point I am making is this: You are always either open or closed. You operate that switch. When closed, That Which is Alive As All Things, the Radiant Current of Existence/Aliveness is not allowed to flow, so it backs up and floods your world until you uncork it again. These floods are known as calamities, shortfalls, bad luck, stupid people, and fate. They fertilize the poor me/fuck you syndrome to such an extent that now we have a world run by malignant psychotics and androids, institutional machines of the victim narrative, who concoct events like 911 to make sure we are all believing in the Cult of this world.

Judaism, Zionism, the War on Terror and the Christian Salvationist theology which capitulated to them, put blood sacrifice on steroids. The message?

You’re fucked. We’ve got the cure.

You’re separate from God (Love, Life) but we have the answer.

The Cult, driven by our personal, emotional recoil from Existence and the loveless robot it becomes, is operated by the bigger robots of false narratives, the Dogmas of Original Sin and Salvation through blood sacrifice of the Lamb of God.

When open, the Aliveness enters the face and collects like a lake in your belly. Your open, grateful, loving heart then heats the water and sends it all over your body, and cooks the brain to a perfect tenderness.

Jesus taught moment-to-moment love/communion with That Which Is Alive As All Things.

Emotional Intimacy with Life

The Kingdom of Heaven

Love as the Condition of Existence.

Do you think this is a theory or a belief? It is not. Look outside your window, or in any direction at any time, for proof.

When Jesuit missionaries in 1642 went to Japan to convert the heathen, they were slaughtered and annihilated by the Emperor and his Inquisition. Their version of Christianity could not take root in medieval Japan because the people were so deeply rooted in Nature. They said to the Jesuits: “Your son rose on the third day. Our sun comes up every day.” They were coming from a unitive, non-separate assumption about themselves. They could not fathom separation from God because our parents ate an apple and therefore needed salvation. Where’s the love in that? What kind of god would kick his children out of the house anyway? The Gnostics said that God did no such thing, that God kicked Adam and Eve out of their childhood. God made an impossible demand, to suppress curiosity, because God knew that they would be forced to break through the domination of an outside, authoritarian command in order to satisfy their curiosity. This is a good thing, not to be punished by eviction. Adults make their own choices and rules, they don’t accept arbitrary commands from others. That’s what makes them adults, they think for themselves and use the criteria that they deem important to make their decisions. They obey laws that are just and fair.  This is what all loving parents want for their children. That’s why mother birds kick their babies out of the nest, who then have to learn to fly before they hit the ground. God kicked his babies out of the nest for our sake, for our growth and development and wellbeing. It was not punishment, not condemnation, not withdrawal.

People who believe this tall tale end up feeling like shit about themselves, being so sinful and all, and secretly hate God because He’s such an asshole and a party pooper.  The Gnostics, like the Japanese, could not believe that Christians actually believed in such a God. It took a few more centuries of brainwashing before Japan finally lost its mind and started tolerating Christianity.

I’m hard on Christianity because it inverts the truth, the obvious, glaring, spectacular truth that life is love already, eternal life already, happiness, freedom, enjoyment already,  not when I’m saved, not when I go to heaven, not when I get enlightened, now.  

The reason we don’t notice this is because we have our hands so tight around our throat and our heads so far up our ass, that we can’t see anything but pain, madness, and despair.

Repentance, according to Jesus, is the removal of one’s hands and the extraction of one’s head.

Then, we will see clearly, as he did. Then, we will be practicing the religion OF Jesus, not making an idolatrous Cult ABOUT Jesus.

Jesus captivated the imagination and fed the spiritual hunger of the people of the Holy Land 2000 years ago by proclaiming the Gospel of Always Existing Prior Unity with God, not some lame tale about scapegoats and blood sacrifice to an angry god.

That came later, in the 3rd century at the Council of Nicea, which bundled up those schools and sects of the early Christians which promoted the Judaic and Roman narrative. They called it the New Testament.  Actually, it was the Old Testament remanufactured, with Jesus starring as the sacrificial Lamb in God’s historical plan of redemption of a fallen human race.

Maybe so, maybe not.

Maybe we show up here as an expression and emanation of Life Itself, Love Itself, Truth Itself. Maybe Truth becomes unrecognizeable because we’re so busy cramming it into our nasty little ideas and infantile fantasies, while condemning others who do the same.

Maybe It’s bigger than the both of us and we ought to Sit Down and Shut the Fuck Up as real spiritual disciples so that we can Open our Mind, Heart and Face to the glorious Message of Jesus who was willing to be tortured and murdered for the sake of the Living Truth.

His Sacrifice was far greater than merely being some cheesey meat offering to a tinhorn god. His Sacrifice demonstrated how valuable and life-giving the Truth is, even under the most grueling of conditions. His freedom to love was uninterrupted by the criminals and monsters who crucified him. His love was undiminished, not withheld, even from the ones who drove the spikes.

His compassion for human suffering was lavishly displayed in his refusal to capitulate to the lie of separation.

He was Open to the Love That Flows Through All Things. He conducted the Infinite Current at such an intense level that he became luminescent, radiant, transcendant.

The Resurrection of Jesus in Jerusalem, the transcendence and outshining of human suffering through intimacy with the Infinite Current of Life and Love, is the possibility and destiny of every human being.

Jesus overcame the lie of this world and he invites and expects us to do the same.

Overcome the lie of separation from Love and Life, stand with the Risen Christ, and fulfill the Possibilty and Promise of Easter:

Light and Love are our Actual Identity.


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Jesus Heist: Zionism, 911, and You

What does Jesus, Zionism, and 911 have to do with you? In this essay, I intend to show the connection and how it has directly led to the (engineered) crisis in the Middle East and now, the world.

One of the favorite tricks that Zionists and other tyrannical systems use is to commit the crime and then blame the enemy for it. The mass public cannot imagine such treachery, so it goes unnoticed. Call it Good Cop/Bad Cop trauma based conditioning. The bad cop creates the fear and stress, the good cop rushes in to *rescue” the victim and program him with lies they want him to believe. I mention this technique because it is so effective and so widespread, it has literally taken over the planet, in religion, politics, science, and the economy.

I will explain how to prevent this, but first, I want to describe the trick itself.

The power of your attention is, by far, the greatest power you possess. This is because attention creates energy. Every single thought, word, and deed that you enact requires the energy of attention. This is why the first rule of advertising is to get the customer’s attention. Women wear lipstick for the same reason. Beauty, color, fragrance are attractive. Flowers, birds, insects, humans all use attractors to gain attention and energy.

The magician is successful to the extent that he can direct the attention of his audience.

The same is true for dictators.

On 911, for example, the very first act of the government, through its media mouthpiece, was to announce who did it and why. Before the dust had even settled,  all 3 major networks broadcasted the news that this was the work of Islamic terrorists. The problem with this hasty asserion is that the “terrorists” had neither the capacity nor the ability to do any such thing.

110 story skyscrapers, 1.2 MILLION TONS of steel and concrete, don’t turn to dust and hit the ground in 10 seconds, at free fall speed, from airplane impacts and office fires. At least, not in this universe, where the laws of physics still apply.  And, knuckeheads with boxcutters don’t overtake a 60 billion dollar security apparatus, the most sophisticated defense systems on earth and hijack planes without lots and lots of help from the dictator and his minions. Osama Bin Laden is the new Lee Harvey Oswald;  neither of them had anything whatsoever to do with the crime they were so famously blamed for.

Good Cop/Bad Cop shocks the victim, then rescues him. That’s why 9/11 was chosen as the date to destroy the Towers. We call 911 in an emergency.

911 was the second greatest psy-op in history, designed to inflame the public’s righteous indignation and ride it all the way to world conquest by way of the police state. Create the Problem/ Offer the Solution. Traumatize/Rescue.

The first and greatest psy-op in human history is Original Sin and the preposterous idea that humanity has been cast out of the Garden of Eden.

To imagine that I am separate from God, cast out of the Garden of Paradise, creates terror. This is the Shock. The Rescue is the Scapegoat, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. The problem with this narrative is the same one with the government’s official story about patsies with korans who take down skyscrapers: it’s IMPOSSIBLE.  Nothing, and I do mean nothing, is separate from its Originator. How could it be? Is your hand separate from your arm? Is your head separate from your body? No, they are distinct, unique parts of a whole.

Just like you and God.

Jesus hated blood sacrifice and the ridiculous idea of vicarious sacrifice and spoke publicly against it. He called the Doctors of the Law whores and parasites. liars, traitors, and tyrants. He loudly proclaimed the always existing, Prior Unity with God. This was the Original Gospel, the Kingdom of Love, the Treasure the man finds “buried in his field”.

For this, he was tortured, murdered, and silenced. He was also programmed to be the poster boy for blood sacrifice.

This is how Jesus and 911 are related; they are both victims of a scripted narrative that uses Shock and Rescue dynamics.

There is a way to prevent this:  stop giving yourself away,  stop betraying who you are and where you come from,  stop believing lies.

As long as you and I are ready, willing, and able to ingest lies, to give unimpeded access to liars, and to desecrate the obvious, glorious, glaring, radiant divine beauty from one end of the universe to the other, human sufering on earth will continue and will get worse and worse.

Where you place your attention matters. All the great spiritual realizers of mankind strongly recommended that we focus our attention on the Root of attention itself because that is the Source of Life. All living organisms have an attention span. We are aware, we are Alive. We appear in the Great Ocean of Being. We are not orphans born in sin. We are not refugees marooned on an island of flesh. We are emanations of a Great Heart that pumps its Blood through our veins and Shines Its Light through our eyes.

The greatest sin, the very one Jesus condemned, is the refusal to allow God to be what God is, to refuse to see the inherent, dynamic unity between Matter and Spirit, Self and God, Part and Whole. He insisted that we repent from the false self which imagines itself to be separate from its Source, and fearlessly participate fully in the great cycle of birth and death in God.

Overcoming the spiritual and cultural conditioning we all inherited is the most urgent and important task of every individual and nation because it breaks the spell of the bonehead ideas plastered all over the sacredness of reality.

Enlightenment is the destruction of these false, impossible ideas. It allows the Free Circulation of the Living Curent, unobstructed by clever psy-ops designed to limit and ensnare the unsuspecting individual. Life sends us false ideas to see if we will take the bait.

Are you really willing to settle for less than who you are? Although we are all free to do so, there is absolutely no reason for it. Claim what is yours. be what you are.  Throw away the psy-ops of religious psychosis, scientific materialism, and political/economic enslavement.

“As a man thinketh, so is he.”


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The Carrot and the Stick

The Carrot and the Stick


By Robert Cinque

The ego is born through an emotional recoil from its Origin.  This creates the appearance that God is distant and must be found.  The spiritual traditions of humanity are based on this search , this impulse for re-union with the Divine.  However, the search is based on an illusion of separateness and isolation, which reduces God to a carrot on an ego stick.

Throw away the stick. Eat the Carrot.

Creating the stick is an activity that produces “me” and then the “world”.    Authentic spiritual life is about recognizing this, not “overcoming the ego”, which cannot be done anyway because it does not exist in the first place, except in our imagination.  This practice is about Standing Prior to the birth of ego, not overcoming it after you created it.

Try picking up an imaginary rock, it’s impossible. The disease of egoity is self created and imaginary, too. When recoil is replaced with emotional intimacy, the ego is pre-empted and cannot form.

The spiritual traditions exhort us to overcome this fleshly “ego” and be more “spiritual” by identifying with our non-physical, “inner” being.  This so-called inner being is only yet another spontaneous patterning of this Infinite Consciousness, Whatever That Is altogether, but the inside of me is not the exclusive domain of truth, only That in which the inner being is appearing is the Domain of Truth, the Amphitheatre of the Heart.

I am in awe of This, I surrender in love to It. Ultimately, I am It, or rather, It became “me”.  Once it becomes clear that It is the basis of “me”, all dilemma disappears, all searching, all “other”.

Authentic spiritual life is about recognizing what is already true, not deifying my beliefs about it.  Conventional spiritual practice is like using a really excellent and detailed map of Detroit while you’re trying to find your way around Paris.  Conventional spiritual life places enlightenment at the end of the journey, the search is finally over, but authentic spiritual life places enlightenment at the beginning, middle, and end, as the very foundation of human life. It is based on heartfelt response ability, not belief, not technique, not method, not mythology, not search.

It’s about Discovery.

Jesus is reported to have said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure a man finds buried in his field.”

Authentic spiritual life is about love, which is truth.  Truth, whatever it is altogether, is identical with Reality.  What Is, is True.  Find out What Is, prior to mind, prior to “me”, prior to “world”.  That is the knockout punch and is why “you” won’t survive the “journey” to “God”.

Conventional religious belief, from fundamentalism to New Age metaphysics, is based on this search, on the “great path of return” to God, to Unity and Wholeness. Sounds great, doesn’t it?  It’s exciting, adventurous, and romantic.  The only problem with it is the fact that you’re not actually lost, not actually separate from That which you seek.  The problem with conventional religious belief is that it supports and enables a carrot on a stick.  At best, ordinary religious beliefs prepare us for authentic spiritual life if only by providing an illusion to demolish.

Only God Exists and You are not separate from It.

That’s the truth that sets the heart free, not that I need to be saved from Original Sin or that I can have and do and be anything I want, that happiness can be found in the manifestation of my desires. Happiness cannot be found because it is not lost.

Happiness is the nature of Reality already and our spiritual obligation is to realize it, not believe in it, not seek it in pleasure or in the fulfillment of need and desire. Happiness is prior to pleasure and need and desire, and everything else. See for yourself.

Happiness, freedom, organic, natural emotional, mental, and physical alignment with Whatever it is that originated us is the only sane and realistic way to live, everything else is a desolate madness that amounts to a big fat finger in my eye, a squirrel in a cage, and a carrot on a stick.  God is God, now.  Life is Love, now, not just later. My carrot on a stick obscures my vision and realization of This.

The universe is like a gymnasium and a laboratory.  They are located in the Heart. The Cosmos is like a speck of dust on the Garment of the Infinite Heart of the Radiant Being of Life, your very identity, now.  This is where the Power of Now is located, in the eternally Radiating Presence of the Living Current. It is where we already live, no need to go looking.  The One you are looking for is doing the Looking! What a paradox, what a Joke.  Enlightenment is the getting the Punchline and Falling Completely Apart, Laughed to Death.

The I of my heart and yours, the I of Life, are the same, now. It has always been this way.  This is not a belief, an idea.  Find out for yourself. Who are you? What is your most fundamental identity? And, What is your relationship to That which created you?  When you ask these questions, get ready, because the end result of such Enquiry is a psychotectonic Shift in your life from you to the One and Only I Who Exists. You will clearly be able to see the Whologram and the way it fractalizes into unspeakably imaginative versions of itself, like you for example, because you will be seeing with the eyes of the heart, the Garden out which the brain and body grow.  There is only One Heart breathing all beings.  No one knows What it Is or How it could Be.  It is wonderful, glorious beyond belief. What is your relationship to This?

When you begin to make this Enquiry, you quickly see how emotionally withdrawn and bewildered and doubtful you are.  You can see the holes in your beliefs and so you whistle past the graveyard, trying not to think about how profoundly ignorant you are of literally everything. You secretly don’t know what anything is or what it means or if it has a meaning at all and this is terrifying.  The reason it’s terrifying is because when you come to the end of belief and knowledge, which is where the Enquiry takes you, the reality of your fundamental ignorance completely shatters the false presumptions that you believed to be real. That’s the Avalanche.  It hurts, but you’ll get over it and you will soon forget your dilemma of doubt and confusion. Confidence will be restored because the knucklehead you created in your fear, the one you thought was you, is gone, bye bye.

It’s not that he died, it’s that he never had an independent existence in the first place, a whirlpool in a River of Light. This is the point at which you become unplugged from the Matrix, and breathe your first breath of Free Air, the point where “me” sees that it is inherently one with the River, period.

This realization is the Temple of the Heart. The body and the mind grow out of That.

Don’t just follow your heart, be it. You are it.  Once this identity as heart is finally established, everything becomes crystal clear, transparent.  This is the supreme goal of all the yogic traditions, and it’s your very nature, now.

This is a yoga of the heart and it informs all of the yogas, all of the ways and practices.  True yoga is about love, it’s about what is true, what is beautiful, what is Truly Great: the infinite Current of Light and Love, the very substance and nature of Reality Itself.

Becoming Intimate with the infinite Heart of Life is the true basis of authentic, effective, useful, practical, highly enjoyable, and pleasurable spiritual practice.  Love communion with What is Alive, realization of Only God , realization of what is already true, now, is  at the beginning, not just the end, of true and meaningful, life giving, spiritual practice.  Sadhana becomes the ability to respond, and replaces belief.  It becomes recovery from bullshit and abuse I’ve been enduring my whole life, recovery from addiction to “me” and what I think I want.  My ideas have been crushed by the Avalanche.  Now, there is only What I is, at heart, at center, at fundamental Essence: Light, Love, Truth, Intelligence, Innocence, Fierceness, a Current of White Hot Intensity.

That’s what I am, you too.

We were born into piles of rubble that have buried this Current under millions of years of ego beliefs.  People are being murdered today in Gaza and elsewhere from ego beliefs, false I’s and their gods, grotesque and profane idols of that which is God, the Light and Love of every heart.

We are That, let’s start acting like it.  We share the dignity and majesty of the Cosmos, our Position is secure and eternal, there is no need to control anything.

Laying down the ego stick is easier than falling off a log, in the same way that it takes no effort to be attracted to what is beautiful.  Spiritual life is about being distracted by the Beautiful so much that you can’t remember your “self”, the one you thought was you.

This is how all addictions are ended, by getting what you truly need, then the habit falls away on its own, no need to struggle, only listen to what is most deeply needed.

In the Light of our hearts shines the truth of Existence. It is up to us to Conduct It, to stop obstructing It with puny, brain based ideas and beliefs. The Current is White Hot, Life Giving, and radiating from the Center of our hearts.  Only a mind run amuck, oblivious to its’ Root, could possibly turn That into a problem.  When we stop doing that, stop making ego, and stop slathering it all over the Place, things will get better. We can do it, our hearts require it and deserve it.

Occupy your heart.


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The Hammer and the Nail


The Hammer and the Nail


The hammer sees only the nail. Everything that is not a nail goes unnoticed.

The ego sees only what it desires. Everything that is not a desire goes unnoticed.

The hammer is designed to drive nails. The ego is designed to get what it wants.  There is nothing wrong with this.

Nails comes naturally to hammers and desires come naturally to egos.  Changing this is impossible.

 My point is this: If I am only an ego with a hammer, then I can only nail my desires or desire my nails.  However, if I am the one who is aware of my ego and hammer, then my experience of life expands infinitely in all directions and I notice everything, not just nails and desires. 

 Making this distinction is the beginning of authentic spiritual life. This is because spiritual life is about what is true, not just what is assumed to be true that then becomes a massive context to which everything is now subject.

The ego is an assumption of a separate self that is then overlaid onto life.  If I subject my awareness to this assumption, these ego colored glasses, then I will see only what the ego sees.

If I identify with my awareness, then I am open to whatever awareness is aware of, which is a helluva lot more than nails and desires. I’m still aware of them, but am not limited to just them.

Every religious tradition in the world, from Hinduism to the New Age,  is based on the assumption of a separate self. Therefore, it is an overlay projected onto life.  It’s not about Life, it’s about assumptions about life.  It’s the difference between food and pictures of food.  If you try to live on pictures of food, you will die.

The Current of Life, the Pulse, the Music, the Passion, the Intensity, the Searing Radiance of Existence is central to Life, not provincial superstitions like ego.  It’s understandable that we invent superstitions and project them onto life.  It’s understandable, yes, but that doesn’t make them true.

Every religious tradition assumes a separates self that is going from here to there, from earth to heaven, from birth to death.  While it is true that lifeforms are born and die, the underlying Reality in which these cycles are occurring is the Real Deal.  The fish in the ocean are born and die, but the Ocean remains. Therefore, the Ocean is the True Condition of the fish, not its’ ideas about itself.  The fish would say, “What Ocean?”

In the same way, the ego says, What God?  I exist, what I say and what I think and what I want are God. In this way, false gods are overlaid onto Real God, Life God, Reality God, Actual God.  Beliefs about God replace God.  Now, you’re lost. You’re lost and don’t know it.  You’ve got your nose so close to the map, you can’t see where you’re going.

The priests say, “You’re not doing it right.”  The doctors say, “Take this prescription and come back in 2 weeks”.  The therapist says, “Apply this formula so that you can heal and adapt to society”

Ho fucking hum.  Religious, medical, and therapeutic prescriptions for a false disease bore me. Not only that, they really piss me off because well meaning people believe this shit and are so buried, you can’t even see the bottom of the hole.

“If you repeat a lie enough, everyone will believe it”

“A lie doesn’t become truth because everyone believes it.  A truth doesn’t become a lie because no one sees it”

The individuated self appears spontaneously in Nature, just like stars, planets and galaxies.  These are objects OF consciousness.  We are aware OF them.  Therefore, consciousness is prior TO them. This means that Consciousness is the Principle of Existence, not objects, not thoughts, not ideas, not beliefs, not “your truth”, not mine, not your ego, not mine.

Now, you ask, What is Consciousness? Your awareness of Awareness enables you to ask this question. Consciousness becomes an object to itself.  This is called Manifest Existence, the Universe, the Word become Flesh, the Incarnation of the Divine, the Kingdom of Heaven, the Garden of Eden.  Where there is awareness of Awareness, the Nature of Reality shines brightly and illuminates the map to the point where you see that you have been eating the menu for the Meal.  It’s the difference between pictures of sex and sex itself.  Which do you prefer?

Spiritual life is about Truth, Absolute Truth, What has always been True, not absolute beliefs, dogmatic presumptions, or facsimiles of Truth.

No separate self ever realized the Truth. The Truth illuminates the separate self to the point where it is outshined and becomes transparent.  Spiritual luminaries like Jesus and Adi Da were not separate selves.  They were identified with the Divine Condition.  Jesus spoke like God speaks, that’s why he was crucified.  He wasn’t a megalomaniac, the separate self was not inflated to grandiose proportions, there was no separate self, only a clear passage for Truth to Radiate.

That’s why he wanted us to contemplate his State and put our attention on It, so that It would duplicate his realization in us.  It was never about cultic worship of him, it was about the destruction of the cultist and his or her false presumptions about separateness from Love (God), our Actual Condition. This is true repentance, the renouncement of the false self and its idols, so that Love Intimacy, Heart Communion with Life is possible.  Love Communion with Infinite Life is authentic spiritual practice.  It’s the difference between a Juicy Kiss and a boring book that you’ve read a thousand times and doesn’t even have any pictures.

Spiritual life is not boring, is not dry, is not effortful.  It takes no effort to be attracted to What is True, Beautiful, and Alive as all things.  It’s real time love communion, not brain/mind ideas plastered onto Life. Everyone possesses this ability.  It may be buried beneath the rubble, but it’s still there.  Dig it up.















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Spiritual Life is not Therapy



Spiritual Life is Not Therapy


Spiritual Life is a demand, not therapy.  It is an ordeal of confrontation with everything we do and don’t do that obstructs the Current of Life. Spiritual Life is not about finding God either, since God is not lost, it’s about finding the ways in which we withdraw, contract, and isolate ourselves from our Core Essence, the Current Itself, that which we call God.

Our natural state is openness, trust, innocence, and emotional intimacy with Whatever it is that originated us. We block the incoming light when we identify exclusively with the local bodymindself and are unconscious of our fundamental Identity as That in which we and everything else is appearing.   Spiritual Life is about making this distinction in real time, about understanding what has always been true and how we have plastered puny mental concepts and beliefs onto Life and turned the Kingdom of Heaven and the Garden of Eden into a swamp and a desert.

Life is about Love, in fact, Life IS Love.  The most important question is, What is my relationship to Life?  To Love?  Am I open and living within a passionate embrace with this Mystery, or am I wandering aimlessly through the virtual reality of the mind?  The mind is a map maker and a library, the heart is a luscious rainforest teaming with color and vitality.  Which do you prefer?

The mind grows out of the heart and is one of its’ many fruits.  The heart is senior to the mind and employs it for its’ own purposes.  In our world, this natural hierarchy has been reversed and now, instead of love and trust, we have fear and doubt, whose dreadful legacy is the surveillance state.

We have come to accept this as normal, but it is not.  Freedom, power, love, trust, and attention that is free to explore, discover, and create is what is normal.  Recognizing this is what will create an authentic human culture based on what is already true instead of merely what is believed to be true.  Belief is not truth and volunteering for the slavery and oppression of lies is a sin and a crime.  We ARE truth, which is love,.  It’s time we started acting like it.  This is authentic spiritual practice, not beliefs, not metaphysics, not the search for God, not rituals of appeasement to mommydaddygod, not materialstic and mechanical psychoanalytical models into which we therapeutically cram ourselves, not anything but moment to moment, heartfelt, emotionally fluent, love/intimacy with That which is Alive as all things.

Give up the search which only pushes the Obvious away and become a Discoverer, not a searcher, and overcome the one who needs therapy by understanding the false premise on which he stands.  Once the ego is presumed, once the entirely false premise of separation from Love is plastered onto our actual Condition at Infinity, then therapy and medication and distraction from suffering and a helluva lot else is needed.

The lies we believe are hands around out throat. It’s not the Government, or the Church, it’s you.  You put the gun and the noose in their hands.  The equation we make between our beliefs and Reality turn Life into a concentration camp.  Jesus insisted that we repent from this, that we stop sinning against God and ourselves by imagining ourselves to be separate, worthless, unloveable, born into sin, in need of salvation and therapy. This is not and never has been true.

Overcoming the hallucination that we are separate from Love is the fundamental spiritual practice.  Identifying with That which originates all things, penetrating the illusion of the false dichotomy between spirit and matter, entering into the Core Domain by not withdrawing from It, is love intimacy with God, actual God, not brain/mind ideas masquerading as God.

God is Conscious Light that is Alive.  The universe is composed entirely of light, ask Einstein E=MC2  .  This is the Original Gospel, that God (Love) is Light and that you are inherently one with It.  He was murdered by the Lie of Separation which the priests and kings exploit and depend entirely upon.

Jesus was the equivalent of a free energy machine suddenly showing up in our world.  He was dangerous to the Status Quo, was betrayed and murdered, then weaponized.  He hated blood sacrifice and rituals of atonement and publicly condemned them.   After his death, he became the “Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world”.  This was a victory for the Church and Rome, but the premise is still false.  Authentic human culture will begin when we  take responsibility for truth, personally and collectively, not until.

Only Life (Love) exists, everything “else” is an illusion of the ego presumption.

















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Cosmic Sex and the Twin Poles of Love on Earth

Cosmic Sex and the Twin Poles of Love on Earth

By Robert Cinque

Sex is about Heart, not genitals; they come later. If this natural hierarchy is reversed, sex is hollow, embarrassing.  The flesh turns into plastic and we go unsatisfied.  But we remain hungry for something deeper, for Recognition.

When you Recognize yourself or your beloved on a profound spiritual and emotional level, even if for a moment, a sudden shift occurs, an avalanche is unleashed and the Heart pumps blood into the genitals.

The Divine Feminine, literally every woman, is the Appearance of the Mystery: Beauty, Space, and Darkness.

The Divine Masculine, literally every man, is the Essence of the Mystery: Primal Intelligence, Light which shines in the cavernous Space of the Sacred Feminine.

In Cosmic Nature, inconceivably intense electrical currents are conducted through the universe. These currents light up the suns and galaxies, like a string of Christmas lights. It is electromagnetism that shapes and holds the universe together, not gravity. My point is:

Electricity is Light and Light brings shape to “matter”, which is made of Light, as well, as Einstein showed, E=MC2.

 This Light Shines in the Darkness.  The male thrust, the female reception, is exactly the same thing. Whether a child is conceived or not, the atomic pulse of the spermatozoa is neurologically and biologically enhancing.  Lovers would do well to ingest each other’s heartfelt sexually induced fluids.

Recognition is Soul Food.

When a woman can receive the heartfelt emotional/sexual energetic signals from her lover and vice versa, and mutual Recognition exists between them, heart to heart, then the infinite Power in which all things appear, can Flow unobstructed.

That’s real sex.

Genital based sex gets really boring really fast.  Heart based sex conducts the infinitely powerful, white hot Currents of Love/Recognition, the Splendor and Joyful Ecstasy of bodily incarnation as the Twin Poles of Love on Earth.

Being Human is a Divine Event.

The Heart, our fundamental identity, creates the genitals, the brain, the body, the will, the hands, the lips, the tongue, for its own purposes.  When you identify with what you Are, your Heart, all these brains and bodies and genitals become useful and enjoyable, but not until. Until then, your life is like a mental institution run by the inmates, the body, mind, and self.  The Heart projects these characters onto the stage and, when they lose contact with the Heart and each other, the Play becomes a war.

Unless the Heart is seated on the Throne of your life, there will be anarchy.  When you see that you are a Heart and so is your lover, your entire kingdom is restored from ruin, from endless wars and starvation and conflict and lousy sex.

In the Kingdom of the Heart, there is no lousy sex.

Your Heart is a Glorious Kingdom that has been overrun by lies and garbage. It has been buried beneath the rubble of confusion, conflict, and doubt.  The egocracy that the brain and mind and genitals have concocted in their fear is instantly vaporized when the Kingdom of the Real is brought back into Focus.   It’s always been like This, but as individuals, its easy to get confused because we’re so naïve, so gullible. We eat the garbage that is served us, is it any wonder we’re sick?

Real Food is found in the Heart, in Love. Real Food is found in loving, whether you are loved back or not.  It’s about being responsible for love and to love, under all conditions, all the time, everywhere.  This is Real Food, not pictures of Food.

When sex is Rooted there, “technique” and “performance” and “satisfaction” and “orgasms” and “romance” and all the rest are illuminated and transcended by Recognition of the Light that Shines in the Darkness,  and incarnates as the Tree of Life, the Trinity of Reality:  Father/Mother/Child.

God became Sex.  The One appears as the Two in the Auditorium of the Heart.  The Current that passes between men and women when their Heart is at their center, the Twin Poles of Love on Earth, the intergalactic force of Life Itself, is being Conducted.  It’s White Hot and Life Giving.

See for yourself.









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